Institution of Higher learning and Education in Ancient India MCQ

  Institution of Higher Learning and Education in Ancient India MCQ - The question and answer you are searching for is available on such a All the candidates who are going to give the UGC NET exam should read it thoroughly. This MCQ is part of Higher Education.

1- At the time who visit Nalanda was called Nala and as a center higher education in Various Discipline?

a) Huang baosheng 

b)kwok pui - lak

c) Xuan Zang

d) Dong Zhongsu

Answer- c) Xuan Zang

2-  Which University did Xuan Zang and I- Qing Study at?

a) Odantapuri b) Vikramshila

c) Taxila d) Nalanda

 Answer- d) Nalanda (7th Century)

3- Which Chinese scholar was he who become a student of Nalanda to Study Yoga?

a) Huang baosheng 

b)kwok pui - lak

c) Xuan Zang

d) Dong Zhongsu

Answer-  c) Xuan Zang

4- Who was the Chancellor  of Nalanda at the time of Xuan Zang who was the highest living authority in Yoga?

a) Radhakumud b) Divakara 

c) Nagarjuna d) Shilabhadra

Answer- d) Shilabhadra

5- Under whom, Nalanda was greatly ransacked by the army of Mamluk dynastic of Delhi Sultanat?

a) Chandragupt Maurya b) Aurangjeb

c) Bakhtiyar Khiliji d) Allaudin Khiliji 

Answer- c) Bakhtiyar Khiliji 

6-  When, the Indian Government through an act of Parliament resurrected the ancient Unversity through of Nalanda University bill and Subsequently a New Nalanda University was Established?

a) December 2013 b) July 2010

c) August 28, 2002, d) November 25, 2010

Answer- d) November 25, 2010

7- Who was the first chancellor of Nalanda University?

a) Amartya Sen b) C.V Raman

d) Kailash Satyrthi b) Venki Ramakrishna 

Answer-  a) Amartya Sen

8- When the 11th President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam Proposed the idea for the revival of Nalanda University while addressing a joint session of Bihar legislature?

a) 10 October 20003 b) 18 November 2005

c) 24 January 2004 d) 28 March 2006

Answer- d) 28 March 2006

9- Where all the subjects were taught in Ariano?

a) Takhyasila b) Bikramshila 

c) Nalanda  d) Valabi University

Answer-  c) Nalanda

10 - Which was a famous Cultural and Educational Center of Northern University 

) Takhyasila b) Bikramshila 

c) Valabi University  d) Nalanda

Answer- d) Nalanda

11- Jatak is Related To

a) Odantapuri b) Bikramshila 

c) Taxila  d) Nalanda

Answer- c) Taxila 

12- Which Name is City of Cut Stone?

a) Odantapuri b) Bikramshila 

c) Taxila  d) Nalanda

Answer- c) Taxila

13-  Generally a student enters taxsila age of ___?

a) 12 b) 16 c) 14 d)18

Answer- b)16

14- When was Taxsila Declared UNESCO word heritege site ?

a) 1970 b) 1980 

c) 1990 d) 2003

Answer- b) 1980 

15-  Where did the Kautilya famous writer of Arthasastra get his Highers Education?

 a) Takhyasila b) Vikramshila

c) Nalanda d) Gurukul

Answer-  a) Takhyasila

16- Which of the following is a UNESCO world heritage Site ?

a) Nalanda b) Taxila

c) Odantapur d) Vikramsila 

Answer- a) Nalanda b) Taxsila

17- Military Science was generally called____?

a) Atharvabeda b) Dhanurbed

c) Sambeda d) Akalveda 

Answer- b) Dhanurbed

18-  Vikramshila was one of the two most important center of learning in India during the____ Empire, along with Nalanda. 

a) Mughal Empire b) Gupt Empire 

c)Morya Empire d) Pala Empire 

Answer- d) Pala Empire

19- Vikramshila was founded by which emperor?

a) Rana sanga b) Vikramditya 

c) Krishnadevraya d) Dharmapala

Answer- d) Dharmapala

20- Vikramshila was founded by Dharmapala (783 to 820) in response to the decline in the quality of scholarship?

a) Nalanda b) Taxila

c) Odantapuri d) Puspagiri bihar 

Answer- a) Nalanda

21- Vikramshila was allegedly destroyed by whose army around 1193?

a) Alaudin Khiliji b) Ahamad saha durani

c) Nader saha d) Mahammod bin Bakhtiyar Khiliji 

Answer- d) Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khiliji 

22- Vikramshila is know to us mainly through tibetan source, In whose writing is it Specifically describe?

a)Ovid b) Dharma Kirti 

c) Taranantha d) Mahavir 

Answer-  c) Taranantha

23- Which of the following is associate with Vikramshila

a) Mahavir b) Kautilya 

c) dipankar d) Shilabhadra

Answer- c) dipankar

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