How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Issue?

 During a print operation, Epson printer customers may have the issue of Epson Printer Not Printing. The most common printing error encountered by users is this. The issue may cause the user's work to be disrupted, leaving the user helpless.

Various reasons due to which your Epson printer is unable to print are as follows:

·         The setup of the Epson printer improper.

·         The printer not properly connected.

·         The port setting may not be matching.

·         Epson printer not set as default.

·         Update Epson printer driver.

·         The issue with the firmware of the Epson printer driver.

·         Virus or malware attack.

·         Corrupt printer file.

·         Epson printer is offline.

For Windows 10

Follow the detailed solutions are given below to fix your Epson printer not printing anything.

Check Connection

·          Recheck the USB cable affiliation.

·         Check the internet speed.

·         Turn off your printer and undo it for a minute.

·         Plug and restart your printer.

Delete previous printing commands

·         Press window + s.

·         Type control panel and hit enter.

·         Now open Hardware and Sound.

·         Then go to Devices and Printers.

·         Now select your printer’s name from the list.

·         Right-click on your Epson printer and select Printer Queue.

·          See what’s printing.

·         In In the new window, you will see all the old printing commands.

·         Select all of the commands; one by one delete all the printing jobs.

Select Epson Printer as “Default Printer”

·         Press window + s.

·         Type control panel and hit enter.

·         Now open Hardware and Sound.

·         Then go to Devices and Printers.

·          Right-click on your Epson Printer in the following window.

·         Select "Set as default printer"

·         Restart your device.

Check the printer setup issues

·         Go to the Printer settings.

·         Type ‘Printers and scanners’ in the search bar.

Now, click on Epson Printer

·         Then select ‘Set as Default Printer.’

·         Again, click on Epson Printer, and then select Open Print Queue.

·         Cancel all printing jobs aka documents.

·         If you are using more than one Printer, remove the other printer.

·          To see if the Printer spooler service is running or not, Press Windows +R

·         Type’ services.msc in the Run box.

·         Double-click Print Spooler after searching for it.

·         Select Automatic as the Startup type and Running as the Service status.

·         Next, select Start, and then select OK.

·          Print a piece of test printing paper with the command.

Reinstall the printer driver

·         Press window + s.

·         Type control panel and hit enter.

·         Now open Hardware and Sound.

·         Then go to Devices and Printers.

·          Now choose your printer's name from the drop-down menu.

·         Visit the Epson printer configuration page now.

·          Reinstall your printer's drivers and software by selecting them.

·          To download, click here.

·         Now browse your printer's file and download it.

·         Then double-click the file you just downloaded.

·          Select Install and follow the directions on the screen.

·         Wait until your printer drivers and software are fully installed before proceeding.

·          During the installation, do not close the window.

·          Select Finish from the drop-down menu.

·          Restart your computer and printer.

·          Now check to see if the printing problem has been resolved.


Check for Printer driver updates

·         From the Printer window, choose your Epson printer.

·         To reinstall the printer drivers and software, go to the Epson Printer setup page and select Printer drivers and software.

·         One by one, download them.

·         Install recently downloaded files by double-clicking them.

·         Follow the directions carefully and don't close the window when installing.

·         After clicking Finish, the system will resume in 30 seconds.

Check for Hardware issues


  • Check to see whether you're out of ink or toner, and replace the cartridges as needed.
  • Check to see if the paper out light is blinking, indicating that there is no paper in the printer and that you must load papers.
  •  If you're encountering problems with your printer after replacing a component. Then double-check that section.
  •  Do not leave the Printer unattended for an extended period.
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