OTET Prepartaion 10 Succesful Tips


  1. Time Management

It's very important to understand the time of your examination. Make a study schedule and read as much as possible. In the examinations to try to answer those questions which you know, so that it would be easier to attend all the questions in the respective time. Make sure to utilize your time in a good way do not try to go outside during examinations. Bring a water bottle with you and all the necessary equipment.

2- Focus on Each Subject

I have seen students those who are strong in any one subjects they try to execute the subject very well in the examinations and they left the rest of the topic. Give equal time to all subjects it could be reasoning, pedagogy, general knowledge, etc.

3- Strategies for Language subjects

Make sure to make a plan to score good marks in languages subjects like English and Odia. These two subjects carry 30 marks each. I urge you to buy Odia grammar books and English grammar so that it would be easier to understand the subject matter. 

4- Practice Previous Year Questions Paper

Practice last year questions paper before going to attend OTET examinations. You will get a lot of benefits for practicing previous year questions paper like you will understand the question pattern and subject matter of it. It enables a student to think from a different perspective. 

5- Practice Mathematics and Reasoning questions 

This is for that student who has opted science as their subject in OTET examinations. I would request you to practice previous year mathematics and reasoning questions. I have mentioned in the previous paragraph on the best reasoning book. You must buy some reasoning book for OTET examinations.

6- Look After the Health

It is said that ''Health is Wealth''. It means health is your first priority. Before the examination is careful of your health. Eat healthy food, exercise properly try to be cool, do not panic is any situation. Drink plenty of water, sleep well at night be careful of your daily routine. 

7- Watching Videos

Video plays an important role in the examination. Those students who have visual learner may try videos as their study materials. There are thousands of videos available on YouTube regarding your study materials. Thousands of teacher teaches the students online on various examinations. 

8- Make Checklist

Make a checklist for your subject and daily routine. Also, make a daily routine and give proper weight to your examination. I know some students have problems in their family and they are more positive about their home. Despite their home and family work, students make a time table for OTET.

9- Get the Best Study Materials

I have listed some important study materials in the above paragraph. You need to collect study materials for OTET examinations. The study materials play an important role in any examinations. Make sure to collect the best study materials in reliable sources. 

10- Make short notes and Revision

Make sure to make short notes on every subject so that it would be easier to remember them. One day before the examinations be careful to revise your preparations accordingly. I will be happy if you are able to score 90 + marks in OTET examinations.
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