Odisha SSD Exam Junior Teacher Question Paper

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Odisha Junior Teacher Syllabus

1. General Knowledge and Current Affairs (20 Marks) 

i. Current events of State (Odisha), National and International Importance 

ii. History of Odisha / India and the Indian National Movement 

iii. Indian and World Geography 

iv. Indian Polity 

v. Economic and Social Development 

vi. Everyday Science

2. Reasoning Ability (20 Marks)

i. General mental ability, 

ii. Logical reasoning and analytic ability 

iii. Decision making and problem solving 

iv. Basic numeracy 

v. Data interpretation

3. Computer Literacy (10 Marks) 

i. Basic computer literacy skills for use of ICT in classrooms 

ii. Concepts, terminology and operations that relate to general computer usage. 

iii. Basic Hardware of Computer 

iv. Common Applications, 

v. Networking and Internet 

vi. Social Networking 

vii. Digital Citizenship

4. Pedagogy, Educational Management, Policies & Evaluation (20 Marks)

A. Child Development (Process of Growing Up) 

1. Growth and Development

Concept, Difference & Principles of Development 

• Factors affecting Development (Nutrition, Intelligence, Psycho-social, Diseases, Injury etc.) 

• Growth and development during Adolescence 

• Counseling services for Adolescents 

2. Factors Affecting Different Developmental Aspects 

• Cognitive 

• Social(Erikson's Theory) 

• Emotional 

• Moral(Kohlberg theory) 

• Language Development 

• Needs and problems at childhood and Adolescence 

3. Approaches to Understanding the Nature of Intelligence 

• Psychometric approach (Thurstone, Guilford ,Gardener) 

• Information Processing Approach-Sternberg 

• Cognitive Development Approach-Piaget 

• Social Constructive Approach-Vygotsky 

B. Learning Process / Pedagogy 

1. Understanding the Learning Process 

• Learning as a process and an outcome 

• Approaches — Humanistic (Karl Rogers) 

• Constructivist (Piaget and Vygotsky) 

• Basic conditions of learning: Readiness, Maturation, Motivation, Task and Methods 

2. Organizing Learning

• Teacher-Centric, Learner —Centric, Learning-Centric 

• Characteristics and Process 

3. Critical Pedagogy

• Concept, Characteristics, Process, Stages 

• Approaches 

4. Addressing Classroom Diversity 

• Using varieties of TLMs and AV Aids 

• Using context of the learner 

• Using variety of activities while group learning, small group learning and self learning 

• Learner in the context of Inclusive Education 

C. Educational Management 

• Educational Management: Concept, Importance and Scope, Types of Management, Democratic and Autocratic, Centralized and Decentralized 

• Management Structure at different levels, National/State/District/Sub-district (BRCS, CRCs, SMCs, SMDC) 

• School Development Plan (SDP): Concept, purpose, Key action by Headmaster, students, Parents and SMDC 

• Steps in planning for school development 

• Annual and prospective plan 

• School Management: Role of Headmasters, Teachers, Community 

E. Educational Policies and Programmes 

• Kothari Commission 1968 

• National Educational Policy 1986 

• RTE Act, 2009 National Curriculum Framework,2005 

• National Education Policy 2020 

• SSA, RMSA and Samagra Shiksha 

1. Assessment and Evaluation

• Assessment and evaluation in constructive perspective 

• Concept, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation , Formative, Summative and Diagnostic Assessment 

2. Assessment and Learning 

• Assessment of Learning, Assessment for learning, Assessment as Learning 

• Subject-based learning in a constructivist perspective 

• Assessment tools and techniques —Projects, Assignments, Observation, Teacher made Tests 

• Self-assessment, Peer-assessment 

3.Test Construction 

• Steps and Principles of Test Construction 

• Development of blue print 

• Preparation of test items 

• Standardized and Teacher made Test 

4. Recent Developments in Assessment 

• Grading 

• Assessment in the co-scholastic area 

• Implementation strategy of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation 

• Recommendations of NCF-2005

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