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Noam Chomsky Theory- Are you looking for Noam Chomsky theory of language development notes PDF then you are in the right place. In this post, I will try to explain the important points on Noam Chomsky theory of language development. Noam Chomsky explains the language acquisition device (LAD). He also rightly describe the theory of knowledge: generative grammar and cognitive theory. Chomsky also knows as the father of modern linguistics. 

Noam Chomsky Theory PDF- He is widely known for his role in linguistic and political activism. Chomsky describes the cognitive linguistics ''as the study of language faculty of the human mind.'' He is considered one of the most important linguists in the twentieth century.

Noam Chomsky Theory Notes PDF

Noam Chomsky Theory of Language Development PDF

Noam Chomsky, born Avram Noam Chomsky, is widely considered to be the father of modern linguistics. His theory of generative grammar has informed the generation of linguistic and cognitive researchers.
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Chomsky was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1928 to William and Elsie Chomsky. He attended high school in Philadelphia before moving on to the University of Pennsylvania where he studied linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy. Ultimately he received his Ph.D. in linguistics in 1955 from the University of Pennsylvania.
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Chomsky is considered one of the most important linguists in the twentieth century. His main contribution in the field of linguistics is the influential ''transformative-generative grammar''. which is an attempt to describe the syntactical processes common to all human language mathematically. 

Noam Chomsky Language Acquisition Device (LAD)

Chomsky's theory based on the ideas that all children are born with innate ability to learn any human languages. He said all children have a LAD (Language Acquisition Device). The LAD's job is to encode into a child's brain also grammatical structure also exists in the brain of a child.
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Chomsky's says that all children learn the construction of sentences with the help of some rules that rules are called 'generative grammar'. This theory is given by Chomsky in 1956-57. He says that every child has the sentence structure and ability to learn many languages. 

He says the development of language is like the development of body parts of a human being like hands, arms, etc.
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He did not use any experiment to prove his theory and that stand apart from others. He says language development is congenital. 

When children learn to speak he never makes any mistakes. He put sub, verb, an object in the correct order.
Noam Chomsky Theory PDF Notes- Free Download

Noam Chomsky Theory Notes PDF

Noam Chomsky Generative Grammar and Cognitive Theory

His theory of Generative Grammar, through constantly evolving, stands as a microcosm of his views on the human mind's methods of taking in and storing information. At its heart, Chomsky's theory of Generative Grammar is a way of describing the way people learn to communicate. 
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The core of this theory is the idea that all human language originates from a common source, an innate set of grammatical rules and approaches that is hardwired into the human mind. 

His fundamental approach to knowledge is very similar to that used in information processing theory. According to Chomsky, in order for knowledge to be retained, there must be previous knowledge already present for the new information to be associated with. 
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In generative grammar, we look at three elements that would be
  1. Sentence
  2. Competence
  3. Component

Important points on Noam Chomsky Theory

  1. Every Child knows basic grammar rules.
  2. All languages follow the same grammar structure.
  3. Kids do not make expected grammatical mistakes.

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Noam Chomsky Theory Notes PDF Download

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