Pedagogy of Geography B.ed Notes PDF

Pedagogy of Geography PDF- Get complete notes on the pedagogy of Geography for the B.ed course. Here you will get pedagogy of geography books pdf for free. It's important to understand the technique and strategies of teaching geography in school.

Pedagogy of teaching geography- You need to have a complete idea on 'How to teach geography in school'?  So to understand the method of teaching geography you need to have clear ideas about this. 

Here you will get the pedagogy of Geography notes in Hindi and English.

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Pedagogy of Geography PDF

Geography where you will expose two major questions; What is geography and why should geography be taught at school? 

Social science is one of the curricular areas of school education. It enables students to develop a critical understanding of society.

Pedagogy of Geography notes is also helpful for D.el.ed students and M.ed students. Pedagogy of Geography notes is one of the important subjects in school education. 

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Pedagogy of Geography Contents

  1.  What is Pedagogy of Geography?
  2. Meaning of Pedagogy of Geography
  3. Definition of Pedagogy of Geography
  4. The objective of  Pedaogyg of Geography
  5. Nature of Geography
  6. Scope of Geography
  7. Teaching-learning method in teaching Geography'
  8. Teaching Learning Resources
  9. Conclusion
  10. References

The objective of Teaching Geography

  • Explain the nature of Geography as a discipline of social science
  • Understand how geography is an important component of school education
  • Analyze the scope of Geography
  • Classified the branches of Geography
  • Describe the different method of teaching geography

Definition of Geography

''Geography provides a view of the whole earth by mapping the location of places.''

                                                                                            - Ptolemy

''Geography examines the way environment apparently control human behavior''
                                                                                       - Ellen Semple

''Geography is the study of human ecology, adjustment of the man to natural surrounding''

                                                                                    - Harland Barrows

Nature of Geography

Geography is the discipline that seeks to explain the character of places and the distribution of features.

Geography studies the physical as well as human aspects over the earth's surface.

Geography is the science which deals with a variation.

Geography deals with regions.

Geography witness the changing time of humans.

Scope of Geography

  • The domain of Geography is vast enough. The subject matter of geography studies through specialized branches. 
  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Biography
  • Regional Geography

Aims and Objective of Teaching Geography

  • Understand and appreciate the diverse land and people of India in relation to their own places.
  • Understand the process of the economy and social change and development in their own surrounding.
  • Understand the process of change and development in India in relation to the world economy.
  • Appreciate the right of the local community in relation to their environment

Pedagogy of Geography B.ed Notes PDF

Pedagogy of Geography B.ed Notes PDF


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