New Course included in Class 9 and 10 BSE Odisha

New Course included in Class 9 and 10 BSE Odisha- Odisha government declared a new Course included in classes 9 and 10. This notice was released by the Board of secondary education Odisha 2023-24.

Aspirational Components Shall Have the following division

A)Book Review B) Project Work

C)Co-Curricular Activity D) Basic IT Skills

Assessment Procedure to be followed

1. Each of the above components will be evaluated by the teacher assigned for the purpose following a definite assessment procedure out of a maximum of 25 Marks.

2. The assessment will be done by the teacher in four quarters.

3. Assessment will be done out of a maximum of 5 marks in 1st quarter and out of 10 marks in the last quarter.

Assigned of Mark and Award of the grader to aspirational components

1. Aspirational components will carry 100 marks in total, distributed among various components as below.

A) Block Review- 25 Mark B) Project Work- 25 Mark

C) Co-Curricular Archive - 25 D) Basic IT Skills-25

2. Total mark in the HSC examination will be 600 as before for award for grades in the curricular subject. However aspirational components will be carry a maximum number of 100 marks which will be converted in the corresponding grade as below.

3 The grade awarded aspirational components will be reflected in the HSC and madhyama certificate to be issued to Students.

Along with the grade, marks secured in different components will also be reflected in the certificate against the code of the aspirational components.



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