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Read the following passage carefully and choose the best answer out of the four choices after each question that follows:

A great deal of discussion continues as to the real extent of global environmental degradation and its implications. What few people challenge, however, is that the renewable natural resources of developing countries are today subject to stresses of unprecedented magnitude. These pressures are brought about, in part, by increased population and the quest for an ever expanding food supply. Because the health, nutrition and general well-being of the poor majority are directly dependent on the integrity and productivity of their natural resources, the capability of government to manage them effecting over the long-term becomes of paramount importance. Developing countries are becoming more aware of the ways in which present and future economic development must build upon a sound and sustainable natural resource base. Some are looking at our long tradition in environmental protection and are receptive to US assistance which recognises the uniqueness of the social and ecological systems in these tropical countries. Developing countries recognise the need to improve their capability to analyse issues and their own natural resource management. Some countries such as senegal, India, Indonesia, Thailand etc. are now including conservation concerns in their economic development process. Because so many governments of developing nations have recognised the importance of

these issues, the need today is not merely one of raising additional consciousness, but for carefully designed and sharply focussed activities aimed at the establishment of effective resource management reform that are essential to the achievement of sustainable development.

Some developing countries of Asia and Africa have: 

(1) formulated very

(2) ambitious plans of protecting the habitat in their region. laid a great stress on the conservation of natural resources in their educational endeavour.

(3) carefully dovetailed environmental conservation with the overall strategies of planned economic development.

(4) sought the help of US experts in solving the problems of environmental degradation

Technical know-how developed in the USA: 2.

assimilated by the technocrats of developing countries. (2) can be properly, utilised on the basis of developing countries being able to launch an in-depth study of their specific problems. (3) can be easily borrowed

(1) cannot be easily

by the developing countries to solve the problem of cnvironmental degradation. can

(4) be very effective in solving the problem of resource management in tropical countries.

3. There has been a pronounced deterioration of habitat all over the globe because of: 

(1) population explosion 

(2) unprecedented urbanisation 

(3) massive industrialisation in the developing countries 

(4) large scale deforestation

4. resources. The poor people of the developing world can lead a happy and contented life if : 

(1) aid flows freely to the developing world. (2) industries based on agriculture are widely developed. 

(3) economic development takes place within the ambit of conservation of natural 

(4) there is an assured supply of food and medicala care

5. How much environmental pollution has taken place in the

(1) There has been a marginal pollution of environment in developed world and extensive damage in the developing world. (2) There has been a considerable pollution of environment all over the globe, (3) There has been an extensive environmental degradation both in the developed as well as the developing world. (4) The environmental pollution that has taken pla all over the globe continues to be a matter of speculation and enquiry. REA

developing and the developed world?

6. What, according to the passage,is an unquestionable reality today? 

(1) The renewable natural resources in developing countries are in great danger and on the verge of coming to an end. 

(2) The renewable natural resources in developed countries will never end. 

(3) The renewable natural resources all over the world are going to end soon. 

(4) The renewable natural resources in the developed world will end soon.

What is the most important eason for the depletion of natural resources in developing countries? 

(1) Lack of knowledge 

(2) Population explosion 

(3) Life style of people 

(4) Callousness of their governments 7. e

8. What is most important for the preservation of natural resources ? 

(1) Funding from external sources to manage resources. 

(2) Advancement in science and technology to manage resources. 

(3) Awareness of the people to manage resources. 

(4) Capability of governments to manage resources.

9. Activities aimed at preservation of natural resources is important for: 

(1) Social Development 

(2) Sustainable Development 

(3) Political Development 

(4) Cultural Development

10. The passage is about : 

(1) Population Explosion 

(2) Expanding Food Supply 

(3) US assistance for managing natural resources 

(4) Effective resource management for sustainable development

11. If 4 + 4 = 15 and 6 + 6 = 35, then 8 + 8 = ? (1) 65 

(2) 63

(3) 64

(4) 12.


(4) 62

If SYSTEM is coded as METSYS and FORMER is coded as REMROF, then CARPET would be coded as: (1) PETCAR (2) PETRAC (3) TEPRAC (4) RACTEP

last of 13. According to the dictionary order, which of the following words others ? a long

(1) Dress (2) Drink 2

3 14, Gaurav ranks 23rd from the top and 22nd from the bottom in a certain test. How many students appeared in the test ?

(4) 46 15. In a certain coding system, NAME is cod as 3245 and MINT is coded as 4137, education

(1) 43 (2) 44

(3) Dream s

then MITE would be coded as: (1) 4317 (2) 4725 (3) 4571

17. Five books are placed in such a way that book C is above book D, book E is below book A, is above book A and book B in below book E. Which book is at the bottom ? Cateve

Which of the following is the

2, 9, 28, 65, (1) 99

is A (2) B (3) C

ext term in the series ?



(4) 4175

(4) 145


(4) D

18. A bag contains equal number of rupee 1, 50 paisa and 25 paisa coins. If the total amount of money in the bag is * 35, what is the number of each type of coins? (1) 15 (2) 18 (3) 20 (4) 25

19. A man walking from north to south turns right at right angle. Again he turns right at right angle. In which direction is he now walking ?

(2) North (3) South (4) West (1) East .

20. Which of the following pairs of numbers is different from others in some way? (1) 27--57 (2) 25-63

(3) 18-28 (4) 36-96

21. Which of the following numbers will be placed at the blank space in the series ? 20, 19, 17, (1) 9 (2) 11 (3) 14 (4) 16 ..... 10,5

22. A woman pointed to a man and said, “His mother is the only daughter of my mother." What is the woman to the man ?

(1) Niece (2) Sister


Which of the following numbers is different from others in some way? (1) 42 (2) 81 (3) 121 (4) 144

24. If CHDR represents DIES, then SHLD will (1) LIME (2) LINE

(3) Daughter

25. Which of the following numbers continues the series ?

1, 8, 27, 64, 125, ............ ? (1) 156 (2) 196

(3) 216 26. EFGH: DEFG :: OPQR:? 

(1) PQRS 

(3) MNOP


(4) TIME

27. Which of the following would be the next term in the series?

CE, HJ, MO, RT, 

(1) WY 

(2) YZ

(4) NOPQ

28. 'Ignorance' is 'Education' as 'Disease' is to : Acte

(3) X2

(4) 225

(4) UV

..........? (1) STZ (2) SRY


(2) Hospital (3) Medicine

29. Which of the following fills the gap in the series? 25, 100, 225, 625 (1) 256 (2) 324 (3) 400 *****

(4) Nurse

Which of the following continues the series?

(4) 484

B. Ed. 2022


(3) TSR


(4) TSY

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