Teaching AIDS MCQ With Audio- Visual Aids

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Which material a teacher should opt as solute in practical analysis of topic 'Solution'? (HTET Feb 2014)

 A) Coconut oil

B) Coconut water

C) Mercury

D) Sodium chloride

While teaching the topic on 'Water' in her EVS classroom, Anjali organises role-play on different sources of water and individual actions to conserve water. The activity is primarily aims at (CTET Feb 2014)

 A) improving social skills of students

B) breaking monotony in the process of learning

C) ensuring active participation of students in the process of learning

D) enhancing students knowledge on sources of. water

Which one of the following is not a suitable activity at primary stage to sensitise students to the concept of conservation of trees? (CTET Feb 2014)


A) Organising a slogan-writing competition on trees

B) Encouraging every students to adopt a tree and look after it

C) Showing children storage of logs of wood

D) Organising a poster-making competition on trees

Nalini wants to introduce the topic on 'Animals our friends' to class III students. In order to introduce the topic more interestingly, the best teaching strategy would be to (CTET July 2013)


A) ask the students to see pictures of animals given in the textbook

B) use a chart showing pictures of different animals

C) draw pictures of different animals on the blackboard

D) show a video film on animals and their usefulness

A teacher uses audio-visual aids and physical activities in her teaching because they (CTET Nov 2012)

 A) utilize the maximum number of senses to enhance learning

B) provide relief to the teacher

C) facilitate effective assessment

D) provide a diversion to learners

The topic 'Depletion of Petroleum and Coal' was taught to sec-A of a class by using multimedia capsule while the other sec-B was taught through diagrams drawn on the green board. It was found later that students of sec-A understood the topic to a better extent. This could be due to the reason that  (CTET Jan 2012)


A) green board is not a good visual aid

B) multiple approach is closer to everyday life situations

C) use of multimedia aids is comparatively more economical

D) audio-visual aids engage all the senses for better retention

In order to introduce the topic on 'Nutrition' in class more effectively a teacher should (CTET Jan 2012)


A) show the model of human denture

B) ask the students to open their tiffin boxes, see the contents, followed by teacher's explanation

C) give examples of different foods rich in nutrients

D) draw the diagram of digestive system on the blackboar

To make children aware of different kinds. of fuel, a teacher can (CTET June 2011)


A) show some sample of fuels in the class

B) discuss with children about possible kinds of fuels that can be used for cooking, along with a short film

C) show pictures of fuels on a chart

D) ask children to list different fuels

After the lunch break, while teaching EVS, you find that students are not taking interest in the lesson. What would you do?  (CTET June 2011)


A) Take the children out to play in the ground

B) Ask them to put their heads down on the desk and relax

C) Use audio-visual aids based on multiple intelligences to make the lesson interesting

D) Change the topic immediately

The concept of seed germination can be taught best by (CTET June 2011)


A) asking the students to perform an activity to sow seeds, observe different stages and draw them

B) showing photographs of seed germination

C) showing germinated seeds to the class and explaining the process of germination

D) presenting the germination stages through drawing on the board

The skills required to read a map include (CTET June 2011)


A) excellent communication skills to draw out the expressive ability

B) ability to understand the relative position of places distances and directions

C) excellent drawing and painting skills

D) ability to use calculations and sketch positions on a globe

To describe various types and parts of a plant a section was taught by using multi-media, while the other section was taught through diagram drawn on the black board. Children of first section understood the concept better. This could be due to


A) they were bright students

B) blackboard is not a good visual aid

C) naudio-visual aids engages all the senses for better retention

D)use of multimedia is comparatively less costly

If as an EVS teacher, you want to teach about a volcano and its functions in your class, which one of the following teaching aids should you use?


A)Showing a picture of a volcano and explaining its functions orally

B) Use an experimental model of the volcano to explain its physical aspects and functions

C) Draw a figure of the volcano on the blackboard

D) Play a video for better understanding of various aspects of volcano

How can a flannel board help in the teaching of EVS if it is filled with EVS-related issues?


A) It encourages the habit of reading

B) it makes students aware of various aspects of ecology

C)It helps students to expand their vocabulary

D)It provides information about the current issues of daily life

If a teacher does not use any kind of teaching aid while teaching in the classroom how will it affect his/her teaching? Choose the correct option.


A)It makes students passive and uninterested in studying

B)It is not necessary as a good teacher can make the lesson effective without use of teaching aid

C) It is advantageous to a teacher as he/she can escape from the arrangement of teaching aid

D) It affects the learning domains of students by bringing down their learning rate

In order to teach about various types of pulses in the classroom, which type of teaching aid or strategy should be used?


A)Charts containing pictures of different pulses

B)Real objects

C)Flash cards

D) Tape recorder

Use of audio-visual aids helps in achieving the desired learning experiences in EVS. The main hindrance 'in using them for teaching EVS is


A)lack of training facilities for teachers

B) cost of audio-visual, aids

C) failure of electricity

D) All of the above

As an EVS teacher, if you decide to teach the topic 'Soil' in the classroom, which type of teaching aid will prove most helpful in teaching the topic?


A)Samples of various soils

B)Videos on different types of soils

C)Visit to a farmhouse

D)A chart, full of pictures of different soils

In teaching of EVS, a teacher has to teach about leaves of trees. The best method is


A) explaining orally about the leaves

B) explaining the leaves and its functions with the help of a model

C)by giving lecture on leaves

D) by taking the student to garden

Teaching of EVS while using audio-visual aids, it should keep in mind that

 A)it should be topic specific

B)it should be practically

C) It should relate principles/topic to daily life

D)Both [a] and [b]

Audio-visual aid facilitates

 A)only motor


C)only hearing

D)only visual

Which is not related to audio-visual aids?





Which of the following is an example of audio aid?






Examples of audio-visual aids are



C) Radio

D)Both [a] and [b]

Educational radio is

 A)visual aid

B)audio-visual aid

C)print media

D)non-print media

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