How to Teach Creative Learners? Let's do Creative Teaching Activities

Creative Teaching- Are you searching for the answer to these questions? How to teach creative learners? Who are creative children? What are the characteristics of creative children? How to identify creative children? What is the role of the teacher to develop creativity among students? You will get a complete answer in this post. This is an important segment of the teacher training program to understand the students effectively. 

Creative Learners- Let's say who is creative learners? Creativity represents a special kind of thinking process. Creativity is generally known as originality in ideas. However, creativity does not mean only this.

"Creativity is the capacity of a person to produce compositions, products or ideas of any sort which are essentially new or novel and previously unknown to the producer. It can be an imaginative activity or thought synthesis."

How to Teach Creative Learners? Let's do Creative Teaching Activities

How to Teach Special Child?

Creativity has been defined as the capacity to innovate, to invent, to place elements in a way which they have never been placed. A creative product must reflect value by being judged correct or good.
It is a challenging task to define a normal person since we are all special in one way or the other. Thus, if we are special, we have special requirements and needs. In such a situation everybody can be normal and special simultaneously. 

A child who has abilities that are different from that of an average child is said to be a child with special needs. The deviation from an average child can be in terms of their mental, physical, psychological, social and other such kinds of ability to perform a given task. These special abilities may need special requirement from the school and society. 

There is a misunderstanding, in general, that special children are those who have difficulty in learning and ho are physically challenged, i.e those with a loco-motor disability or are visually impaired. But the fact is that all children who deviate from the average child are exceptional children. 

There are various categories of children with special needs:

Characteristic of Creative Children

Creative children are divergent thinkers. They think about problems from many directions and perspectives. Creativity follows a process where it begins with perceiving the problem, modifying the problem, suspending the judgment. 

These children do not bind themselves in limitations. In brief novel ideas, divergent thinking, not being bounded by limits and originality in thoughts are the main characteristics of a creative child. A creative child tries to find new relations in old concepts. 

Creative children have wild ideas and think beyond a normal learner. They are open-minded without rigidity. They are impulsive, humorous, playful, relaxed, interested in the implication of knowledge, have a strong sense of conviction and are self-dependent.

How to Identify Creative Children?

The above-discussed characteristics will help a teacher to identify creative children. Besides these, there are other ways to identify a creative child in class performance and the creative test is one of them. 

These tests provide appropriate information to teachers to decide whether a child is creative or not. Along with these parents, teachers or peers can also observe the creativity of learners. 

How to Teach Creative Learners?

First and foremost, teachers should recognize the creativity in a child. This recognition will motivate the learner to develop his or her creativity to at the best level.
  1. The teacher should help learners to become aware of the source of new and original ideas.
  2. The teacher should provide space and opportunities for self-expression of creativity children.
  3. Brainstorming methods work very effectively with the creative child. This method also provides cognitive challenges to learners and promotes their thinking of and creativity.
  4. The teacher should create controversial situations during the teaching process so that they learn to deal with conflicting situations.
  5. Learners should be given a chance to manipulate the objects, ideas concept and so on. Such manipulation provides opportunities to develop novel ideas and confidence.
  6. The teacher should help learners to develop their own questions about any concept and find answers. It is the teacher's responsibility to provide appropriate assistance and required materials to find the solutions.
  7. Special assignments can be given to arouse learners curiosity. The assignment must be original, thought to provoke and different in terms of its applicability.
  8. Physical and verbal motivation is significantly important to promote and develop creativity in learners.
  9. Teachers should recognize learner's creativity but should not label them. This labeling ill makes them feel that they are different from others, which not healthy for their development. 
  10. Accepting learners ideas and providing them freedom will facilitate their creativity. 

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How to Teach Creative Learners? Let's do Creative Teaching Activities

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