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B.ed Notes- Are you looking for the importance of school management? Are you searching for what are the characteristics of successful school management? I am here to answer your valuable questions. Here you will get school organization and management notes for free. Also, we have a good collection of B.ed notes for 1st & 2nd-year students. 

Every school has a school management and development committee in India. Every school runs through a system where SMC (School Management Committee) plays an important role. The committee has several works to monitor such as attendance of the students, other development work, etc.

B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

B.ed Notes on School Management and Development Committee

Schoool's management and development committee have a great impact on the school. It's been noticed by some academicians that the all-round development of the school depends on this committee. 

Here I will give you the complete information on the ''School Management and Development Committee''.

Important points related to the school management and development committee.

  1. Concept of School Management
  2. Levels of Educational Management
  3. State-Level Education Management
  4. Educational Management of Local Bodies and Private Educational Institutions
  5. School Management and Human Relationship
  6. Students Admission, Classification, and Promotion
  7. Educational Management of Science
  8. Co-Curricular activities and Their Management
  9. School Campus Management
  10. School Control
  11. School Auxiliary Services
  12. School and Community
Some of the important points of school management. Students need to understand these points clearly so that they will be able to understand school management as a whole. 

School Management- Meaning and Concept

Education has been imparted in all societies and countries from time immemorial. e find mention of education being imparted in Gurukuls and Ashrams. 

In the beginning, schools were opened to impart language reading, writing, mathematics, and character formation. 

The significance of school management has all the more increased due to an increase in the number of students and knowledge nd expectations for the transfer of knowledge. 

The school is the place where future citizens of a nation are created. In other words, the desired personality of the society is created. India where there are more than 8 lakh schools and 18 crore students, their management is not simple. 

Increasing the number of students and teachers and the increasing expectations of guardians and society have increased the significance of school management all the more. 

In fact, school is such a social system in which objectives are realized by the use of teachers and resources to optimum. 
B.ed School Managements notes in Hindi

Needs and Importance of School Management

  • School-based management can be expected to improve student achievement and other outcomes as these local people demand closer monitoring of school personnel, better student evaluations, a closer match between the school’s needs and its policies and more efficient use of resources.

  • To promote quality education, a school should adopt a model of teaching and learning and a management framework that best suits the needs of the students and the community. Through school-based management, the school develops its own characteristics, establishes its culture and identity, seek self-improvement and pursues excellence.
  • Local decision making and fiscal decentralization can have positive effects on school outcomes such as test scores or pass rates by holding the schools accountable for the outputs that they produce.
  •  It leads to more realistic budgeting as parents and teachers become more aware of the school’s financial status, spending limitations and the cost of its programs.
  •  Locating the decision making power closer to where problems are being experienced will lead to more relevant policies as local staff generally know their own situation better.
  • Involving staff in the decision making process increases their commitment to and accountability for the decisions.
  •  The school staff and administration experience professional growth. They learn to work as members of a team. Teachers are expected to collaborate as they are involved in budget decisions and conflict resolutions.
  • Involvement in decision-making leads to improved morale, because the staff feels they have more control over their work environments.
  •  Teachers are empowered to improve the quality of education.
  •  Schools are managed more transparently, thus reducing the chances of corruption.
  •  This leads to greater creativity in the design of programs.
B.ed School Management Notes PDF

Scope of Educational Management

  • Providing Basic Resources
  • Organizing Proper Time Table
  • Maintaining Records Properly
  • Providing Authentic Materials

The function of Educational Management

The function of Educational Management

B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

B.ed Notes on School Management PDF- Hand Written Notes

 B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

B.ed Notes On School Management Sample

B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

 B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

B.ed Notes on School Management PDF Download

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