B.ed Notes on Creativity PDF Download

Creativity- What is the importance of creativity? What is the concept of creativity? What are the types of creativity exists in the world? What is creativity in Education? Do you have questions like these? then you are in the right place. Here you will get complete knowledge on creativity.

It is important to understand creativity in business, art, education, and society. I wonder why to do people confuse with creativity and innovation? Here you will get complete information on creativity.

B.ed Notes on Creativity PDF Download

Understanding Creativity 

Creativity is a very important process for the progress and major advances in every filed. Creativity was believed to be a gift of God long to be found in highly talented people. 

Therefore, the view that the very intelligent or very superior people would be also creative was held.

Creativity was regarded as a rare quality of distinguished individuals. A creative person has an inborn talent. The relationship between creativity and intelligence is night linear nor curvilinear.  

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B.ED Notes on Creativity PDF Download

Concept of Creativity

For a long time, creativity was considered to be associated with an artistic individual who has been distinguished in various fields as painters, sculptures, or writers. 

Creativity is distinguished by novelty, originality, and is usually inventive. Creativity is the power of the mind to form new ideas and thoughts. It helps you imagine something new and special.

Definitions of creativity

  • Drevdhal, J.E- ''Creativity is the capacity of a person to produce compositions products or ideas which are essentially new or novel and previously unknown to the producer.''
  • MC Kinnon- ''Creative is a process extended in time and characterized by original adaptiveness and realization''
  • Taylor- ''A process is creative when it results in a novel work that is accepted as tenable useful or satisfying by a group at a point in time.''
  • Bronowski- ''It is distinguished between discovery, invention, and creativity by saying that facts are discovered theory is invented by only a masterpiece is created.''

Nature and Characteristics of Creativity

  • Creativity is the result of some interaction.
  • Creativity is the ability to synthesize ideas or objects
  • It is an ability to create new ideas, theories or objects
  • It is an ability to develop something original
  • It is a process as well as a product
  • It is a complex and dynamic process
  • It knows no special medium, place, person or time
  • It is the capacity to accept the challenge
  • It is a readiness to change self and environment

Process of Creativity

The process of creative thinking involves some specific and definite steps these are 
  • Preparation
  • Incubation
  • Illuminative or inspiration and
  • Verificationo r revision

Assessment of Creativity

  • Enhances understanding of the human mind and personality
  • Helps in individual teaching
  • Helps in guiding the mental growth and development
  • Emphasizes the need for guidance in future
  • Helps in arranging the remedial program
Creativity can be identified in various areas like academic artistic, mechanical and scientific, etc.

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Uses of Creativity Test

Creativity tests are useful in finding the nature and amount of creativity among children. This also helps us to provide the proper environment and guidance to develop the originality of the individual in a full-fledged way.
  • Freedom to Respond
  • Opportunity for involvement
  • Encouraging originality and flexibility
  • Removal of hesitation and fear
  • Providing appropriate opportunities and atmosphere
  • Developing healthy habits among children
  • Using the creative resources of the community
  • Avoidance of blocks to creative thinking
  • Proper organization of the curriculum
  • Use of special techniques
  • Brainstorming
  • Providing self examples and ideas

B.ed Notes on Creativity PDF Download

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