Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English

Childhood and Growing Up Notes- Are you looking for B.ed 1st year notes for free? Do you want to know the concept of childhood and growing up? What are the different characteristics of childhood and growing up? Here you will get complete information on childhood and growing up. 

Childhood and Growing up is an important topic in the B.ed course. It is quite important to understand the concept, meaning, and characteristics of childhood and growing up. Here you will also get important questions of childhood and growing up. 

Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English
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Understanding Childhood and Growing Up

Human beings keep changing. During their lives, they change in size, appearance, and psychological makeup. The way they change differs from individual to individual.

 Each individual with his unique heredity and the way he is nurtured determines the way he traverses the broad highway of his life at his rate of progress. 

It seems necessary to talk about the stages of humans development. Because it is an integral part of human life. 

Stages of Human Development

  1. Infancy (Birth to 2 Years)
  2. Babyhood 
  3. Early Childhood (2 to 6)
  4. Late Childhood (6 to 12)
  5. Adolescence (12 to 18)
  6. Young Adulthood (18 to 40)
  7. Middle Adulthood (40 to 60)
  8. Late Adulthood (Over 60)
  9. Death
The human being is never static. From conception to death, he undergoes changes. There are progressive changes in response to environmental conditions. 

Any development process proceeds through some stages and each development stage differed from the other. Each stage of development has its characteristics.

Psychologists have separated human life span into stages or periods and identified specific changes that may be expected during each stage. 

The Concept of Growth And Development

Growth refers to quantitative changes in size, which include physical changes in height, weight, size internal organs, etc. 

Development, by contrast, refers to qualitative changes taking place simultaneously with quantitative changes of growth. It may be defined as a progressive series of orderly coherent changes. 

Meaning of Development

Development is the product of maturation and learning. It is a bigger and comprehensive term not limited to growing larger or heavier. 

Definitions of Development
  • Peary defines it as ''Development means the whole sequence of life from conception to death.''
  • Frank defines, ''Development may imply the change in the organism as a whole.''
Definitions of Growth
  • Crow & Cro defines, ''Growth as structural and psychological changes.''
  • Gesell, ''Growth carries a more dynamic connotation, which organically ties the present with the past and directs it towards the future.''
Aspects of Growth and Development
  1. Physical and Motor Development
  2. Intellectual Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Moral development

The Principles of Growth and Development

  • The development follows a pattern or a sequence
  • Development proceeds from general to specific responses
  • Development is a continuous process
  • Different aspects of growth develop at different rates
  • Growth is complex
  • Growth is a product of the interaction of the organism and environment
  • There are wide individual differences in growth
  • Growth is both quantitative and qualitative
  • Development is predictable
  • Growth starts from conception
  • Growth and development are due to Heredity and environment
  • Development is a continuous process
  • Growth is cumulative
  • Development occurs at different rates
  • Growth is spontaneous
  • Development is progressive in nature
  • Development is predictable
  • Development occurs as a whole
  • Individual differences in development remain constant
Factors Influencing Development

There are several factors which directly or indirectly influence the growth and development of an organism
  • Heredity
Heredity is a biological process through which the transmission f physical and social characteristics takes place from parents to off-springs.
  • Environment
The environment plays an important role in human life. There are different types of environment such as physical environment, social, psychological environment.
  • Sex
Sex acts as an important factor in growth and development. There is a difference in the growth and development of boys and girls. 
  • Nutrition
Growth and Development of the child mainly depend on his food habits and nutrition.
  • Races
The racial factor has a great influence on height, weight, color, features,u, and body constitution. A child of white race will be while and tall even hair and eye color facial structure and governed by the same race. 
  • Exercise
This does not mean physical exercise as a discipline. The functional activist of the child come in the fold of exercise of the body. 

Childhood and Growing Up B.ED Notes in English PDF Free Download

Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English

 Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English

Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English

Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English

Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF in English

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