Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy

Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy- It's not easy to understand between Pedagogy and Andragogy. You need to have clear ideas about the term 'Pedagogy' and 'Andragogy'.  If you want to be a teacher then you must have knowledge of these two terms. 

Apart from these two terms, there are so many things that a teacher needs to acquire before applying for any teaching job. The teacher needs to have certain skills and qualifications to be a part of any school. 

The teacher must have knowledge of different teaching methods like microteaching, inductive, deductive, translation method, demonstration method, etc.

Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy 

Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy 

Education is mostly a planned and purposeful activity. Educational aims are necessary for giving direction to unique activities that are determined by various factors like philosophical, human nature, socio-cultural, religious factors, vocational, moral, etc.

Educationist should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneur and moral leadership among students and become their role model''

                                                                                    -Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Most of us define teaching as imparting knowledge of skills, giving instruction or lesson, inspiring, assisting another to learn, providing information of appropriate situations, conditions, or activities designed to facilitate learning.

B.F Skinner defines teaching as 'the arrangement of contingencies of reinforcement'.

What is Pedagogy?

The science and art of education and learning theory, just as there are fields of study in other subjects this is the study of teaching.

The word 'pedagogy' comes from ancient Greek 'Paidi' means child. Thus pedagogy is the methods and practice of teaching, especially for children.

Pedagogy and Andragogy are a practice of learning. 

It is a conventional approach. It is the art and science of teaching. 

What is an Andragogy

Andragogy is related to Adult learning. The word 'andragogy' comes from the Greek word 'Andra' means Man and 'Agogy' means leading. It is the art and science of teaching adults. 

Learner-centered teaching can also be described as an andrological approach. 

Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy 

        Pedagogy                                               Andragogy
  • Teacher-centered, Fixed Design          1- Learner-centered, flexible process
  • Teacher's direction and decisions         2-Learner's autonomy
  • Teacher's guidance and monitoring      3-Teacher's facilitation, support, and encouragement
  • Passive reception in learning               4-Active Participation in learning
  • Learning within the four Wals            5-Learning in the wider social context
  • Knowledge as given and fixed             6-Knowledge is created and involves
  • Disciplinary Focus                                7-Multidisciplinary, educational focus
  • Linear exposure                                    8-Multiple and divergent exposure
  • Assessment is short, few                      9-Assessment is multifarious, continious

Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy 

Difference Between Pedagogy and Andragogy 

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