Odisha B.ed Exam Political Science Questions with Answers PDF

  Political Science Questions with Answers PDF- You have the following questions and answers to the questions of the political science PDF. This book will ask questions about all the exams in Odisha. Reading this book will bring all the marks in your political science.

Q. Two rabbits start running towards each other, one from A to B and another from B to A. They cross each other after one hour and the first rabbit reaches B, 5/6 hour before the second rabbit reaches A. If the distance between A and B is 50 km, what is the speed of the slower rabbit?

1) 20 km/h

2) 10 km/h

3) 15 km/h

4) 25 km/h

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ANS: 1

Q. The system under which the peasant himself owns the land and is responsible for payment of land revenue to the Government is known as -

1) Zamindari system

2) Ryotwari system

3) Mahalwari system

4) Dahsala system

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ANS: 2

Q. Which one of the following characteristics is not true for unitary form of Government?

1) Swift decision

2) Flexible

3) Ideal for large countries

4) Uniformity of laws

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ANS: 3

Q. What was the Dutt-Bradley thesis?

1) The Working Committee of the Indian National Congress decided that Congress should play a crucial role in realising the independence of India

2) The Socialist party decided to play foremost part in anti imperialist struggle

3) Revolutionary socialist Betukeshwar Dutt put forth a ten-point plan to work for the success of anti-imperialist front

4) It was a Communist party document, according to which the National Congress could play a great part and a foremost part in realising the anti-imperialist people's front

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ANS: 4

Q. Which of the following is not found today a general characteristic of the party system in India?

1) Fragmentation and polarisation of parties

2) Most of the parties are based on ideology and concerned with national interest

3) Personality-oriented political parties

4) Mushroom growth of political parties

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ANS: 2

Q. Which one of the following types of bureaucracy exhibits a bias to wards party interests?

1) Guardian bureaukcracy

2) Caste bureaucracy

3) Patronage bureaucracy

4) Merit bureaucracy

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ANS: 3

Q. In a single transferable vote system, each voter is required to -

1) Indicate one preference more than the seats to be filled up

2) Indicate one preference less than the total seats to be filled up

3) Indicate as many preferences as there are candidates to be elected

4) Indicate only a single preference

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ANS: 3

Q. A horizontal grouping of specialized activities is attained in an organization that is -

1) Centralized

2) Integrated

3) Decentralized

4) Disintegrated

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ANS: 3

Q. Which one of the following was not supported by Taylor in his Scientific Management theory?

1) Efficiency evaluation experts

2) Concept of 'Economic Man'

3) Functional foremanship

4) Standardization of tools

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ANS: 1

Q. Chester Barnard developed a concept in respect of acceptance of authority by a subordinate from his manager. Identify it.

1) Motivation matrix

2) Decision making authority

3) Zone of indifference

4) Zone of coercive authority

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ANS: 3

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