OSSC CGL 2022 Question Paper PDF (All Shift)

 OSSC CGL 2022 Question Paper - Are you looking for OSSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers? You will give the question paper of last year i.e. 2022 on this blog. The Odisha SSC CGL  exam was held in 2022, I will provide you with the pdf of the same exam. OSSC CGL exam question paper is available all shift PDF.

Question Sample OSSC CGL Exam 2022

1. Jenny gets successive discounts of 10% and then 20% on his food bill of Rs.4550. What

is the amount paid by Jenny?(In Rs.)

(A) 2976

(B) 3276 (Correct Answer) (Chosen option)

(C) 3076

(D) 317

2. A boat goes 150 km upstream in 30 hours and a distance of 217 km downstream in 31

hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water. (In kmph)

(A) 2

(B) 6 (Correct Answer) (Chosen option)

(C) 4

(D) 8

3. The printed price of a system monitor is Rs.12500. If a sales tax of 6% is realised from

the buyer, find the price at which the system monitor is sold. (In Rs.)

(A) 13550

(B) 13450

(C) 13350

(D) 13250 

4. 13.6895 divided by 0.131 gives:

(A) 102.5

(B) 106.5

(C) 104.5 

(D) 108.5

5. If in the number sequence 1 2 4 5 6 6 6 7 1 3 4 2 , all the odd numbers are increased by

one and all the even numbers are increased by two, then the new number sequence is

arranged in ascending order, which will be the seventh digit from the right?

(A) 6 

(B) 2

(C) 4

(D) 8

6.Fill in the blanks with a suitable Article from the given alternatives.

I am going to write ___________ letter for my friend.

(A) an

(B) No article

(C) a 

(D) the

7. These days, very ______ theses result from a proper research discipline.

(A) a few (Chosen option)

(B) few (Correct Answer)

(C) every

(D) little

8. Which one of the following is the oldest Veda?

(A) Atharva veda

(B) Sama veda

(C) Yajur veda

(D) Rig veda

9. Who among the following defeated the last Somavamsi ruler Karna Keshari and

annexed Utkala?

(A) Anantavarman Chodagangadeva 

(B) Anangabhimadeva III

(C) Narasimhadeva I

(D) Devendravarman Rajarajadeva

10, Which one of the following is the largest linguistic group of India?

(A) Indo-European

(B) Sino-Tibetan

(C) Dravidian 

(D) Austroasiatic

OSSC CGL Question Paper Download below

OSSC CGL Question paper 11.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 12.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 13.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 14.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 15.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 16.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 17.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 18.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 19.10.22 - Download

OSSC CGL Question paper 20.10.22 - Download



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