OAVS TGT Social Science Questions Paper

 OAVS TGT Social Studies Questions paper- Are you looking for TGT Social science previous year questions paper for the OAVS examination? Do you want to download OAVS TGT social studies questions paper for free? 

Here are the solutions. I will provide you free OAVS TGT social science model questions in English and Odia.

OAVS has been one of the toughest examinations to crack in Odisha. When it comes to competitive examination OAVS stands out of all. 

OAVS TGT Social Science Questions Paper

Recently I came across these questions like ''Where do I get OAVS TGT Social science questions paper?'' and I decided to take look at the answer. 

It's not easy to get OAVS TGT social studies previous year questions paper for free. As you know OAVS examination conducted online so It's quite difficult to get the previous year's questions paper.

But here you will get OAVS TGT social studies questions paper in English.

OAVS TGT Social Science Questions Sample

Here are some of the model questions paper for OAVS TGT Social science.

OAVS TGT Social Science Model Questions Paper

OAVS TGT Social Science Syllabus

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Economics
  4. Civics
  5. Methodology

  • Contemporary World
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Economics Depression
  • Labour and Peasant Class issues
  • Growth of industries in India in the twentieth century
  • Feature of colonial society in India
  • French Revolution
  • The Revolt of 1857
  • Indian Freedom Struggle-188 to 1947
  • Russian Revolution
  • Rise of Socialism
  • Philosophy of Karl Marx
  • Socialism in Europe
  • Impact of Socialism
  • Rise of Fascist Forces in Germany and Italy

  •  Introduction to the solar system- the origin of the earth
  • The motion of the earth
  • Rotation,Revolutionlatitudes,longitudes etc
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Agents of gradation
  • Climate
  • Atmosphere
  • Pressure
  • Worlds Climates
  • Ocean
  • Biosphere
  • Physical features of India
  • Population
  • Resources and development
  • Agriculture
  • Manfacturing Industries
  • National economy
  • Understanding disaster and Hazards
  • Types of Disasters
  • Communication system
  • Safe construction practices
  • Sharing responsibilities
  • Components of production
  • People as resources
  • Education
  • Health
  • Poverty as a challenge
  • Food security in India
  • Sectors of the Economy
  • Money and credit
  • Banks

  •  Power Sharing

  • Federalism

  • Democracy

  • Political Parties

  • Elections

  • Challenges in Democracy

  • Indian constitution

Teaching Methodology

  •  Social studies- Meaning, scope, features, types, etc

  • Values, Aims, and objectives of teaching social studies

  • Social studies curriculum

  • Instructional studies curriculum

  • Planning for instruction

  • Teaching Aids

  • Evaluation in social studies

  • ICT in the learning of geography

  • Methods of teaching social studies

OAVS TGT Social Science Questions Paper

OAVS TGT Social Science Questions Paper

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