Pedagogy of Biological Science B.ed Notes PDF

Teaching of Biological Science in School- It's important for a pupil-teacher to understand the basics of teaching biological science in the school. The students-teacher need to have good knowledge of the pedagogy of Biological science in order to teach in the school.

Teaching in school is not an easy task to do. You ought to have minimum qualifications and training in order to tackle the situation in school. Every student-teacher must have a knowledge of the pedagogical treatment of their concerned subjects.

Here you will get the notes of the teaching of biological science in school. You will also download the notes of the teaching of biological science for B.ed students.

Pedagogy of Biological Science B.ed Notes PDF

It is important for a teacher to understand the knowledge about Pedagogy of any school subject. If you want to teach in any school or college you need to have a clear idea about the pedagogy of the concerned subjects.

Here are some of the points that you need to understand
  • Introduction
  • Nature and Scope
  • Meaning and Concept
  • Concept of Pedagogy of Biological Science
  • Aims and Objective of teaching biological science
  • Planning for instruction
  • Practicing the teaching skills in biological sciences
  • Methods of teaching biological sciences
  • Resources for teaching biological science

Pedagogy of Biological Science B.ed Notes

Aims and Objective of Teaching Biological Science

  • To obtain knowledge on nature and scope of biological science
  • To understand the aims and objective of teaching biological sciences
  • To examine the need and significance of biological science
  • To explore the values of the teaching biological science

The science which deals with the study of living objects is called Biology. Thus the subject involves the studies of all kinds of micro-organisms, plants, and animals. 

Biology is related to mankind ever since the origin of man, therefore this branch of science stands first in order of studies as compared to other branches of science.

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, identification, and taxonomy.

Biology has certain characteristics which distinguish it from other spheres of human endeavor. These characteristics define the nature of biology.

Need and Significance of Teaching Biological Sciences

Science has been given due place in our school education programmed by being made as a compulsory subject. Not only is that more and more emphasis now being paid over the scientific and technical education. 

By doing so in fact the right step has been taken to push our country forward and to enable us to compete with other progressive nations. 

It has necessitated laying due to emphasis on the teaching of science right from the primary stage. Realizing such need Kothari Commission has very rightly remarked in their recommendations as follows:

“Science and Mathematics should be taught on a compulsory basis to all pupils as a part of general education during the first ten years of schooling”.

Values of Teaching Biological Sciences

Teaching science inevitably involves value messages for instance in the management of the curriculum (e.g. science can be presented as physics, chemistry, and biology or as rural science, or domestic science, or as environmental science each of these involving different value judgments) 

and the particular selection of knowledge that is included in the curriculum (e.g. breathing and circulation are conventionally taught in a biology program in such a way as to emphasize anatomy and physiology related to the preparatory needs of future medical students

Biology teaching seen in this way can be developed to contribute to linguistic, mathematical, scientific, personal, aesthetic, and physical development, rather than at times actually inhibit or even conflict with some of these development aims an effective science education will be one that is placed in a values context and contributes to the education of the whole individual.

Pedagogy of Biological Science B.ed Notes PDF

Pedagogy of Biological Science B.ed Notes PDF


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