Teaching Methodology Questions For KVS/NVS/DSSSB/PGT/TGT

Teaching Methodology Questions- Are you looking for teaching methodology questions for free? Do you want to practice teaching methodology questions for teaching exams? It is appropriate for most of the examinations like KVS, NVS, DSSSB, PGT, TGT, Army School, EMRS, Navy School, Model School, etc.

I have listed some teaching methodology questions for the upcoming examination. The teaching methodology is one of an integral part of all teaching examination whether it is UGC NET or KVS, NVS.

Teaching Methodology Questions For Teaching Exams

1- Micro teaching is more effective

A-During preparation for teaching practice
B-During teaching practice
C-After the teaching practice

2- Microteaching is useful for students of

A-Primary classes only
B-Secondary classes only
C-Both Primary and Secondary

3-Which of the following university was the pioneer in the microteaching concept started in 1961

A-Stanford University
B-Oxford University
C-Delhi University

4-In which of the following is the instructional procedure the main component?

A-Basic teaching model
B-Inductive method
C-Social stimulation

5-In education John Dewey stressed on

A-Learning by doing
B-Rote learning
C-Authoritarian teaching methods

6-Symposium is a type of 

A-Discussion Method
B-Discovery Method
C-Lecturer Method
D-Demonstration Method

7-Question skill in teaching is most useful in

A-Ensuring students active participation in learning
B-Memorizing the facts by students
C-Making students disciplined
D-Preparing students for examination

8-Which of the following statement is incorrect microteaching?

A-It is a method of teaching
B-It consist of core teaching skills
C-Each skills are practiced separately

9-Armstong was the main of 

A-Heuristic Method
B-Discussion Method
C-Project Method
D-Problem solving Method

10-Discussion method is useful if

A-In all situations
B-The topic is very difficult
C-The topic ti very easy
D-The topic is difficult

11-Educational technology is useful because

A-It makes teaching effective and efficient
B-It attracts students towards teaching and learning activities
C-It is adopted by famous institutions
D-It is the need of the hour

12-One of the most popular forms of drill and practice

B-Direct instruction
C-Experiential instruction

13-Practice is made in

A-Drill method
B-Discussion method
C-Deductive method
D-Inductive method

14-In which of the following subject role-playing can be mainly useful for teaching?


15-Which is not the advantage of team teaching?

A-Better financial benefits of teachers
B-Better use of teaching techniques
C-Better planning
D-Better utilization of resources

16-A teaching performs practically and explains in

A-Lecture method
B-Discovery method
C-Demonstration Method
D-Problem-solving method

17-The main assumption underlying team teaching is

A-The best teachers can be shared by more students.
B-The single teacher cannot control the class
C-Teacher are not competent
D-Teacher feels bored while joking alone

18-CAI Stands for

A-Computer-assisted instruction
B-Computer-assisted intelligence
C-Computer-analysed instruction

19-Which is not the mode of CAI?

A-Questions mode
B-Drill Mode
C-Simulation Mode
D-Tutorial Mode

20-The technology in education is making teaching

A-Learner oriented
B-Teachger Oriented

21-Which of the following is/are true of whole group instruction?

A-Convenient for teaching the same skills or content to the entire class
B-Permits student to progress at their own pace
C-Gives the teacher a chance to introduce new skills at a level suited to particular students
D-All of the above

22-Which of the following methods of communication is the most effective?

A-Difficult to generalize and depends upon the situation
B-Multimedia method
C-Oral Communication
D-Verbal Communication

23-Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through

A-Lecturer Method
C-Textbook Method
D-Audio-visual instructional facilities

24-Which type of teaching paradigm ould focus on a technical or one right ay to teach

A-Instructional paradigm
B-Value-added paradigm
C-Learning Paradigm

25-Which of the following cannot be a good way of communication in promoting literacy among villagers

A-Large Group discussion
C-Reading Writing

26-The main advantage of giving a home assignment to students is

A-Keeping them busy in studies all the time
B-To stop them from watching TV
C-To develop the habit of self-study

27-Instruction medium affects the absence and escape from class teahing.


28-The main task of educational computer is

A-Scoring the answer
B-Preserves the informaiton
C-Analysis of data

29-The computer-based teaching model has been developed by

A-Stoloroww and Davis
C-Robert Gagne

30-Which of the following combines scopes of the large group small group and individualized teaching methods?

A-Differentiated instruction
C-Group Discussion

31-What is the limitation of the project method of teaching?

A-It is learner-centered
B-Leaners get practical experience
C-Learner are usually not properly supervised

32-The heuristic approach is based on

A-Spirit of inquiry
B-Rote Meomriation
C-Home Work

33-A teacher uses the learning instructional facilities to make learning

C-More Knowledge

34-Which of the following are teaching instructional facilities?

A-LCD Projector
B-Tape Recorder
C-Green Board
D-All of the above

35-Teacher uses visual instructional facilitated to make learning


36-Which of the following is not true about the project as a learning activity?

A-It is the teacher-centered activity
B-It is accomplished in a real-life situation
C-It proceeds in the social environment

37-What is most important while writing on a blackboard?

A-Good handwriting
B-Clarity in writing
C-Writing in big letters
C-Writing in small letters

38- Blackboard can be included in which group of inteahing falicliteisa

A-Visual instructional facilities
B-Audio-visual instructional facilities
C-Audio-instructional facilities

39-Which of the following is related to teaching

A-Blackboard writing
B-Asking Questions
C-Solving questions

40-Which of the following is more interactive and student-centric?

A-Group discussion

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Teaching Methodology Questions

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