Teaching Aptitude Questions For B.ed Entrance

Teaching Aptitude Questions For B.ed Entrance- Teaching aptitude is one of the leading portions of the B.ed entrance test. If you want to crack the B.ed entrance examination, you should have sound knowledge of teaching aptitude and child pedagogy.

There are hundreds of books available in the market on teaching aptitude, but I have collected some important teaching aptitude questions and answer for the b.ed entrance test. 

Teaching Aptitude Questions For B.ed Entrance 

1- If a teacher wants to enhance his income, he should

A-Write a book
B-Give tuition
C-Join contractual assignment
D-Teach in coaching institute

2-As a principal you will encourage your teacher colleagues to

A-Participate in seminars
B- Join various coaching institute
C-Selling books and guide

3-Which of the following activities can help a teacher inculcate social and moral values among the students?

A-Involving students actively in co-curricular activities
B-Observing religious festival
C-Delivering lectures on values

4-A teacher will become an effective communicator if

A-He helps students to get meaning out of the topic
B-He ask questions in between teaching
C-He helps students to get the correct answer

5-Teaching in higher education implies

A-Helping students to learn
B-Helping students prepare the lesson
C-Presenting the information given in the topics
D-Asking questions in the class

6-Teaching will be effective if the teacher

A-Starts from what students already know
B-Has much experience in teaching subjects
C-Uses many instructional facilities
D-Is the master of the subject

7-At authoritarian level teaching is


8-Which domain is the concern with physical and motor skills?

A-Psychomotor Domain
B-Cognitive domain
C-Affective domain

9-Questioning skill in teaching is most useful in learning 

A-Ensuring students active participant
B-Memorizing the facts of students
C-Making students disciplined
D-Preparing students for education

10-Which of the following option is correct about microteaching?

A-It is a method of teaching
B-It consist of core teaching skills
C-Each skills are practice separately

11-Discussion method is useful if

A-The topic is very easy
B-The topic is very difficult
D-In all situation

12-Educational technology is useful because

A-It makes teaching effective and efficient
B-It is adopted by the famous institution
C-It is the need of the hour

13-A heavy emphasis on measurable outcome leads to

A-Rote learning

14-Teachers who are enthusiastic in the classroom teaching

A-Involve their students in learning and teaching
B-Simply dramatize to hold the student's attention

15-Diversity in student's demography requires a common academic standard

A-Provide a common benchmark for students
B-Promote guniun learning for high performing students

16-Intuitive thinking

A-Is a part of the process of discovery
B-Has been encouraged by traditional thinking
C-Is not a cognitive process

17-When a students ask questions to which the teacher has no direct answer he should

A-Tell the students that he would give the correct answer later
B-He should punish students whoever is asking
C-Ignoring the questions

18-If the students do not understand what is taught in the class, the teacher should

A-Teach the lesson again citing the suitable example
B-Check the previous knowledge
C-Repeat the lesson once again

19-Which of the following teacher can be identified with authoritarian teaching style?

A-Direction instruction method
B-Indirect instruction method
C-Indirect teacher

20-Which process of communication is the best for controlling noise in a classroom?

A-Remaining calm and just looking at the students
B-Continue teaching without looking 

21-As a teacher, What you will do if students do not attend your class?

A- Complain to the principal about it
B-Ignore the attendance
C-Try to understand the reason and try to solve the theme

22-Better classroom management means

A-Effective group works and interaction among students
B-Proper planning and preparing
C-Punctuality of the teacher
D-All of the above

23-Which of the following can be described as the most probable characteristics of an effective teacher

A-Always focus upon control of the immediate situation
B-Always focus on achievement
C-Always focus on results

24-If majority of the students in your class are weak as a teacher you should

A-Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance
B-Not care about the intelligent students
C-Keep your teaching speed

25-If some of the students misbehave with the teacher in the school campus, which kind of solution can help in the long run

A-Teacher should improve their behavior own character and scholarship
B-Punish the students 
C-Mobilize another teacher against the students

26-A teacher in the class should keep the pitch of his voice

A-High enough
D-Sometimes Low and High

27-If students do not understand what is taught in the classroom the teacher should feel

A-To explain it in a different way
B-That he is wasting time
C-Pity for the students
D-Terribly board

28-Which specific reference to classroom environment all except one of the major component of listening is

D-Understanding and Remembering

29-Which of the following will not hamper effective communication in the classroom

A-A precise statement
B-An ambiguous statement
C-A lengthy statement

30-The most significant approach of evaluation is

A-Continuous and comprehensive evaluation
B-Conducting examination
C-Maintain record
D-Semester system evaluation

31- Which of the following strategies is problems centered?

D-All of the above

31-What should the teacher do before teaching the lesson?

A-He should tell the answer of the lesson first
B-Lesson should be read by the students
C-He should point out the meaning of the difficult word
D-He should tell the main objective of the lesson

32-What type of class climate you would prefer?

A-A well behave, class students,
B-Active class following rules
C-A highly interactive and discipline class
D-A quiet and attentive class

33-Guidance removes-------?

A-The personal problems of the individual
B-Psychological problems of the individual
C-All social problems of the individual
D-All of the above

34-The first institution of higher learning in the western world ''Academy'' was founded by

D-John Dewey

35-The teacher should read other books also except course books. What will be the benefit of it.

A-They can use their best time
B-They will get satisfaction and teach well
C-Knowledge will be overall developed 
D-People would know him as the best teacher

36-The students of class V make too much noise in Mathematics class. The probable reason for this could be that the teacher?

A-Is not well versed in teaching methodology
B-The children dislike the children
C-Is not able to maintain discipline
D-The children do not pay attention

37-Realism is a philosophical approach that argues that ultimate reality is the world of ------?

D-Physical Object

38-Cognitive objective is related

A-Information knowledge and facts
B-Development of interest
C-Training of physical activities
D-All of the above

39-The compositional skills and creativity in the presentation of students can be most effectively evaluated by which of the following test?

A-Objective type test
B-Essay type test
C-Short answer
D-Projective type test

40-What term/phrase does Piguet use for a mental structure which is the building block of thinking

B-Zone of Development
D-Maturation Block

41-Process to socialization does not include

A-Learning the customer and norms of culture
B-Acquisition of skills
C-Acquiring values and beliefs
D-Genetic Transmission

42-Multiple-choice questions assess the child's ability to

A-Recognize the correct answer
B-Recall the correct answer
C-Construct the correct answer
D-Explain the correct answer

43-To Encourage children to put efforts in their studies teachers need to

A-Motivate the child
B-Scold the Child
C-Control the Child
D-Compare the child with others

44-What type of test is more effective when trying to test memorization?

A-True or False
B-Multiple Choice
C-Fill in the blanks
D- Both A and B

45-Essay type test is not reliable because

A-Their checking is effective by examiner's mood
B-Their responding styles are different
C-Their result is different
D-Their Answer is different

46-To raise the standard of education It is necessary

A-To evaluate students continuously
B-To give a high salary to a teacher
C-To revised curriculum
D-To make the good school building

47-The best method of checking a student's homework 

A-To check by the teacher himself
B-To assign it to intelligent students
C-To check the answer in a group manner

50-The most important indicator of the quality of education in an educational institution is

A-Students achievement level
B-Textbook and teaching-learning material
C-Classroom system
D-Infrastructure improvement

51-Which type of evaluation carried out at the end of a course study


52-The verbs write, list label, and name when used in an examination test the

B-Synthetic level
D-Comprehensive level

53-family is the main agency of 

A-informaal education
B-Formal education
C-Non-formal education

54-The aim of education should be

A-To prepare the students for practical life
B-To prepare students for examination
C-TO develop social awareness
D-To develop vocational skills

55-The contribution of the taxpayer in primary education is in the form of 

A-Educational Case
B-Tuition Fee
C-Paying money for individual tuition
D-Incom tax

56-The priority to girls education should be given because 

A-Only girls are capable of leading for social change
B-The girls are badly discriminated
C-The girls are lessor in number
D-The girls are more intelligent

57-Which of the following are a method of learning

B-Trial and Error

58-It is an almost simultaneous occurrence of the stimuli of the response to theme it is called as


59-If the majority of students in your class are weak you should

A-Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to people
B-Not care about the intelligent students
C-Not care about weak students
D-Keep your teaching first

60-Why should you prefer teaching to another profession

A-For the service of humanity
B-For love of income
C-For love to young energy

61-As a teacher you should not demand your pupil which is beyond their stage of growth if you do so it only causes

C-Encouragement for more learning

62-A teacher generally asks questions to his pupils during the lecture why?

A-Are  student listening to the lecture attentively
B-To which students in a brilliant one
C-To know whether the students understand the lecture or not
D-To help the students

63-Which of the following statement doesn't suit a teacher? The teacher is

A-Really interested in students
B-Able to direct and discipline students
C-To adapt himself to the situation
D-Enthusiastic about the work that teacher do

64-The most important challenge before a teacher is

A-To maintain discipline in a classroom
B-To make students do their homework
C-To prepare questions paper
D-To make teaching-learning enjoyable

65-Which of the following is/are true about teaching?

A-The analysis and Assessment of teaching provide feedback for further improvement in teaching method.
B-It is highly dominated by communication skills
C-It is a process not an act

66-A teacher learns maximum from


67-Bright light in the classroom is a type of ------ barrier?

A-Physical distraction
B-Emotional distraction

68-How will you demonstrate your imperial behavior

A-By maintaining high self-esteem and egoistic behaviors
B-By making own behavior more balanced and fair
D-By assaulting a teacher

69- ----- is the teacher's most precious asset 

A-Being impartial
D-Students faith

70-if a student is detained in a class how can he be motivated to study again in the same class?

A-Teacher's counseling
B-Psychological counseling
C-Student's counseling
D-Parents counseling

71-If backbencher are always taking in the classroom a teacher should 

A-Punish them
B-Let them do what they're doing
C-Ask them to sit in the front

72-Which of the following is the most single factor in underlying the success of beginning a teacher

A-Communicative abilities
B-Organizational Abilities

73-Video conferencing can be classified as one of the following types of communication

A-Audio-visual one way
B-Visual one way
C-Visual two ways
D-Audio-visual two ways

74-The research aims at immediate application is

B-Action Research
C-Fundamental Research
D-Conceptual Research

75-Dynamic approach to teaching means

A-Teacher should be energetic and dynamic
B-Teaching should be forceful
C-The students should be required to learn through activities
D-The topic of teaching should not be static

76-Why should students not be punished severely?

A-He may quarrel with a teacher
B-He may leave the school and join another
C-His parents may quarrel with the teacher
D-The students may develop a negative attitude towards his studies

77-The teaching is not thought of as a process of 

A-Directing the activity of the people
B-Listening the recitation of the pupil
C-Indoctranatinve adult ideas
D-None of these

78-There are so many definitions of learning Which one of the following is appropriate

A-The modification of behavior
B-The development of skills
C-The acquisition and organization of knowledge
D-All of these

79-The learning theory given by Jean Piaget based on the idea of


80-Who of the following translated a sequence of steps presumed to be required to carry out a lesson?


81-When a teacher complains to two students for attractive illustrations in their arithmetic notebook other students turn in illustrated arithmetic notebooks. This is an example of 

A-Self reinforcement
B-Direct reinforcement
C-Reciprocal reinforcement
D-Vicarious reinforcement

82-Which one of the following does not pertain to the philosophical views of Rabindranath Tagorre

A-Humanism was the keynote for his philosophy
B-He advocated craft center education
C-He believed in freedom of mind
D-He wanted to bring up the pupil inseparable association with nature

83-With specific reference to the classroom environment all expect one of the major components is listening

B-Being Attentive
D-Understanding and remembering

84-Kindergarten system of education was constituted by

A-T.P Nunn

85-Kothari commission report on education was entitled

A-Learning to be
B-Diversification of education
C-Education for all
D-Education and National Development

86-Family is the main agency of 

A-Informal education
B-Technical Education
C-Formal Education
D-Secular Education

87-The Nam of Yashpal Committee Report is

A-ICT In teacher education
B-Learning through moral value
C-Learning through Broadcasting
D-Learning without Burden

88-The Heuristic approach is based on

A-Home Work
B-Rote Memorization
C-Pleasure seeking
D-Sprit of Inquiry

89-Spare the rod and spoil the child' this assumption is related to

A-By naturalist philosophy
B-In Victorian Era
C-By Pragmatist Philosophy
D-In Democratic era

90-Which type of education is beneficial for students and the society both at present

A-Education giving knowledge of technology
B-Employment oriented professional education
C-Religious education emphasizing moral values
D-Education providing specialization

91-Which of the following does not come under the cognitive domain of Blooms Taxonomy


92-In the skill of problems questioning in science when the teacher asks the students response from the students

B-Seeking further information
D-Developing critical awareness

93-A mother's attention to her crying child is an example of ------ attention.


94-Which one of the following facts is incorrect regarding developmental disabilities?

A-It is likely to continue till infinity
B-It is periodical attributes to mental weakness
C-It is displayed after the age of 24
D-This result in functional limitation

95-Identify the unconditional responses from the following

A-Loud Noise

96-Which of the following is not an element of good speech?


97-Which of the following fields involve systematizing defending and recommending the concept of right and wrong


98-Which of the following method cannot be used to introduce a concept in science?

A-Easy to difficult
B-Simple to complex
C-Known to unknown
D-Abstract to concrete

99- The social system in which the father of the head of the household


100-The act of being fair to men and women is known as

A-Gender Role
B-Gender Equality
C-Gender Awareness
D-Gender Equity

Teaching Aptitude Questions For B.ed Entrance 

There are hundreds of books and guide available for teaching aptitude for B.ed entrance. I have listed down some of the best guide for teaching aptitude for the B.ed entrance test.

It's not easy to mastered teaching aptitude and research in one day. It will take time and labor to understand the concept and applied in real-life situations. It's necessary to understand for those who are willing to be a teacher.

A teacher must understand a student's psychology, interest, and emotion so that it will help him/her to teach better.

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