B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download

B.ed Notes- Are you looking for B.ed 1st notes in English/Hindi? then you are in the right place. Here you will get notes for B.ed students for free. We have a collection of B.ed notes in the Hindi medium and Tamil medium. Here you can also download B.ed 1st yearbooks for free.
Get B.ed 1st Year Books PDF

B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download

B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download

It is quite easy to get B.ed study materials for free. You just need to search ''How do I get B.ed 1st Year Study Materials For Free?'' You will definitely get thousands of sources to checkout. B.ed (Bachelor of Education) is 2 years professional course where candidates need to get admission into B.ed college for the study. 
How do I get study materials for the B.ed course?
  • Ask your college about study materials
  • Go to their official website and download it
  • Search on Google about the materials
  • You will get lots of PDFs
  • You have to choose the authentic notes
  • Download
Download 1st Year Book For B.ed- Free Download
There are thousands of websites/journals available who are providing notes to the B.ed students. Make sure to check their notes before buying anything from them. 

Download B.ed 1st Year Notes 

Childhood and Growing up Download
Peace Education Download
Assessment & Learning Download
Guidance & Counselling Download
The teaching of Social Science Download
ICT Notes Download
Knowledge & Curriculum Download
Contemporary India & Education Download
Environmental Education Download
Health & Physical Education Download
Gender, School, Society Download

B.ed 1st Year Practical Notes PDF

Here you will able to download B.ed 1st year project file for free. We have a collection of B.ed 1st year projects on this site. You can check out for yourself. 
  • ICT Practical-  Download
  • Spinning and Weaving Project- Free Download
  • Wood Work Project- Free Download
  • Community Work Project File- Free Download
  • Game and Sports Project File- Free Download
  • Physical Education Project PDF- Free Download
  • Fine Arts Project With Sample- Free Download
  • Yoga Project- Free Download

B.ed 1st Year Syllabus PDF

Here you will get a B.ed 1st-year syllabus for free. So that you can download each portion carefully. 

B.ed 1st Year Syllabus PDF

Disclaimer- Make sure to check your college/university website for the syllabus. Most of the colleges (NCERT Approved) in India have the same syllabus accept some private colleges. 

B.ed 1st Year Books List

Psychology: Anmol Publishers. Anmol Publication Download
Childhood and Growing Up- Laxmi Publication Download
Health and Physical Education- Saraswati House Publication Download
Guidance and Counselling APH Publication Download
Peace Education Inking Innovation Download
Critical Understanding of ICT Bookman Download
Knowledge and Curriculum Aggarwal Publication Download
Contemporary India and Education Laxmi Publication Download
Environmental Education Anu Book Download
Inclusive Education Bookman Download

Here is the list of B.ed 1st yearbooks with publication details. Here you can buy or download the book. I would suggest to go to your library and ask the librarian about these books. If you are interested you can buy these books from Amazon or Flipkart. 

B.ed 1st Year Lesson Plan PDF Download

In this post, you will get a lesson plan for the following subjects. You can download the lesson plan in English and Hindi. Here you will get the lesson plan for class 6 to 10 (All Subjects)
  1. A Lesson Plan on English- PDF Download
  2. A Lesson Plan on Hindi/Urdu- PDF Download
  3. A Lesson Plan on Sanskrit- PDF Download
  4. A Lesson Plan on Social Science- PDF Download
  5. A Lesson Plan on Maths- PDF Download
  6. A Lesson Plan on Chemistry- PDF Download
  7. A Lesson Plan on Geography- PDF Download
  8. A Lesson Plan on Biology- PDF Download
  9. A Lesson Plan on Computer Education- PDF Download
  10. A Lesson Plan on History- PDF Download

B.ed 1st Notes PDF Download Sample

B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download

B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download

B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download

How to Take Notes in B.ed College?

Let me take you through ''How to take better notes in College"? Let me explain to you brief that taking notes is a skill; you need to improve as soon as possible. As we all know that B.ed is a professional course; you need to professional while taking notes. 

Why are effective notes taking skills important?

A better note will make you understand the concept, ideas, and meaning of the topic. An effective taking note may lead to a better understanding or you can save lots of time. Here are some tips that you can follow
  • Listen Carefully to the lecture
  • Be Prepare for the lecture
  • Ready You Note Book and Pen
  • Try to Cath The Important Point
  • Note Down Essential Details
  • Later Prepare a Complete Notes
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By following these steps you will be able to make an effective note for the course. It also helps you to score more marks in the B.ed examination.
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What are the benefits of taking Notes?

There are lots of benefits of taking notes especially for higher class students like B.ed students or M.ed students. As we know that B.ed is a training program where the students need to be very careful when it comes to taking notes. 

Because it's not quite easy to take notes unless you know the tricks. The B.ed students should know the tricks because they are going to be a teacher. And a teacher needs to understand the skills of taking notes. 
  • It helps to memorize
  • It helps to focus on details
  • Boost comprehension
  • Enhancing skills
  • Better evaluation

B.ed 1st Year Notes PDF Download


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