Top 11 Educational Apps For B.ed Students

Educational Apps- It is considered that educational apps are a suitable source of learning in today's generation. The educational apps are the source of learning for students who were not able to go to the class. But now everyone willing to stay at home and continue the class through various educational apps. Educational apps are an essential part of students' life. 

Here you will get Top 11 best educational apps for B.ed students. It is quite necessary to have some educational apps for the study. There are thousands of apps are available for students' engagement, learning, and collaboration. 

Top 11 Educational Apps For B.ed Students
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Educational Apps For Students

Here I will provide you the best learning apps for the students. It is quite easy to download them from the play store. There are thousands of online learning apps available but all are not free. Here I will give you a list apps name which is free. 

How do I download educational apps for free?

Here are some steps that help you to get the apps for free. 
  1. Open Google Playstore/Apps Store
  2. Search the concern apps name
  3. Check out the details, reviews, etc
  4. Click Download
  5. Open
  6. Login
  7. Enjoy
Why do I need an online learning app?

It is quite easy to learn things from online sources. It could be fun to watch your teacher and learn things interestingly. 

Top 11 Best Online Learning Apps For Students

  1. BYJU'S
  2. E-Pathshala
  3. Unacademy
  4. Gradeup
  5. Toppr
  6. Adda247
  7. Vedantu
  8. NCERT Official
  9. Meritnation
  10. Mycbsc guide
  11. Google Classroom

1- BYJU'S- The Learning Apps

BYJU'S- The Learning Apps
Credit- Byju's App
  • Informative & Engaging videos lesson 
  • Online Test Series
  • Chapter Wise Detailing videos
  • One to One conversation
  • Online Doubt Clear Class
  • Free/Paid membership
  • Free PDF Download
  • Free Notes Download
  • Online Chat System
BUJU'S App has a great collection of pre-recording lessons for students. You can get lost of informative videos from this app. 

2- E-Pathshala

2- E-Pathshala
Credit- E-Pathshala
  • Access to digital book for all classes
  • Access to All PDFs and notes
  • Interactive videos lesson
  • Online quizzes
  • Online Doubt class with expert
  • Online Tests
  • One to One doubt clear class
  • High level/authentic notes
  • Career counseling classes
  • Access to graded study materials

3- Unacademy

3- Unacademy
Credit- Unacademy
  • Live Classes
  • Live Quizzes
  • Online Doubt Clear session
  • Recorded Video Lesson
  • Authentic Study Notes/PDF
  • Membership- Free/Paid
  • Tips/Tricks
  • Syllabus Covered
  • Scholarship
  • Membership Discount
Best Study Materials I used
  1. CBSC NCERT Solutions All Subjects- Amazon
  2. NCERT Quick Revision- Amazon
  3. NCERT Solutions For Science- Amazon
  4. NCERT Maths Solutions- Amazon

4- Gradeup- Learning App

4- Gradeup- Learning App
Credit- Gradeup
Gradeup is a free preparation app and helps you prepare various preparation examination like
  • Online Live Classes
  • One to One Doubt Class
  • Solved Previous Year Questions Paper
  • Available in Hindi and English
  • Examination Updates
  • Free Mock Test
  • Free Authentic Notes/PDFs

5- Toppr

5- Toppr
Credit-Toppr App
  • Live Classes
  • Live Doubt Clearing
  • Free Mock Test
  • Examination Based Teaching
  • Trusted/Experienced Teacher
  • Free PDF/Materials
  • Suitable For School Students
  • Advanced Preparation For Examination
  • Free/Paid membership
Mainly Focus on
  • Medical and Engineering Exam (KCET, MHT-CET etc)
  • Engineering Exams
  • Medical Examination
  • Commerce Examination

6- Adda247

6- Adda247
Credit- Adda247
  • Jobs Updates
  • Live Classes
  • Free Mock Test
  • Free Study Materials
  • Padi/Free Version
  • Hindi/English Language
  • Video Courses
  • Previous Year Questions Paper Solved
  • E-Book
  • Tips and Tricks

7-Vedantu- Learning App

Vadantu- Learning App
Credit- Vedantu
  • Learning Interactive Class
  • Live Quizzes
  • Free Mock Test
  • Free PDF
  • E-Book For Free
  • Pre-Recorded Classes
  • Special Preparation For Competitive Exams
  • Free/Padi Membership

8- NCERT Official

NCERT Official
Credit- NCERT App
  • Free E-Books PDF
  • Class 1 to 12 Online Books
  • Previous Year Questions Paper 
  • Test Series
  • Special Guidelines
  • NCERT Chapter Wise Videos
  • NCERT Solutions Doubt Discussion
  • Medium- Hindi/English/Urdu

9-Meritnation App

9-Meritnation App
Credit- Meritnation App
  • Interactive Live Classes
  • Pre-recorded lesson
  • Best Teacher
  • Free Mock Test
  • Free Study Materials
  • Easy Language
  • Free/Padi Memberships
  • Quick Responses
  • NCERT Solutions

10- Mycbsc Guide App

10- Mycbsc Guide App
Credit- Mycbscguide

  • NCERT Previous Year Questions Paper
  • NCERT Solutions
  • NCERT E-Books Class 1 to 12
  • Latest Syllabus
  • CBSC Questions Bank
  • CBSC Guide and Book
  • Solutions Chapter Wise

11- Google Classroom

11- Google Classroom
Credit-Google Classroom
  • Live Interaction Classes
  • Experienced Teacher
  • Free Study Materials
  • Authentic Questions Paper with Solutions
  • Free
  • Pre-Recorded Videos lesson
  • Easy to learn

Top 11 Educational Apps For B.ed Students 

Top 11 Educational Apps For B.ed Students 

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