B.ed Notes on Action Research PDF Download

Action Research- Are you looking for action research notes for free? What is action research? What is the importance of action research? Where do I get an action research pdf for free? Here you will get all the information related to action research in education.

It's not very difficult to understand the definition of action research. Action research is a vast topic you have to understand the concept of it. We have a collection of B.ed notes for the second year and the first year. 

B.ed Notes on Action Research PDF Download

Understanding Action Research 

Action research is a process in which participants examine their own educational practice systematically and carefully using the techniques of research. 

It is a collaborative activity among colleagues searching for solutions to real problems experienced in schools or looking for ways to improve instruction and increase student achievement.

Thus action research refers to a wide variety of evaluative, investigative and analytical research methods designed to diagnose problems whether organizational, academic or instructional and help educators develop practical solutions to address them quickly and efficiently. 

Action research is a disciplined inquiry is done by a teacher in order to improve his or her educational practice in the future.

Action Research Definition By Authors

Action research is research used by teachers, supervisors, and

administrators to improve the quality of their decision and action.”. ________ C. V. Good

“Research concerned with school problems carried on by school personnel
to improve school practice is action research.” - -------------Blackwell

“Action research is a systematic inquiry by teachers with the goal of improving their teaching practices’
----------------Levin &Rock

Importance of Action Research

  • Action research produces practical knowledge that is useful in everyday life.
  • Actionresearch helps teachers to look more closely into their teaching practice.
  •  It addresses both the quality of students’ education and the professional growth of teachers.
  •  It helps educators to use data rather than preferences to guide improvement efforts. This gives teachers something more concrete to work with instead of just relying on the principles that teachers have used in the past.
  •  It improves the quality of the teaching-learning process without extra financial expenditure. It needs no special arrangement and creation of an artificial environment.

  • The working at present-day schools has become so mechanical and routine nature that teachers fear to take any progressive step. Action research reduces wastage and stagnation in the teaching-learning process by developing a progressive outlook and bringing flexibility in the school program.
  •  It has caused to develop problem awareness among the teachers and administrators and has made them research-minded by developing scientific methods for solving their problems.
  • Actionresearch is a sort of cooperative, integrative process which involves teachers, administrators, supervisors, pupils, and parents, etc. 
  • All of them join their hands to bring improvement in educational practices. It gives birth to cooperative feelings and develops love and mutual understanding.
  • Practitioners feel more independent and secure as there is no pressure on him by any outside agency.
  •  Actionresearch improves the professional growth and ethics of the teacher.
  • It fosters openness to new ideas and encourages creativity.
  • Action research provides educators with alternative ways of viewing and approaching educational questions and problems and with new ways of examining our own educational practices.

Characteristics of Action Research

  • It is a process of studying practical problems of education

  • It is focused on the immediate problem

  • It is a scientific procedure.
  •  It is personal research.
  •  It studies both individual and group problems.
  • The focus is to improve and modify current practices.
  • It does not contribute to theoretical knowledge.
  •  The findings of action research are evaluated in terms of local applicability and not in terms of universal applicability 
  •  Action research is concerned with day to day problems of teachers or school administrators involving the classroom practices.
  • It enhances the competencies of the practitioners. It enables them to have a clear vision of the problematic situation which is helpful in identifying ways and means to tackle the problem.
  •   Action research is participatory. It is the research through which people work towards the improvement of their own practices.
  •  It is collaborative i.e. everyone’s view is taken as a contribution to understanding the situation.
  •   Action research can be conducted in limited time.
  •  In action research sampling is easy. It is limited to students in the class.
  •  The data can be analyzed through single procedures.
  •  The results of action research cannot be generalized. 
  •  Action research seeks to understand particular complex social problems.
  • Action research seeks to improve the quality of human actions.
  • Action research uses feedback in an ongoing cyclical process.

B.ed Notes on Action Research PDF Download

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B.ed Notes on Action Research PDF- Free Download

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B.ed Notes on Action Research PDF Download

B.ed Notes on Action Research PDF Download

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