Teaching Aptitude MCQ For D.el.ed Entrance

 Teaching Aptitude MCQ For D.el.ed Entrance - Are you looking for the important questions on teaching aptitude for D.el.ed entrance? Do you want to crack D.el.ed entrance exam this time? Teaching aptitude is one of the essential part of D.el.ed entrance test.

Here you will get the Best Teaching aptitude objective questions for D.el.ed entrance test. This post also helpful for those people who are preparing for KVS, NVS, or any teaching-related jobs.

Teaching Aptitude MCQ For D.el.ed Entrance

 1-The professional recruitment of a teacher as explain in the UNESCO publication is/are

A-Innovative in approach and teaching strategies
B-Mastery over the subject and competence for teaching
C-Justice to the profession

2-If a student becomes unconscious in the class what you will do first?

A-Telaphonig student's parents and wait for them
B-Rushing to the principal's office and asking for help
C-Making arrangement to send him/her to home
D-Giving first aid to him/her

3-If a student is constantly rubbing his eyes is inattentive during blackboard work he is having

A-Hearing problems
B-Visual Problems
C-Adjustment problems
D-All of the above

4-Effective teaching means

A-Individualize instruction and open classroom discussion
B-Corporal punishment given to the students
C-Love, Cooperation, sympathy, affection and encouragement
D-Both a and C

5-Effectiveness of teaching has to be judged in terms of 

A-Students' interest
B-Course average
C-Use of teaching aids in the classroom

6-In which teaching method learner's participation is made optimal and proactive

A-Brainstorming method
B-Dialogue method
C-Project method
D-Lecture method

7-If a students do not complete his homework on a regular basis, what will you do to rectify him

A-You will complain to the principal and get himself punished
B-You will call the students in privacy and tell them about the homework
C-You will clearly tell the students if he continues to ignore his homework he would not be allowed to appear in the examination
D-All of the above

8-As a teacher you would

A-Listen to the personal problems of the students
B-Always listen to problems of the students
C-Never listen to the problems of the students
D-Listen to problems of the students, and moderate theme to the principal

9-Education is knowledge but

A-Without purity and values education is useless
B-Without practice, knowledge is useless
C-Without means knowledge cannot be given
D-Good moral character is the key to knowledge

10-The quality of teaching is reflected 

A-by the attendance of students in class
B-By the pass percentage of the students
C-By the duration of silence maintained in the class
D-By the quality of questions asked by the students

11-Which of the following is a teaching aid?

A-16mm film projector
B-working model of the windmill
C-Tap recorder
D-All of the above

12-Micro teaching is most effective for the student's teacher

A-During the practice teaching
B-After the practice teaching
C-Before the practice teaching
D-None of the above

13-Which one of the following statements is correct?

A-Curriculum is the same in all educational institution
B-Syllabus is the nature to the curriculum
C-Curriculum includes both formal and informal education
D-Curriculum does not include a method of evaluation

14-Some students in the class exhibit great curiosity for learning. It may be because such children

A-Come from a rich family
B-Are gifted
C-Create indiscipline in the class
D-Show artificial behaviors

15-Which of the following qualities is most essential for a teacher?

A-He should be a learned, person
B-He should have patient
C-He should be a well-dressed person
D-He should be an expert in his subject

16-Which of the following statement is correct

A-Syllabus is an annexure to the curriculum
B-Syllabus is a part of the curriculum
C-Syllabus is the not the same in the all the educational institution
D-Curriculum is the same in all the educational institution

17- ''A diagram speaks more than 100 words the statement means that teacher should

A-Not speak too much in the class
B-Use diagram in teaching
C-Use teaching aids in the class
D-Speak more and more in the class

18-Attitude of the teacher that affects teaching pertains to

A-Cognitive domain
B-Conative domain
C-Affective domain
D-Psychomoter domain

19-Which of the following factors does not affect teaching?

A- Learning through experience
B-Teacher's knowledge
C-Socio-economic background of the teacher and students
D-Classroom activities that encourage learning

20-Achievement test is commonly used for the purpose of 

A-Making selection for specific jobs
B-Selecting candidate for a course
C-Identifying strength and weakness of a learner
D-Assessing the amount of learning after teaching

21- A good teacher is one who

A-Give printed notes to students
B-Inspires students to learn
C-Gives useful information
D-Explain concept and principle

22-Which of the following options is correct in the context of multiple choice question

A-They are more objective than true-false question
B-They are less objective than essay type questions
C-They are more subjective than short answer type questions
D-They are more subjective than true-false questions

23-Attitude, action, and appearance in the context of classroom communication are considered as


24-In a classroom communicator trust level is determined by

A-The change of voice level
B-The use of hyperbole
C-Eye contact
D-The use of the abstract concept

25-Which of the following factor is affecting teaching

A-Teacher's self-efficacy
B-Teacher internal locus of control
C-Learner motivation
D-All of the above

26-The technique in which the students act out role from stories or historical events is terms as

D-All of the above

27- Women are given performances in the teaching of primary children because

A-She is emotionally understanding
B-She can also cry
C-Student's get scared
D-Men don't like this profession

29-Before accepting the teaching profession one must know?

A-The duty of the teacher
B-The pay scale of the teacher
C-The future prospects of his profession
D-The benefits available to the teacher

30-Teacher reads aloud to the class to improve students 

A- Feeling about reading
D-All of the above

31-Which type of person should enter in the field of teaching?

A-Meritorious person
B-Devoted and laborious person
C-General person
D-Economically weak person

32-An important quality of a good student

A-To come to school on time
B-To be quiet and well behaved
C-To always obey the teacher
D-To make an effort to understand what is taught in class

33-One of the students of a class hardly talks in the class. How would you express himself to study

A-By organizing classroom discussion 
B-By encouraging children to take part
C-By organizing educational games
D-By giving good marks

34-A students having a scientific attitude 

A-Gets good job
B-Becomes courageous
C-Studies systematically
D-Thinks rationally

35-When a teacher enters his class on the first day in the theme of discussion should be

A-Course content
B-School principal
C-School building

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Teaching Aptitude MCQ For D.el.ed Entrance 


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