General Knowledge Topics For Students

GK Topics- Are you looking for general knowledge topics for the competitive exams? Here you will get important gk topics for SSC CGL & UPSC. We have also a good collection of general knowledge topics for presentations and projects. Here we will give you bonus tips which help you to find the latest general topics for classes 1 to 12. 

General Knowledge Topics- It is important to have some knowledge about the latest general knowledge because it helps to score good marks in the examination. So that we have given a list of general knowledge topics for kindergarten. Here you have also access to various quizzes and MCQs for the examination.

General Knowledge Topics For Students

Important GK Topics For Competitive Exams

General Knowledge plays a crucial role in the life of students especially. Every student should have acquainted with the term ''General Knowledge''. All most all the competitive examinations have a specific part regarding general knowledge

As an aspirant, you must have a good collection of general knowledge topics. You could have collect general knowledge from various sources like Books, Magazines, News Papers, Websites, Journals, etc. 
There are thousands of ways of collecting general knowledge topics, questions, and answers for the examination. As an aspirant, you need to have up to date data in your diary. 

Most of the competitive examinations in India have been included general knowledge for years now. This topic contains more than 30 marks in any examination. But it differs from one examination to another. 

The examination like IAS, IFS contain more than 100 marks for general knowledge. So that it is quite important to series steps regarding current affairs. 
Now there are thousands of YouTube channels are available who are giving daily general knowledge questions to the audiences.

21 + General Knowledge Topics For Competitive Examination

  1. Geography Section 
  2. Animals 
  3. Solar System (Universe)
  4. History (Country/World)
  5. Religion
  6. Literature (In general)
  7. Science
  8. Human Behaviour
  9. The Polity
  10. Sports
  11. New Technology
  12. Mathematics
  13. Economics
  14. Ecology & Environment
  15. GK Facts
  16. Health Care
  17. Medicine
  18. Finance
  19. Awards and Honors
  20. Constitution
  21. International Organisation
These are some important general knowledge topics for classes 1 to 12.

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Top 10 Best General Knowledge Book For All Competitive Examination

It's important to collect the best GK book for the concerned examination. Some examinations like UPSC, IFS, and other civil service examinations need a good GK book for the preparation. 

The teaching examination like CTET, TETs, and another recruitment exam may include general knowledge in their questions paper.

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Here is some important General knowledge book for the examination.

  1. General Knowledge 2021
  2. General Knowledge 2020
  3. Disha Rapid General Knowledge 2021
  4. Objective General Knowledge 2021
  5. General Knowledge For All 2021
  6. General Knowledge By Lucent Book
  7. General Knowledge by Arihant Publishers
  8. General Knowledge By Practice Guru
  9. General Knowledge Questions And Answer
  10. Descriptive General Knowledge Book
These are the most rated general knowledge book for all competitive examinations. If you want to buy these books from Amazon or Flipkart Checkout this Link.
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Here you will get the best general knowledge book for your upcoming examination.

Top 10 Best GK Apps For Students

Nowadays people are familiar with new technology. The twenty-first century is a century of technical revolution. We have smartphones, we have a computer, a big screen, etc. Now every company or business has its own apps. 
Apps may help the students for the examination. Because it's simple and easy to use. Everybody can use these apps for good information. 

Here are some of the best ranked GK Apps for the students to try out in this year. 
  1. India GK Apps
  2. Current Affairs 2020 Apps
  3. India GK In Hindi Apps
  4. Lucent GK Apps
  5. 5000+ GK Question Apps
  6. SSC GK Questions Apps
  7. World GK Apps
  8. Biju's App
  9. History GK in Hindi
  10. E-Pathasala App
General Knowledge Topics For Students
General Knowledge Topics For Students

General Knowledge Topic For Classes 1 to 12

Here are some topics for classes 1 to 12. It is important for those students who were now in school. Every student needs to be acquainted with the latest general knowledge.

Here are some important topics for classes 1 to 12

  1. Business
  2. Technology
  3. Economy
  4. Environment
  5. Sports
  6. Politics
  7. Awards
  8. Festivity
  9. Science Finance
  10. Educational
  11. International
  12. COVID-19
  13. Indian Geography
  14. Indian History
  15. Indian Polity and Constitution
  16. Currency
  17. Important Days
  18. Marketing Abbreviation
  19. Country Capitals
  20. Country Languages
  21. Indian National Movement
  22. General Science
  23. Literature and Book
  24. Traveling Facts
  25. Universal Facts
  26. Blood Relations
  27. Geology
  28. Sociology
  29. Physics
  30. Chemistry

Best General Knowledge Topics For Debate

Here are some of the important general knowledge topics for the debate competition. You can search on these topics and read for yourself.

  • Is marriage a dying institution?
  • Is there an afterlife?
  • Virtual Currencies.
  • Syrian crisis
  • Electric vehicles in India
  • Jet Airways Crisis
  • Citizenship (Amendment) Bill
  • RBI Vs Govt
  • Is global warming an issue?
  • Is television an effective tool in building the minds of children?
  • Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea?
  • Doing the right thing the wrong way?
  • One year of GST
  • US-China Trade war – Impact on USA, China & other countries
  • Cauvery River Dispute
  • How to tackle Naxalism?
  • Is India becoming intolerant?
  • Should people become vegetarian?
  • Size does matter
  • Privatization of ‘Air India’ – Good or Bad?
  • Donald Trump Presidency – Impact on the world
  • Freebies make the citizens irresponsible!
  • Social media is killing book reading habit!
  • Is there a good reason for the American war on terror?
  • Terms Used In Games
  • Sources of Nutrients and Deficiency diseases
  • Important Revolutions in India

General Knowledge For Kindergarten

It's quite easy to find the latest general knowledge for kindergarten or kids. Children are also students even they need to know the world as other people do. So here are some important general knowledge for kids.

  1. Facts About Dates
  2. List of Months
  3. List of Seasons
  4. About Planet
  5. About Various Animals
  6. Skin, Colours, Sounds
  7. About Birds
  8. About Trees
  9. About River and Lacks
  10. Basic Mathematics
  11. Symbols, Shapes
  12. Basic Scientific Truth
  13. Colour Combination
  14. About Countries
  15. Flag
  16. Various Foods
  17. National Facts
  18. Festivals
  19. Holidays
  20. Fun
These are the most important general knowledge topics for kids. Your kids should learn all those things by watching TV or Kids.

Top 11 Best YouTube Channels For General Knowledge

Some times YouTube channel can be beneficial for the examination. Let me tell you why do YouTube channels are important for the competitive examination?

In this era nobody wants to read the text, they were rightly indulging in visual aspects. YouTube channel has a significant role to play when it comes to examination preparation.

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Here are some of the top-ranked YouTube channel for General Knowledge preparation.
General Knowledge Topics For Students
General Knowledge Topics For Students

  1. Wifi Study
  2. Study IQ Education
  3. Crazy GK Tricks
  4. GK Today
  5. General Knowledge
  6. Jagran Josh
  7. Adda 247
  8. Grade Up
  9. Byjus
  10. Next Exam
  11. Success Key 98
These YouTube channels are the most reliable sources for general knowledge or current affairs in India. You can visit other famous YouTube channel for the preparation. 

I have been watching their videos for years now. I definitely say that these are the best for preparation. 

General Knowledge Topics For Students

General Knowledge Topic For Competitive Exams


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