Importance of Teaching Profession PDF- Why I Choose Teaching As A Profession?

Importance of Teaching Profession- Do you have any questions like Why teaching is the most important profession? Why I choose to teach as a profession? What is the importance of the teacher in our life? What are the characteristics of the teaching profession? What is the importance of teaching jobs in India? You will get all the answer from this post, stay tuned.

Teaching Profession Essay- Profession is an occupation that requires some specialized training. The profession is the capacity of a person who has acquired the skills after training. The teaching profession means specialized skills of teaching learners in a classroom situation.

Importance of Teaching Profession PDF

Importance of Teaching Profession

Teaching is regarded as the professions of all professions and as a sacred profession concerned with service and dedication to mankind. Good teaching is one of the best ways to create and develop critical thinking among citizens and workers. The teacher occupies the central stage in the grand opera of learning which is almost daily played in the classroom.
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In a very general way, we may agree that a professional may perhaps be defined as an occupation-based upon specialized study training the purpose of which is to supply skilled service or advice to others for dignity or salary.

Importance of Teaching Jobs

The teaching profession is related to a teaching job. The profession can be stated as a job. role of teaching requires education and training. A job requires certain skills to perform efficiently. A set of skills are essential for a specific job. 

Teaching as a profession implies that a candidate who has joined teaching he should take it as a vocation. 
  • Authority
  • Competence
  • Decisiveness
  • Drama
  • Humour
  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Humanity
  • Imagination
  • Initiative
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility
  • Preserving
  • Self-Control
1- Authority
Personality force can control people those who possess the natural gift of authority. The teacher is given authority by virtue of his position but it is better than to maintain it. 

2- Competence
Competency in teaching profession makes a teacher is able to teach in the classroom. The teacher does not need to have the outstanding ability but they require a general competence. 
Good leadership of the teacher requires the ability to make the wise decision an act without a decision.

Every teacher needs to have a sense of drama and be able to create the sense that grips his followers. Dramatization activity attacks the learners to learn the subjects.
An effective teacher reveals the capacity to work tirelessly as long as it needed to achieve the object.
The leader has an inner passion for their cause which is infectious and arouses enthusiasm among the students.

Truely caliber teacher recognizes their limitation and their feelings. Their greatness, not something they claim themselves is what their followers recognize and acknowledge.

Humor shows itself pleasantness, cheerfulness, friendliness sympathetic and understanding manner towards others. A good-humored teacher does not make fun of his pupil instead make them laugh.

9- Imagination
An inspiring teacher fascinates because he overflows with fresh ideas. 
10- Initiative
Followers wait to do something. The teacher recognizes when and how the action is taking place.

11- Integrity
A good teacher inspires trust. He does not try to prevent or cancel his true nature.

12- Loyalty
The teacher not only expects loyalty from their followers but also to give them. 

The successful teacher faces difficulties with a determination that refuses to accept defeat.
A good teacher is the conscious of the responsibility they carry by reason of their position.

15- Self-Control
A person who lacks self-control not fit for teachership. 

Characteristics of the Teaching Profession

  • Easy Communication
  • Self Organization
  • Training of Teaching Skill
  • Systematic Knowledge
  • Intellectual Operation
  • Autonomy
  • Science of Teaching
  • Practical Training
  • Sense of Service
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Trustworthy
  • Respect
  • Conceptual Thinking

Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

An effective teacher is those who achieve the goal which they set for themselves. They must have to possess the skill and knowledge needed to attend the goal. 
  • Knowledge of Child Psychology
  • Knowledge of Subject
  • Knowledge of aims of education
  • Knowledge of adjustment
  • Knowledge of principle of pedagogy
  • Assist in the guidance program
  • Development of the ability to use new technology
  • Knowledge of evaluation method
  • Plaining for lesson
  • Organization of co-curricular activities
1- Knowledge of Child Psychology
To impart knowledge of child psychology so that he should be able to understand the process of a child's growth and development.

2- Knowledge of Subject
The teacher should have proper and sufficient knowledge about the concerned topic which he/she is going to deliver in the class.

3- Knowledge of Aims of Education
The teacher should know the aims of education. He should prepare the lesson according to the need of the students.

4-Knowledge of adjustment
To impart the knowledge of adjustment is to help the teacher to understand the problems of the pupil and help them in making a better adjustment.

5- Knowledge of principle of pedagogy
To impart the knowledge of the principle of pedagogy to understand the principle, process, and technique of the teaching-learning process. 

6- Assist in the guidance program
This method is an integral part of the teaching learning process. Teachers are trained to help the students effectively in the teaching-learning process. 

7- Development of Ability to use instruction materials
The teacher should develop himself to acquire new knowledge regarding instructional materials like a smart blackboard, projector, laptop, etc. 

8-Knowledge of evaluation method
To impart the knowledge of evaluation methods to enable the teacher to assess and evaluate the students. 

9- Planing of lesson
The teacher is to be taught how to prepare a lesson plan effectively. 

10- Organization of co-curricular activities
Teachers' ability is to understand and maintain co-curricular activity in school.


  • Evaluating
  • Encouraging
  • Plaining
  • Discipline
  • Counseling
  • Motivating learners

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Importance of Teaching Profession PDF- Why I Choose Teaching As A Profession? 

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