D.El.ED Books in Hindi Pdf Free Download (1st Year & 2nd Year)

D.El.ED Study material in Hindi pdf- Are you searching for books for d.el.ed course in Hindi then you are in the right place. Here I am giving you the best books for NIOS and D.El.Ed. Everybody wants d.el.ed books for free in Hindi but there is no pdf available on the internet so I decided to give you d.el.ed books in Hindi pdf where you can download it.
D.El.ED Books in Hindi Pdf Free Download
D.El.ED(Diploma in Elementary Education) and NIOS (The National Institute of Open Schooling) are two major aspects in the teaching field. These courses enable students to teach at the elementary level at school. One needs to complete these courses before going for teaching jobs. You need to have d.el.ed course books in Hindi for your preparation. Here I am giving you study materials for the d.el.ed course in Hindi.

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d.el.ed books in hindi

D.El.ED Study Materials In Hindi Pdf

D.el.ed books in Hindi Pdf- You will get d.el.ed books in Hindi pdf for free download. If you want to buy these books just click the buy button. I would suggest you buy some of these books because it will help to complete your d.el.ed course.

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Books For D.EL.ED Course in Hindi Pdf For 1st Year

  1. बाल विकास व सीखना (Text Book)- Download
  2. शैक्षिक तकनीकी (Text Book)- Download
  3. पर्यावरण व पर्यावरण शिक्षण (Text Book)- Download
  4. ज्ञान शिक्षाक्रम व शिक्षण शास्त्र (Text Book)- Download
  5. हिंदी भाषा शिक्षण स्तर-1 (Text Book)- Download
  6. गणित व गणित शिक्षण (Text Book)- Download
  7. शालेय संस्कृति, प्रबंधन एवं विकास (Text Book)- Download
  8. English Language Proficiency (Text Book)- Download
  9. कला शिक्षा व लोक संस्कृति भाग-1 (Text Book)- Download
  10. कार्य शिक्षा व व्यावसायिक विकास भाग-1 (Text Book)- Download
  11. कम्प्यूटर शिक्षण भाग-1 (Text Book)- Download
  12. योग शिक्ष ा, स्वास्थ्य, स्वच्छता, भावात्मक शिक्षा भाग-1 (Text Book)- Download

Books For D.EL.ED Course in Hindi Pdf For 2nd Year

  1. आधुनिक विश्व के संदर्भ में भारतीय शिक्षा (Text Book)- Download
  2. समाजिक, सांस्कृतिक परिपेक्ष्य में संज्ञान एवं अधिगम(Text Book)- Download
  3. विविधता, समावेशी शिक्षा और जेण्डर(Text Book)- Download
  4. हिन्दी शिक्षण स्तर -2(Text Book)- Download
  5. अंग्रेजी शिक्षण(Text Book)- Download Now
  6. संस्कृत शिक्षण(Text Book)- Download
  7. गणित शिक्षण(Text Book)- Download
  8. विज्ञान शिक्षण (Text Book)- Download
  9. सामाजिक विज्ञान शिक्षण(Text Book)- Download
  10. कला शिक्षा एवं लोक संस्कृति भाग-2(Text Book)- Download
  11. योग शिक्षा स्वास्थ्य, स्वच्छता, भावात्मक शिक्षा- भाग-2 (Text Book)-Download
  12. कार्य शिक्षा एवं व्यावसायिक विकास भाग-2 (Text Book)- Download
  13. कम्प्यूटर शिक्षण भाग-2 (Text Book)- Download

D.EL.ED Books in Hindi Sample

D.EL.ED Books in Hindi Sample

D.El.ED Books in Hindi Pdf Free Download (1st Year & 2nd Year)

D.El.ED Study Materials In Hindi Pdf


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