What is the School Internship Program in a B.Ed course?

School Internship Program- Do you want to know about the school internship program? What is a school internship program? What to do in the School internship program? Where do I get TLM for the school internship program? Here are the solutions. 

School internship is one of the major parts of the B.ed course. If you want to be a teacher then you should enroll yourself in B.ed program. B.ed course comprises of two years having 4 months of the school internship program.

In this post, I am going to share with you some amazing facts about the school internship program. To be very honest, the school internship program is one of the important as well as an interesting part of the B.ed program.

What is School Internship Program?

The school internship program is one of the key elements of the B.ed course or D.el.ed course. It is also called the backbone of the course. In other words school internship program is a type of program where the aspirant practices teaching in a school.

Every B.ed aspirant must attend the school internship program in order to get real-life experience with students.

School internship has been one of the key factors for teaching colleges and universities. Equipping the student-teacher with required skills and competencies to cater to the diverse needs of the learners in School.

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The objective of the School Internship Program

  • Developing professional capacities, teacher sensibilities, and sustained engagement of student-teachers ith learners and schools.
  • Exposing the student-teacher to multicultural contexts of the society which influence the school environment and its functioning
  • Validating the theoretical understanding of the student-teachers developed through various perspective and pedagogic courses.
  • Enabling the student-teacher to internalize the role of the teacher as a facilitator of learning, classroom manager, recourse immobilizer, and innovator.
  • Student-teacher as an evaluator of learner performance, planner and organizer of other curricular activities, mentor and counselor for students.
  • Service provider for the community and parents, developer and evaluator of curriculum textbooks and other TLMs, etc.

Duration of School Internship Program

It differs from college to college. But the ideal duration of the school internship program is 4 months.
  • 1st Year- 2 Months
  • 2nd Year- 2 Months

  • Upper Primary Level (Class VI to VIII)
  • Secondary Level (Classes IX-X) or Higher Secondary Level (XI to XII)

Pre-Internship Activities

  • The orientation of the student-teacher
  • Observation of school site and activities by the student-teachers (Time table, or allocation, staff, regular classroom with the regular teacher, school activities)
  • Sharing meeting with the teachers and Headmasters of the cooperating schools in the institution and working out the program details for the internship.
  • Demonstration lessons by the faculty members followed by post-demonstration discussion.
  • Criticism lesson by the student-teacher (one lesson by each student) under the supervisory support of the method teachers, attended by all studen-teacher of the method concerned
  • Placement of student-teacher in cooperating schools for internship activities.

What should I do during School Internship Program?

  1. Preparation of lesson plan by the student-teacher in their concerned method subjects
  2. Delivery of practice lessons with supervisory support and feedback from faculty members.
  3. Each student-teacher shall deliver 40 lessons excluding the criticism lesson. 12 lessons should be delivered in the upper primary level and another lesson should be in the secondary.
  4. Observation of five peer-lesson and recording of the performance of the peer student-teacher with authentication by concerned supervisors.
  5. Feedback session in the Teacher Education institution after wash spell of ten-day practice teaching to be attended by all student-teachers for sharing their experiences.
  6. Administration of diagnostic test on the student and identifying their learning difficulties by the student-teacher
  7. Attendance in school assembly
  8. Participation in campus cleaning and beautification activities
  9. Taking arrangement classes when required
  10. Organization and participation in literary and recreational activities of the school
  11. Participation in school games and sports activities
  12. Organization and participation of science exhibition, science fair science club, nature study club/eco-club activities, etc
  13. Organization of awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS blood donation, conservation, and protection of the environment, etc.
  14. Organization of blood donation camps
  15. Preparation of report on Annual sports and celebration of important occasions and events
  16. Preparation of report on maintenance of registers and records by the school
  17. Preparation of shame of lessons in any subject for any class
  18. Dialoguing with SMC/SMDC members and preparation of reports on their meetings in the school
  19. Conducting case studies/Action authorities
  20. A lesson with parents community and authorities
  21. Sharing learner perceptions, teacher perceptions, and parental community perceptions

Post-Internship Activities

Overall sharing of student-teacher internship experiences in the institution. Suggestions and feedback from the teachers and Heads of the practicing schools for further improvement of the internship activities.

Exhibition demonstration of innovative and creative work done by the student-teacher during the internship.

Student-teacher feedback on the overall organization of the internship program by the institution for future action.

Why school internship is important for a trainee teacher

School internship is the backbone of the B.ed program. Student-teacher can learn 90% of the B.ed program in the school. 

A school internship program is important because it enabled the trainee to understand the real-life situation, also experiencing the school environment as a teacher, and work with students, teachers, and the community.

How to prepare School Internship Report?

It's not easy to prepare a school internship report, because it has lots of data and things to put together to make a report. You must add the necessary details of the work that you have done in the school; starting with the lesson plan to the SMDC meeting so on.

A School Internship Report Contains
  1. Lesson Plan Details
  2. Holiday Details
  3. Scheme of Lesson Plan Notes
  4. TLM Details
  5. Examination and related details
  6. Students performance and Blueprint details
  7. Attendance related Details
  8. Co-curricular and other activities details
  9. Seminar/Competition details
  10. Photographs/Design/Models details

Assessment of Internship Performance

  • Assessment of overall activities of the student-teacher in the school during the internship
  • Assessment of lesson plan record
  • Peer assessment of lessons delivered
  • Faculty assessment of lessons delivered
  • An innovative practice and TLM 
  • Assessment of observation record and scheme of lessons by faculty
  • Assessment of school-based project
  • Assessment of repos prepared on school activities

What is the School Internship Program in a B.Ed course?

What is the School Internship Program in a B.Ed course?

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