Hindi Pedagogy Notes For B.ed PDF

Pedagogy of Hindi- Are you looking for Pedagogy of Hindi notes for B.ed? then you are in the right place. Here you will get Hindi Hindi pedagogy notes pdf for free. It is quite important to understand the pedagogy of language Hindi, especially in B.ed/D.el.ed courses.

As we know Hindi is our national language so it is important to understand the pedagogical treatment of Hindi. Those who are willing to be a pupil-teacher must understand the topic which you are going to be taught at the school level. 

Hindi Pedagogy Notes For B.ed PDF

Pedagogy of Hindi Book 

It is important to understand the concept of Hindi pedagogy because it is an essential part of every teaching examination like CTET/KVS/NVS or another state TET examination.

Here are some important books for Hindi Pedagogy
  1. Hindi Pedagogy For TET examination- Free Download
  2. Pedagogy of Hindi Book For B.ed/D.el.ed- Free Download
  3. Pedagogy of Hindi Notes PDF- Free Download
  4. Pedagogy of Hindi For B.ed 1st Year- Amazon
Hindi Pedagogy Notes For B.ed PDF

Pedagogy of Hindi Syllabus 


  • Importance of Hindi as Mother Tongue and a National Language.
  • Aims and Objectives of Hindi teaching in Secondary Schools and writing objectives in
  • behavioral terms.
  • Place of Hindi in the curriculum.
  • Major language difficulties of secondary school students.
  • Techniques of evaluation in Hindi.
  • Qualities and competency of a Hindi teacher.
  • Organization of a Language Laboratory.

  • Methods of Hindi teaching: Prose, Poetry, Grammar Composition.
  • Importance of pronunciation and expression.
  • Oral and silent reading, Intensive reading, reading interest, and reading habits.
  • Use of media and teaching aids in Hindi teaching.
  • Selection of good textbooks supplementary readers, teacher’s guides, and workbooks.
  • Preparing Lesson plans - (Prose, poetry, grammar, and composition)Hindi teaching at Micro and
  • Macro-level

6. Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching.

Suggested readings:
  • Ojha, PK, Hindi Shikshan, Anmol Publication, New Delhi
  • Yojendrjeet, Bhai, Hindi BhashaShikshan, VinodPustakMandir, Agra.
  • Nandini, Durgesh, Hindi Shikshan, Sumit Enterprises, New Delhi
  • Pandey, Ramshakal, Hindi Shikshan, VinodPustakMandir, Agra.
  • Yogendrajeet, Bhai, Hindi BhashsShikshan, VinodPustakMandir, Agra
  • SinhaSharda, Hindi Adhyayan, ShardalayGyanoday, Patna, 1986
  • Sharma, SR., BhashaShikshan, Arjun Publications House, ND, 2006

Pedagogy of Hindi Questions Pattern

Hindi Pedagogy Notes For B.ed PDF

Hindi Pedagogy Notes For B.ed PDF

Hindi Pedagogy Notes For B.ed PDF

Pedagogy of Hindi Notes PDF Free Download 

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