How to Convert Word to PDF without opening Document?

 The PDF format is now becoming more popular or famous among people. PDF stands for portable document format. It is the latest version. While working with MS Word is now no longer secure. So, the people have started the move towards pdf format.

All kinds of files can be transferred into pdf format. The businessmen feel free to share it from one company to another. The pdf files cannot be edited easily. The only problem the people face with pdf is just the large size of it. But it can be solved by compressing it or reducing its size easily by using online available tools.

Benefits of a word to pdf conversion:

The user can convert word to pdf free by using any of the tools available on the internet. Some of them are serving without any cost, but some tools ask the customers to pay for enjoying more efficient features. Let's discuss some of the amazing benefits of why the users prefer this pdf format:

Conversion with no charges and in no time:

The best free tools convert doc to pdf online without asking to pay even a single penny. The user will be provided with a converted pdf file in no time. It will be a matter of seconds for a significant tool.

Security features:

The efficient tools will convert word doc to pdf under 100% security. The data written in the pdf is safe all the time. Nobody can make changes in it easily. The users are welcome to put a strong PIN or password around your pdf so that no other unauthorized personalities may access it easily.

The best word to pdf converter also cares about the data provided by the user to convert from word to pdf. The information is automatically removed from the databases just after the completion of the conversion procedure.

Multiple formats are welcome:

You can convert all formats of files into pdf format. For instance, the formats that can be converted easily are doc, excel, ppt, or Docx, etc. The best word to pdf converter can let you be allowed to do this conversion from anywhere like from office, home, or any other place you like. You will also be welcome to do it from any of the devices like MAC, Android, or Windows.

Reducible or compactness in size:

The users get worried only about the large size of PDFs. These are unable to handle easily. The storage devices cannot store a lot of PDFs with ease. So, the user is suggested to compress their size using an efficient tool. Then its compactable feature comes to the rescue to save and share PDFs comfortably.

The basic required working steps to use a doc to pdf online converter:

It is better to read every feature provided by the tool before using it. Otherwise, the user will be unable to get reliable and instant results. So, let's come to discuss the basic compulsory steps to utilize it in a better way.

The user should decide the best tool that can convert word doc to pdf with good results.

The word to The pdf tool will ask to upload the convertible file into the available space given by the tool being used.

The user will then have to hit the button "Convert to PDF" to let the procedure starts.

The tool will provide you with the option to download it.

Suggested tools that can convert word to pdf free:


This online word to pdf converter by Duplichecker will serve you free of cost. It will care about the security of information given by the user. So the information will be deleted from its databases automatically after the word file has been converted into a pdf file. You can also compress the size of your pdf file while employing this word to pdf converter.

Adobe Acrobat DC:

It will give you an offline program to convert word to pdf. The user can customize the pdf files. It is all in one pdf converter. You will be able to view the most highlighted features on the streamlined menu bar. You can collaborate your files from cloud storage availability. The review of the document will be made seamless. But you will take it more costly than all other available tools on the internet.


The user will take it as an alternative to the Adobe Acrobat converter. You will be able to sign the bills or documents electronically on the PDFs. The conversion from this tool will not disturb the quality of data. The images or graphs, equations will remain the same in their formats. The user can edit the fonts or layouts of their pdf files. You can archive some files and turn the media into pdf format. It will make your file professional by providing a spelling checker along with conversion.

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