Multiple Choice Questions on Audio-Visual Aids

Multiple-Choice Questions on Audio-Visual Aids- You are searching on the internet for Multiple choice Questions on Audio-Visual Aids? In this article, I write for you  Audio-Visual Aids MCQ. Audio-Visual Aids a part of Teaching aids. It's essential for all teaching exams.

Q. 1)Things and difficult ideas which a pupil is unable to understand with chalk and talk followed easily by using

A. internet

B. audio-visual aids

C. audio aids

D. visual aids

Answer- B) audio-visual aids

Q 2) By using audio-visual aids, the pupils take an interest in the development of the lesson and they acquire the knowledge by

A. doing themselves

B. making study routine

C. changing mindset

D. doing homework

Answer- A. doing themselves

Q 3) The pupils get various opportunities of doing various activities by

A. writing notes

B. listening to teacher’s lecture

C. attending classes regularly

D. using audio-visual aids

Answer- D. using audio-visual aids

Q4) Audio-visual aids help the teacher in

A. creating rapport with other teachers

B. passing time quickly

C. maintaining the interest and attention of the students in classroom activities

D. making students occupied with some works

Answer- C. maintaining the interest and attention of the students in classroom activities

Q5) Modern devices can enrich

A. student’s performance

B. teacher’s performance

C. student-teacher relationship

D. the classroom learning as well as teaching

Answer- D. the classroom learning as well as teaching

Q 6) Teaching aids may not prove useful because of

A. proper preparation

B. correct presentation

C. lack of proper planning

D. appropriate application

Answer- C. lack of proper planning

 Q 7) If used throughout the entire presentation, visual aids are

A. more of a distraction

B. the best motivators

C. helpful to reduce verbalism

D. interesting

Answer- A. more of a distraction

Q8) The use of audio-visual aids makes

A. the lesson boring and uninteresting

B. the experiences of the pupils meaningful

C. the learners uncomfortable

D. the pupils lazy

Answer- B. the experiences of the pupil's meaningful

Q9) The audio-visual aids can be used to realize

A. the cognitive objective of learning

B. the affective objective of learning

C. the psychomotor objective of learning

D. the cognitive, affective and psychomotor objectives of learning

Answer- D. the cognitive, affective and psychomotor objectives of learning

Q10) Which of the following aid is the simplest and easiest to use and not expensive?

A. transparencies

B. television

C. cassettes

D. compact discs

Answer- A. transparencies

Q11) Teaching aids which encourage both listening and observing functions are called

A. booklets

B. journals

C. specimens

D. audio-visual teaching aids

Answer- D. audio-visual teaching aids

q12) The following aids increase the rate of hearing and seeing simultaneously.

A. sound motion picture

B. flannel board

C. diagrams

D. phonograph

Answer- A. sound motion picture

Q13) Using teaching aids in the classroom

A. distract the learners

B. irritate the teacher and the learner

C. makes learning more interesting

D. cannot improve student performance

Answer- C. makes learning more interesting

Q14)  Visual teaching aids

A. enrich the listening functions

B. enrich the seeing functions

C. facilitate the audio senses

D. increase the rate of hearing

Answer- B. enrich the seeing functions

Q15) Map is one of the

A. audio-visual teaching aids

B. audio teaching aids

C. visual teaching aids

D. activity aids

Answer- C. visual teaching aids



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