B.ED Project Topics For All Subjects

B.ED Project Topics For All Subjects- Are you looking for B.ed assignment topics for your concerned subject? Do you have any ideas on how to choose project topics for the B.ed course? Are you want to download B.ed assignment files pdf for free?

Here are the solutions. I have listed important assignment/project topics for B.ed course students. I have covered all the subjects. You will get assignment topic ideas on various subjects like mathematics, social sciences, English, and other language subjects.

The Assignment and projects are the key elements in the B.ed course. The students have to do project work in order to get a score/credit. Most of the students have no ideas on How to make projects? How to choose topics for assignments?

Here, I will explain the essential details about B.ed projects topics and assignments.

B.ED Project Topics For All Subjects

Each student-teacher is required to submit a particular number of assignments and projects to the department. Every semester has its requirement and project for the students. The students have to produce some project work in order to get credit.

Projects work needs some important elements like
  1. Group Presentation
  2. Case Study
  3. Reflective Journals
  4. School-Based Practical
  5. Workshops
  6. Interaction with the Community

The B.ed Programme shall be of two-years duration covering two consecutive academic sessions.

Tasks and Assignments in respect of each student-teacher shall be assessed internally by the faculty member concerned both on the process and the final report awarded credit.

The detailed criteria of assessment of assignments shall be spelled out by a committee of faculty members constituted by the Head of the institution.

The performance of each student-teacher in the courses shall be assessed by the faculty member of the concerned institute.

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Why we need Project work and assignments for the course?

With a view to moving away from theoretical discourses and lectures, the student-teacher is required to be engaged in various kinds of teaming experience. This program is intended to provide him/her with the specific engagements that are spelled out under each course.

  • Lecture-Discussion Session- The teacher educator provides the student-teacher a platform to review their experiences, helps to develop insights into the disciplinary knowledge base, and relate them to the school reality
  • Focused Reading and Reflection- Student-teachers would be led to focused readings of various themes with questions inviting reflections either individually or in small groups
  • Observation-Documentation-Analysis- Simulated and real school/community experiences would be arranged for the student teachers to observe, document in the form of a record journal, and analyze with an intention to revisit their own understanding or develop new insight.

Projects work includes several important elements which are discussed in the following points

  • Seminar- Students will undertake thematic/topical study prepare a write-up and make a seminar presentation followed by open-house discussions with a view to enhancing their knowledge.
  • Case Study- An in-depth and comprehensive study of a singular or few cases would be taken up as per the guidelines provides for preparation and submission of the report.
  • Reflective Journals- The student-teacher would make it a habit of reflecting on any curricular topic or current issue education and develop reflective journals.
  • School-Based Practical- Learning experience would provide through several school-based practical developments of certain professional qualities and competencies.
  • The school-based practical ould include opportunities for planning and implementation of learning experiences and strategies.
  • Workshop- A series of learning experiences in a given performance area would be provided to studen-teacher the form of a workshop, engaging them in modeling-practice feedback sequence with a view to developing specific competencies required for a teacher.

B.ed Project Topics For All Subjects

  1. Education, School, and Society
  2. Childhood and Growing up
  3. Learning and Teaching
  4. Contemporary Concerns in Education
  5. Learning Assessment
  6. Pedagogy of School Subject
  7. Fine Art/Performing Art
  8. Physical Education
  9. Fruit and Vegetable Preservations
  10. Spinning and Weaving
  11. Tailoring
  12. Woodwork
  13. Knowledge and curriculum
  14. Educational Management
  15. Creating an Inclusive School
  16. Gender, School and Society
  17. Action Research
  18. Guidance and Counselling
  19. Language across the Curriculum
  20. Critical Understanding of ICT
  21. Understanding the Self
  22. Community Activities

Project Topics For B.ed Students

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  • B.ed Project topics for Geography
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  • B.ed Project topics for Yoga
  • B.ed project topics for Physical Science

Project Topics For Education, Society, and Culture

  1. Preparation of a paper on the aims of education as recommended by the commissions, educational policies, and educational thinker for comparative analysis.
  2. Appraisal of aims of education and curriculum proposed by one of the educational thinkers in the present soci-cultural context on India
  3. Survey of a community and working our strategies for mobilization of resources available in the community for improvement of school practices.
  4. Preparation of a paper on how the school has been responsible for the modernization of the community within which the school is situated.
  5. Preparation of a blueprint on the different areas of possible school community interface.
Projects Topics on Childhood and Growing Up
  1. Case study of a problem child a slow learner a disadvantaged child.
  2. Administration of a group intelligence test and reporting the result.
  3. Rating of student-teachers classroom performance
  4. Analysis of the common behavioral problems observed in the classroom suggesting the days to address them
Projects Topics on Learning and Teaching
  1. Prepare the report of observation of classroom transactions on any subject in respect to indicators of meaningful learning.
  2. Preparation of a paper for a seminar presentation on comparing the educational implications of any to theories of learning in the context of promoting meaningful learning.
  3. Survey of teacher's classroom activities of at least 10 teachings and preparation of the report.
  4. Conducting group activities in the classroom and preparing reports on the process in terms of students' participation and quality of learning.
  5. Observing classroom transactions of teachers with high and experience in teaching.

Project Topics on COntemporary Concerns in Education

  1. Conducting a social survey in respect of inequality marginalization and preparing a report.
  2. Preparing case studies of violations of child right
  3. Field study for identification of environmental hazards of preparing a plan for environmental education.
  4. Preparation of a term paper on constitutional values refer to the issues of equality
  5. The debate I discuss I seminar on quality issues in education and preparation of a report.
  6. Projects on school-based activities for peace education I life skill education.

Project topics on Knowledge and Curriculum

  1. Preparation of an appraisal report on any one aspect of a systemic reform envisaged in the NCF 2005 and its reflection in current practices.
  2. Identification of learning resources and designing of beyond classroom activities for transacting a lesson.
  3. Preparation of a transactional blueprint to any content unit any school subject at the secondary level.
  4. Preparation of an appraisal report on the curriculum renewal process during the post NPE 1896 period.

Project topics on Educational Management

  1. Case study on school-community collaboration in school improvement
  2. Observation of SMC/SMDC meeting and preparation of the report.
  3. Survey of resources available in a school and the manner of their utilization.
  4. Appraisal of a school development plan.
  5. Assessment of the existing monitoring mechanism at the secondary level in the state and suggestion for improvement.

Project topic on Creating an Inclusive School

  1. Observation of an inclusive classroom set up and reporting
  2. Preparation of a report on classroom problems faced by any category of CWSN and the strategies adopted by the teacher.
  3. Preparation of a report on various types of interventions provided for any category of CWSN in school.

Project topics on Gender, School and Society

  1. Surveys of five families on role distribution among family members and preparation report.
  2. Preparation of report on gender-based role and practices of the students and staff.
  3. Analysis of a secondary level textbook from a gender perspective

Project topics on Action Research and Innovation

  1. Each student-teacher is required to conduct action research on any school, classroom he/she encounters and prepare a report.

Project topics on Guidance and Counselling

  1. Preparation of a comprehensive guidance program for a school on the basis of need survey.
  2. Preparation of a vocational educational counseling program for class X students.
  3. Preparation of a questionnaire for the socio-economic survey of secondary school students for providing career counseling.

Project topics on Language Across the Curriculum

  1. Preparation of a report on language diversities of leaner in second grade with strategies to address the challenges.
  2. Devising an action plan for developing the components of reading I wring skill of the learners at the secondary level,
  3. Expansion of an idea from the secondary level text presentation of the same in the form of flow chart pic chart tree diagram.

Project topics on Learning Assessment

  1. Preparation of 50 objective-based items at least 5 from each type of test items in any school subject
  2. Construction of an achievement test on any topic its administration and interpretation of the results
  3. Case study of a participatory assessment program
  4. Appraisal of current CCA practices in the secondary school
  5. Analysis of examination marks obtained by the students in any subject in a class and preparation for a report for sharing.

Project topics on Mathematics

  1. Preparation of five lesson plans on any topics from the Mathematics texts of the secondary school following the 5E and ICON models
  2. Preparation of a unit test on any topic by developing the blueprint and the test items conforming to the blueprint
  3. Develop five activities in Mathematics to be used for the enrichment program.
  4. Diagnosis of learner difficulty in Mathematics and preparation remedial exercise.
  5. Designing pedagogical treatment for any topic of Mathematics and designing learning activities.

Project topics on Pedagogy of Physical Science

  1. Preparation of five lesson plans on any topic of physical science included in science textbook for the secondary schools
  2. Preparation of a unit test on any topic by developing the blueprint and the test items conforming to the blue print.
  3. Developing five activities experiments in physical science and prepare a brief report.
  4. Designing pedagogical treatment for any topic of physical science and designing learning activities

Project topics on Pedagogy of Biological Science

  1. Preparation of a unit test on any topic by developing the blueprint test items conforming to the blue print
  2. Developing five activities in Biological science and prepare a brief report
  3. Collection and preservation of biological specimens from the immediate environment each from preservable plants and animals.

Project topics on Pedagogy of Geography

  1. Identifying the learning difficulties in any topic and prepare a remedial program
  2. Preparation of no-cost and low-cost teaching-learning materials on any two topics
  3. Content analysis of a selected topic
  4. Preparation of blue-print and test items of an achievement test in geography for any secondary class.

Project topics on Pedagogy of social science

  1. Identifying the learning difficulties in any topic and prepare a remedial program
  2. Preparation of no-cost teaching-learning materials on any two topics

Project Topics on Pedagogy of Language

  1. Preparation of five lesson plans on the topics from the prescribed text following 5E and ICON model
  2. Preparation of a blue-print on any topic from the prescribed text and development of test items in conformity with the blue-print
  3. Diagnosis of spelling problems among the learners and the development of remedialrnatenals
  4. Preparation of a Rubric for developing an essay in Hindi/Regional language

Project Topics on Pedagogy of language English

  1. Preparation of 5 lesson plan on the topics from the prescribed text following the 5E and ICON model
  2. Preparation of a blue-print on any topic from the prescribed text nd development of test items in conformity with the blu-print
  3. Diagnosis of learner difficulty in speaking English and preparation of the remedial exercise
  4. Designing of pedagogical treatment for any topic from the prescribed text in terms of identification of language items 

Project topics on Critical Understanding of ICT

  1. Developing a script on any topic of a school subject for an audio-visual program
  2. Developing a power pint presentation o anyone topic to be transacted at the secondary level
  3. Watching any five UGC sponsored educational program telecast by AVRC/EMRC and preparing a report

Project topics on Understanding the Self

  1. Identification and documentation of one's assets and limitations as well as one opportunity and difficulties in the participated context.
  2. Documentation of the days of dealing with conflicts in interpersonal relations in varied contexts.
  3. Documentation of stressed or emotionally loaded situations here in self-observation helped to build resilience.

Project topics on Fine Art

  1. Collection of any three forms of folk art and preparation of a detailed report
  2. Preparation fo a report on specimens o visual art available in the neighborhood
  3. Preparation of an album of greeting cards of children's concern with an appropriate option

Project topics on Physical Education and Yoga

  1. Preparation of a report on different physical education program organized in school
  2. Preparing a report on different Yogic practices
  3. Developing a set of recreation activities for secondary school students.

B.ED Project Topics For All Subjects

B.ED Project Topics For All Subjects


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