Language Across The Curriculum PDF

B.ed Notes on Language Across The Curriculum PDF- Get B.ed notes in English and Hindi PDF. You can download B.ed notes for 1st year and 2nd year. It's important to understand this topic. Language across the curriculum is one of an integral part of B.ed and M.ed. 

Language is an extremely powerful tool, not only in everyday life but also in the classroom. Learning is very much a social interaction thus language plays an important role in the learning process. Language is an essential condition of knowing the process by which experiencing become knowledge. 

The child uses language to interact and express their feelings and emotion. Language is used to share facts, information, introduce a concept as well.

B.ed Notes on Language Across The Curriculum PDF

Here you will get B.ed notes on language across the curriculum in Hindi. It's easy to download language across the curriculum notes in English. It is important to understand the concept of this subject.

What is Language?

Language is a system of words and signs that people used to express thoughts and feeling to each other. 

What is Curriculum?

In education, the curriculum is broadly defined as the totality of students' experiences that occur in the educational process.

Here are some of the important B.ed notes for you.

Home Language

  • A home language is commonly used by the member of the family. 
  • It is also called the mother tongue.
  • The general home language is not a standard language.
  • Home language may not be accepted by the state or department.
School Language
  • School is an institution where students are from diverse backgrounds, language is get together. 
  • School language is called standard language.

Language Across the Curriculum

Language across curriculum-related different forms of languages. Language across the curriculum is a concept as the language in school is different from in-home.

Language varies from person to person. Because students are coming from various language backgrounds and cultures.

A dialect is limited in terms of being.

People speaking different dialects in their home but when they are indulging themselves in school they are supposed to speak the standard language.

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Language Across The Curriculum PDF

Language Across The Curriculum PDF

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