IGNOU B.ed Notes PDF Download

IGNOU B.ed Notes PDF Download- Are you looking for IGNOU B.ed study materials? Do you want to download IGNOU B.ed notes in Hindi? Are you looking for IGNOU B.ed 1st and 2nd-year notes in English? then you are in the right place. Here I have listed all the notes for B.ed students.

Get IGNOU B.ed study materials for free. Here you will get semester-wise B.ed notes in Hindi and English for free. It's not easy to get IGNOU B.ed study materials for free. 

I have also listed some of the IGNOU B.ed books for 1st year and 2nd-year students. You can also download the IGNOU B.ed handbook pdf for free.

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IGNOU B.ed Notes PDF Download

  1. Childhood and Growing Up Notes PDF
  2. Contemporary India and Education Notes PDF
  3. Learning and Teaching Notes PDF
  4. Language Across Curriculum Notes PDF
  5. Understanding Discipline and Subjects Notes PDF
  6. The teaching of Science Notes PDF
  7. The teaching of Mathematics Notes PDF
  8. The teaching of Social Studies Notes PDF
  9. The teaching of Hindi Notes PDF
  10. Workshops based Activities Notes PDF
  11. Reading and Reflection on Text Notes PDF
  12. Computer Education Notes PDF
  13. Educational Psychology Notes PDF
  14. HIV and AIDS Education Notes PDF
  15. Adolescence and Family Education Notes PDF
  16. Knowledge and Curriculum Notes PDF
  17. Assessment For Learning Notes PDF
  18. Creating an Inclusive School Notes PDF
  19. Gender, School and Society Notes PDF
  20. Guidance and Counselling Notes PDF
  21. Vocational Education Notes PDF
  22. Workshops Based Activities Notes PDF
  23. Understanding the Self and Yoga Notes PDF
  24. Fine Art, Drama, Notes PDF
  25. Internship Notes PDF
  26. Lesson Plan For All Subjects PDF
  27. School-Based Activities Notes PDF
  28. The teaching of English Notes PDF
  29. Assignment and Projects for PDF
  30. School-Based Management Notes PDF
  31. Action Research Notes PDF 
  32. The teaching of Commerce Notes PDF
  33. Pedagogy of Geography Notes PDF
  34. Pedagogy of History Notes PDF
  35. Pedagogy of Biological Science Notes PDF
  36. Socialization B.ed Notes PDF
  37. Inclusive School and Education Notes PDF
  38. Children With Special Needs Notes PDF
  39. Social Development Plan Notes PDF
  40. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Notes PDF
  41. IGNOU B.ED Question paper 2022 - DOWNLOAD

IGNOU B.ed Notes PDF Download

B.ed 2nd Year Notes PDF Download

IGNOU B.ed Notes PDF Download 


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