OSSSC Political Science Questions with Answers Note PDF

 Political Science Questions with Answers PDF- You have the following questions and answers to the questions of political science PDF. This book will ask questions about all the exams in Odisha. Reading this book will bring all the marks in your political science. This important for osssc conducted exam. This pdf for Odisha Sub ordinary Staff Selection commission Exam.

1. The term ‘Globalization’ was coined by

A. Kaplan

B. Theodore Levitt

C. Burton

D. Spiro

Answer B

2. Democracy is the rule of

A. Voters

B. People

C. Members of parliament

D. Political Parties.

Answer B

3. Who defined democracy as “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”?

A. Woodrow Wilson

B. Lord Bryce

C. Abraham Lincoln

D. Laski

Answer C 

4. Lord Bryce has written, “That form of government in which the ruling power of a state is legally vested, not in any particular class, but in the members of the community as a whole”. Which form of government he is referring to?

A. Democracy

B. Parliamentary Government

C. Federal Government

D. Unitary Government

Answer A

5. The two words ‘demos’ and ‘Kratos’ from which democracy draws its origin belong to

A. Latin Language.

B. Greek Language.

C. French Language.

D. Spanish Language.

Answer B

6. The two forms of democracy are

A. Parliamentary and presidential.

B. Direct and indirect.

C. Monarchical and Republican.

D. None of the above.

Answer B

7. Which one of the following theories of democracy accords high priority to the political rights of citizens?

A. Pluralist theory of democracy.

B. Elitist of democracy.

C. Marxist theory of democracy.

D. Liberal theory of democracy.

Answer D

8. Which theory of democracy attaches great importance to the economic rights of man?

A. Marxist theory

B. Elite Theory

C. Pluralist Theory

D. All the above

Answer A

9. The term ‘liberty’ has been drawn from the Latin term

A. Libel

B. Lingua

C. Labor

D. Liber

Answer D

10. One of the major factors that have stimulated the globalization process is

A. Effective utilization of resources.

B. Increase in income and wealth.

C. Willingness to cooperate.

D. Rapid Improvement in technology.

Answer D

11. Removing barriers or restrictions said by the government is called

A. Liberalization

B. Investment

C. Favorable trade

D. Free trade

Answer A

12. Globalization by connecting countries leads to

A. Lesser competition among producers.

B. Greater competition among producers.

C. No competition between producers.

D. None of these.

Answer B

13. ‘Euro centrism’ as the term for an ideology was coined by whom?

A. Karl Marx

B. Green

C. Samir Amin

D. Rousseau

Answer C

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