How to Meet Prime Minister of India?

How to Meet the Prime Minister of India? - All you need to do so is contact the Prime minister's office or PMO first by writing an application in or email or formal letter explaining your reason for meeting the Indian Prime minister. If your purpose is justified; then you would be allowed to meet Indian premiere.

Nevertheless, all official and nonofficial communication is first vetted by relevant authorities before finally being sent to the PM.

Finally, the Indian Prime minister is one of the busiest people on the globe so you may or may not get adequate time. Good luck.

How to Meet the Prime Minister of India?

Ans- If you want to meet the Prime Minister of India, go to this website - 


See To Intract With PM 

Click to Write to the prime minister 

Opened new Page

register mobile number and Email Id and Submit 

Next Page Submit your Personal Details and Address and Submit 

How to Check Status Can I meet Narendra Modi's Complaint? 

Search in google (Click Here)

Click to View Status

fill in Details and Submit 

Note : Why don't you perform some genuine service to the nation so that your contribution is acknowledged by PM ,who would then formally invite you 


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