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 Action Research Notes- Are you looking for an action research book pdf? Do you want to download the Action research book pdf for free? Here you will download the Action Research book for free. It's important to understand the importance of action research in education. You should have complete knowledge of the action research model and design.

Action Research is an integral part of an administrative system, it could be school or college. Action research plays an important role in the school system when it comes to evaluation and assessment. 

In this post, you will get complete information on Action research like meaning, definition and so on. 

Action Research Book PDF

As we have discussed earlier, that action research is an integral part of B.ed/D.el.ed and M.ed courses. The students who are looking for a B.ed course or other teacher courses must have this book in order to understand the assessment and evaluation process.

Because Action research is playing an important role in the school education system. Without this, it's very difficult on a part of a teacher to evaluate and maintain the quality test. 

Action Research in Education 

The book contains the following items.
  1. Understanding Action Research (Meaning, Definition, Nature, Educational Research, Scope, Limitation, Characteristics, Role of the teacher, Merits, Demerits, Importance, Tools)
  2. Conducting Action Research
  3. Tools and Technique used in Action Research
  4. Educational Innovation
  5. Humorous Method of Teaching
  6. Merits
  7. Demerits
  8. Implication
  9. Suggestion
  10. References

Meaning of Action Research

Action research is a process or activity conducted in the field of common practice (education) and its concerned with the immediate application and development and research-based knowledge about the practice.

Definition of Action Research

"Research Concerned with school problems carried out by school personal to improve practice in action research ''
                                                                                                               - S. Blackwell

"Action research aims at finding a solution for immediate problems"
                                                                                                             - C. R Kothari

" The process by which practitioners attempt to study their problems scientifically in order to guide, correct and evaluate their decision and action is a what a number of people called action research ''

                                                                                                              - S.M Corey

"On the spot research aimed at the solution of immediate problems is generally known as action research''
                                                                                                               - Mosley 

  • Action research has its goal in education, Thus it is not totally a new concept
  • It is organized and formalizes the process
  • It is an investigative activity that is design to investigate the truth
  • It is individual also collective
  • It brings a constructive change in school practice

Nature or Characteristics of Action Research

  1. Action Research is a process of studying the immediate and practical problems of the school.
  2. Its focuses on the immediate application of finding just after completion of the research project.
  3. It is a scientific procedure.
  4. Action Research is conducted by practicioners.
  5. Findings are evaluated in terms of local applicability.
  6. It combines the research process.
  7. It is a systematic process where the teacher is deliberately more systematic and careful in diagnosing the problems in collecting facts.
  8. It is an experimental approach. Action research may be individual or cooperative.
  9. Action research aims to solve problems.

The objective of Action Research

  • To improve the working condition of the school plant.
  • To develop the scientific attitude in teachers
  • To develop a democratic attitude among students and teacher
  • To bring excellence in school worker
  • To bring coordination of all agencies and individual concerned with educational improvement
  • To make the school system effective
  • To develop a professional spirit
  • To improve teaching and human relation
  • To understand the social, economical, and administrative background

Importance of Action Research

  1. It improves teacher effectiveness and professional ethics
  2. It solves active problems from the beginning
  3. It helps to boost certain value in the teacher as it helps in solving problems
  4. The approach is experimental
  5. It brings decentralization in conducting an action research project
  6. It helps the teacher to an acquired new interests, new motives, etc.

Topics For The Action Research

  1. The investigation into the causes of dropouts in primary school.
  2. Causes of girls drop out
  3. Comparative study of boys and girls drop out
  4. Comparative study of ST/SC drop out 
  5. Comparative study of drop out of rural school and urban school
  6. Mother teacher association for drop out problems
  7. Machinery for smooth organization of the MDM program.
  8. Problems of computerization in primary school
  9. Problems of ST, SC students
  10. The interest of HM and Teacher

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Action Research Book PDF Download For Free

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