DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

DU M.ED- Are you looking for DU M.ED entrance exam questions paper? Do you want to crack the DU M.ed entrance examination? Are you searching for DU M.ed entrance syllabus and pattern? you are in the right place. Here you will get complete information on DU M.ed entrance examination.

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper- It is quite easy to get DU (Delhi University) M.ed (Master of Education) entrance test questions paper. It is necessary to download DU M.ed entrance previous year questions paper for the preparation. Previous year questions paper can help you to boost the preparation.

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

Delhi University M.ed Entrance Test

It's not that easy to get DU CIE M.ed entrance questions for free. Here I will provide you the DU M.ed previous year questions paper for free. You do not need to rush anywhere, just follow some steps to get M.ed entrance test questions paper. 

DU stands for Delhi University- Every year DU conducts an M.ed entrance examination for the aspirant. Delhi University offers both part-time and regular M.ed courses to its students. Those who want to take admission into M.ed course can follow some steps
  1. Apply For M.ed Entrance Test
  2. Go For Test
  3. Got selected
  4. Final Interview
  5. Take Admission
Let me tell you one thing the M.ed course is a professional training course for the teacher-aspirants. This course is for two years so that the student needs to spend 2 years in B.ed college. 

It's not an easy task to crack the M.ed entrance test, especially at Delhi University. The question are tough to score good marks and get selected. 

DU M.ed Entrance Previous Year Questions Paper PDF

  • Delhi University M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper- Free Download
Delhi University M.ed Entrance Questions

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

DU M.ed Entrance Questions Sample
DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF
DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

DU M.ED Entrance Exam Syllabus PDF

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

M.ed Details Syllabus 

  1. Basic of Education
  2. Understanding the learner & learning process
  3. Curriculum and Curriculum Transaction
  4. Contemporary Issues in School Education
  5. Assessing the learner, Planning, and Management of School

Basic of Education

Understanding Education: Education as a process, Aims of Education, Ideas of Educational
thinkers (Gandhi, Tagore, Dewey, Rousseau).

Education in the socio-cultural context of India: Role of education in social control & social
charge. Education as an instrument for promoting national integration, Education for
Democracy & Education for Globalization.

Education for National Development: Education and national development, Education as an
investment for Human Resource and Economic development.

Education Policy imperatives: Constitutional provisions, NPE(1986,1992), RCFTE 2009,

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Understanding the learner and Learning Process

Understanding the child & Adolescent: Developmental tasks and the role of teacher.

Understanding differences between learners: Areas of differences, factors affecting

differences. Understanding differently-abled learners.

Methods of studying learner behavior- Test, Observation, Case study
Understanding learning process:- Relevance and applicability of theoretical, Perspectives of
learning – Skinner, Piaget, Vygotsky.

Understanding higher mental processes of learning: Intelligence -Measurement of
Intelligence, Creativity: Characteristics & process, Role of teacher in promoting creativity.

Organizing learning – Paradigms for organizing learning, modes of learning, Organizing
learning in heterogeneous classrooms.

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Curriculum and Curriculum Transaction

Curriculum: Concept, types, bases of curriculum, principles & process of curriculum

Understanding teaching: Major the shift in teacher education as per NCF-2005,
Teaching as a profession, professional ethics & accountability of teacher,

Phases of teaching: Pre-active, interactive & post-active phase, teacher activities in different

Contemporary Issues in School Education

Equality & Equity in Education: Nature & forms of inequalities, inclusive education, provision
for addressing inequalities – SSA, RTE Act, RMSA.

Quality in Education: Strategies for enhancement of quality in School Education, Functions of
NCERT, NCTE, NUEPA, for quality improvement. Role of teacher for quality education.

Education for the conservation of Environment: Protection and conservation of environment.
Strategies for sensitizing learners towards the protection of the environment and its conservation

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Assessing the learner Planning, and Management

Learning Assessment: CCE, Assessment of learning, Assessment for learning, Assessment
as learning – its tool & techniques.

Test construction: Characteristics of a good test.
Statistics: Measures of variability, Correlation, Standard scores – Z the score, T-score,

School Development plan & management, management of material, financial and human

Monitoring and Action Research: Mechanism of monitoring, conducting, reporting action
research & follow up.

Classroom Management: Components of the classroom environment and its management,
types of learning resources in the classroom and their management

DU M.ED Entrance Exam Pattern

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF

DU CIE M.ED Eligibility Criteria 

  • Candidates Should have secured 50% Marks aggregate in B.ed/BA B.ED/B.SC B.ED/D.EL.ED
  • Reservation of seats should be given to ST/SC/OBC/PWD/W

DU M.ED Selection Procedure 

DU M.ED Selection Procedure

DU M.ed Entrance Exam Questions Paper PDF


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