How to prepare for B.ed entrance examination?

B.ed Entrance- It's not easy to crack the B.ed entrance examination. You need to follow certain points in order to get admission into B.ed course. Students keep asking me these questions that ''How to prepare for the B.ed entrance exam? " Can you give us some tips to crack the B.ed entrance examination? 

Here you will get the answer to these questions. I know it's not easy to crack the B.ed entrance examination. But there is a way to crack it. Nothing impossible in this world unless you follow some technique and tips. 

Every year hundreds of universities and colleges offer a B.ed course to the students. This course is essential to be a teacher in school or college. So that aspirants keep on eye on this course. Every year B.ed entrance exam held in various cities. 

Let me tell you one thing, that B.ed is for those people who want to be a teacher or academician. If you do not have that kind of mindset than I would suggest you to go for other courses. 

How to prepare for B.ed entrance examination?

How to crack the B.ed entrance examination?

It's easy to clear the B.ed entrance examination. first, you need to understand the syllabus of this examination. Then you should collect some authentic study materials like notes, previous year questions paper, books, guide, etc. 

It's very essential to understand the syllabus and exam pattern of the examination. Let me tell you one thing some universities have their own syllabus and exam pattern. Make sure to read the documents provided by respective universities. 

Top 12 Proven tips to crack the B.ed entrance exam
  1. Collect Authentic Study Materials
  2. Practice Previous Year Questions Paper
  3. Understand the B.ed Syllabus
  4. Revise 
  5. Mock Test
  6. Organize Your Study Plan
  7. Analysis Everything You Study
  8. Avoid Negative Influence
  9. Prepare Good Notes
  10. Strategies
  11. Proper Sleep
  12. Confidence

1- Collect Authentic Study Materials

It's necessary to collect authentic information related to the examination. There are thousands of coaching centers, online shops, offline shops available to collect books and guides. Make sure to check the information and review it before buying anything. Here are some important guidelines for you.

2- Practice Previous Year Questions Paper

You must practice old questions paper before sitting in the examination hall. Practicing previous year questions paper makes you understand the concept and question pattern of the respective examination. 

It's very easy to get B.ed previous year questions paper for free. 
  • Download B.ed Entrance Questions Paper- Free PDF
  • Download B.ed Previous Year Questions Paper- Free Download
How to prepare for B.ed entrance examination?

3- Understand the B.ed Syllabus

The syllabus is an integral part of any examination. If you want to crack the B.ed entrance examination you have to have a clear knowledge about the syllabus. Here is the details syllabus
  • General Knowledge
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Basic English
  • Basic Hindi/Regional Languages
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Computer Awareness
  • Current Affairs

4- Revise

It's necessary to revise the notes and important facts. First make your own notes of each subject like SST, Geography, etc. 

5- Mock Test

Mock tests play an important role in any examination. You must appear as a mock test for this examination. There are hundreds of online mock test apps and websites available. You can choose according to your choice. 

For B.ed aspirant I would suggest some online apps which you can use for mock test.

  • Free Mock Test App- Gradeup App (Use ''susilbhue08") Coupon code for free mock test

6- Organize Your Study Plan

Make sure to make a study plan for the B.ed entrance examination. I would suggest you make a time table for the examination. So that it will be easier for you to cover everything in time. 

7- Analyze Everything You Study

You can revise and analyze everything you study and prepare for the examination. This is the tendency of the human to forget things in time. So to remember the important points you need to revise and analyze the notes again and again.

8- Avoid Negative Influence

Learning environment is necessary to study for the entrance test. You need to make sure about your surroundings and environment. There are people in the world who are giving negative advice to you to make sure to avoid those kinds of people as much as possible.

9- Prepare Good Notes

It's easy to prepare notes for any examination. The notes play an important role in the examination. If you do not have time to prepare short notes or brief notes on various subjects then you should go for these options.
  • Proper Notes For B.ed Entrance Test- Free Download
  • Redimate Notes For B.e Entrance- Free Download

10- Strategies

Make some strategies to crack the examination. The strategy must depend on your personal performance or I would say the strength and weakness of the aspirant. Make your own strategies to crack the B.ed entrance examination. 
  • Focus on your weak point
  • Revise the topics
  • Take Online Mock Test

11- Proper Sleep

''Health is Wealth''. You can not avoid your health situation when it comes to attending the examination. You need to be fit and healthy for the examination.
  • Do Proper Excercise
  • Yoga
  • Sleeping
  • Healthy Eating

12- Confidence

Do not lose your confidence. Avoid negative elements and try to motivate yourself. If you want to increase your concentration power and memory power and go for Yoga or meditation. 

These are the basic but important tips that I shared with you. Why I am sharing this information with you because I have already crack various B.ed entrance examinations like RIE CEE, State B.ed, Central B.ed, IGNOU B.ed.

How to prepare for the B.ed entrance examination? 


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