CTET book by Himanshi Singh PDF Download: Book Review

CTET Book- CTET & STETs book is written by Himanshi Singh. This is one of the best-rated CDP (Child pedagogy book) for CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) and STETs (State Teacher Eligibility Test). This book is not only for CTET but also useful for other teacher recruitment examinations like DSSSB, KVS, HTET, UP-TET, NVS, OAVS.

CTET Guide- CDP (Child Development and Pedagogy) is one of the major parts of any teacher requirement examination. Most of the student depends on CTET guides & books Because the CTET guide will help the student to understand the questions paper as well as the content. There are several CTET guides available on the internet but here I am providing you the best CTET books for papers 1 & 2.

CTET book by Himanshi Singh PDF Download : Book Review

CTET Book by Himanshi Singh

CTET & STETs book is written by Himanshi Singh. It seems necessary to write down some lines about the author.

  • Nationality- Indian
  • Location- Delhi
  • Age-23
  • Qualification- D.el.ed (University of Delhi)
  • CTET- Qualified
  • Pursuing- BA (English) Delhi University
  • Hobbies- Reading, traveling
  • Experience- 4 years 
Who is Himanshi Singh?

Himanshi Singh Biography

CDP Book by Himanshi Singh PDF- Download

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Table of Content

Growth and Development

  1. Growth
  2. Development
  3. Difference between Growth and Development
  4. Types of Development
  5. Factors influencing the Development
  6. Stages of Development
  7. Principles of the development of children
  8. Influence of Heredity and Environment
  9. Educational Implication

Socialization Process

  1. Features
  2. Types of socialization
  3.  Theories of socialization
  4. Bronfenbrenner's ecological model
  5. G.H Mead's I and Me theory
CTET book by Himanshi Singh- Buy Amazon

Cognition and Moral Development

  1. Jean Piaget's cognitive development theory
  2. Vygotsky's sociocultural theory approach
  3. Kohlberg's moral development 

Child-Centered and progressive Education

  1. Meaning of child-centered and progressive
  2. Qualities of a progressive school
  3. John Dewey
  4. Rousseau
  5. Friedrich Froebel
  6. The Montessori Method
  7. Bipolar and Tripolar process Education
  8. Types of Education

Concept of intelligence

  1. Meaning of intelligence
  2. Characteristics of intelligence
  3. Intelligence Quotient
  4. Benefactor intelligence theory by Binet
  5. The two-factor theory of spearman
  6. Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory
  7. Louis Thurston's group factor theory
  8. Sternberg's Triarchi theory
  9. Crystal and Fluid intelligence by R.B Cattell
  10. Thorndike's multifactor theory

Language and Thought

  1. Factors influencing language development
  2. Stages of language acquisition
  3. Piaget and Vygotsky on language and thought
  4. Skinner
  5. Noam Chomsky

Gender as social construct Gender roles, gender bias, and Educational Practice

  1. Basis of inequalities
  2. Gender stereotypes
  3. Educational implication
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Learning Theories

  1. What is learning?
  2. Classical conditioning theory
  3. Operant conditioning theory
  4. Trial and Error theory
  5. Gagne's hierarchy of learning
  6. Kurt Lewin's field theory
  7. Bandura's social learning theory
  8. Albert Bandura's observational learning
  9. Kohler's insightful learning theory
  10. Psychosexual theory of Sigmund Freud Psychosocial theory of Erik Erikson

Pedagogical Issues

  1. NCF-2005
  2. RTE ACT 2009
  3. Microteaching
  4. Bloom's taxonomy
  5. Inclusive Education
  6. RPWD Act 2016
  7. CCE Assessment and Evaluation

Supplementary Reading

  1. Schools of psychology
  2. Motivation
  3. Transfer of learning
  4. Learning Curves
  5. Carl Rogers
Enclose: CTET Previous year questions paper 2011 to 2019 (Paper 1 and 2)

Facts about CTET & STETs Book

  1. Price- 399/- Amazon- 200/- (Discount Links)
  2. Pages- 400
  3. My notes page added after every topic
  4. Short and Brief description
  5. Point to point explanation
  6. No overwriting
  7. Used informative and creative Images
  8. Graph, Pia chart, symbols are used
  9. No Reference available (Wikipedia/Dictionary/NCERT/Books)
  10. Previous year questions paper added (2011 to 2019)
Publishers Details
Address- 201A, SAS Tower, Sector 38, Gurgaon-122003

Printed in India by Excel Printers PVT.Ltd

CTET Book By Himanshi Singh: Customer Reviews

CTET Book By Himanshi Singh: Customer Reviews

Sample of CTET book by Himanshi Singh

Sample of CTET book by Himanshi Singh
Sample of CTET book by Himanshi Singh

CTET book by Himanshi Singh PDF Download: Book Review

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