Pedagogy of Social Science B.ed Notes PDF

 It's important to collect authentic B.ed notes for the examination. Pedagogy of social science is one of the integral portions of the B.ed course. In order to understand social science, the teacher needs to have complete knowledge of the subject also teachers should have the skills and techniques to teach the students. 

What is Pedagogy of Social science?

The method and practice of teaching social science are called the pedagogy of social science. Social science is a subject of study at the secondary school level which offers a systematic study of man in relation to his society.

Pedagogy of Social Science B.ed Notes PDF

  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Definition of Social Science
  • Meaning of Social Science
  • Nature of Social Science
  • Scope of Social Science
  • Aims and Objective of Teaching Social Science
  • National Understanding through Teaching of Social Science
  • Value of Teaching Social Science
  • Social Science Correlation with Other subjects
  • Conclusion
It's easy to download the pedagogy of social science notes in English and Hindi for free. Though social science can be treated as a separate subject. Here you can get Pedagogy of Social Science notes pdf for free.

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Definition of Social Science

James Defines social science as those body of learning and study which recognize the simulation and mutual action of physical and non-physical stimuli that produce the social reaction.

Charles Beard's perception regarding it is social science is a body of knowledge and thought pertaining to human affairs. 

Meaning of Social Science

In general, any branch of study that deals with the social life of man and employs the scientific method for its study may be conceived as a social science. 

Pedagogy of Social Science 

Nature of Social Science

  • A unique combination of a variety of discipline
  • A study of human relationship
  • A study of development through ages
  • A realistic course of study
  • It includes a commitment to action

Scope of Social Science

  • Vast and wide as the world
  • A study of current affairs
  • A study leading to international understanding
  • Practical study of various resources

Major Discipline Under Social Science

Aims and Objective of Teaching of Social Science

  • To enable children to appreciate India's rich culture and heritage.
  • To built intelligent democratic citizenship
  • To help the child gain insight into spiritual economic and political values.
  • To build social competence.

Pedagogy of Social Science B.ed Notes PDF

Pedagogy of Social Science B.ed Notes PDF

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