Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

Growth and Development- Are you looking for the concept of growth and development pdf? Do you have any ideas what are the difference between growth and development? Do you get confused with stages of human growth and development? Here you will get complete information on growth and development.   

Human begins are not static entities, they keep on changing. Let's understand this change in terms of growth and development.

Each individual with his unique heredity and the way he is nurtured determines the way he traverses the broad highway of his life at his rate of progress.

He will attain size, shape, capacities, and development status in a way, which peculiar to him at each stage.

Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

Understanding  Growth & Development 

Crow & Crow defines ''Growth as structural and psychological changes.''

Gesell ''Growth carries a more dynamic connotation, which organically ties the present with the past and directs it towards the future. 

Peary defines it as'' Development means the whole sequence of life from conception to death.''

Frank defines, ''Development may imply the change in the organism as a whole.''
  • Growth is a change in quantitative aspects of our body
  • Changes that can be measured such as height, weight, size, and shape of the body
  • Growth is not a lifelong process. It goes on till maturity
  • Development refers to systematic changes which lead an individual from dependency to self-reliance through his lifetime (Going from the womb to tomb)
  • It means development begins before birth from a parental period or from the time of conception and continues till and the individual dies.
  • In this period an individual grows in many days such as physically mentally emotionally
  • The development includes progressive and relatively permanent changes and these changes can not be reversed, changes which occur due to some illness or tiredness does not get the count in the development
  • Development is a continuous process that includes growth, maturation, and learning in itself.

Different Between Growth and Development

Growth is quantitative
Development is both quantitative and qualitative in nature
Growth is restricted to physical aspects only
Development includes all aspects such as physical, cognitive-emotional, social, etc
Growth stops at a certain period of life
Development continues until death
Growth can Be measured
Development can only be assessed
Includes structural changes
Includes both structural and functional changes

Aspect/Types of Development

  1. Physical Development
  2. Cognitive Development
  3. Social Development
  4. Language Development
  5. Moral Development
  6. Emotional Development

Factors Affecting Development

  • Heredity Factors
  • Social Nature
  • Biological Or Constitutional Factors
  • Emotional Factors
  • Intelligence

Stages of Development

  1. Prenatal Period- 9 Month before Birth
  2. Infancy- Birth to 2 Years
  3. Early Childhood- 2- 6 Years
  4. Later Childhood- 7 to 11 Years
  5. Adolescence- 12 to 19 Years

1- Infancy (Birth to 2 Years)
  • The development of language strs from this stage
  • During this stage, hi child transitions from a dependent toddler to an active child
  • He or She is now able to crawl and walk
  • In terms of physical development the stage of infancy records the most growth.
2- Early Childhood (2-6 Years)
  • In this stage children spend a lot of time playing with toys
  • At this stage, children do not attend the traditional system of education but they start going to pre-school
  • Children are self-centric at this stage
  • It is a sensitive period for language development
3- Later Childhood (7-11 Years)
  • Here a child joins the traditional system of education that is why this stage is known as elementary school age
  • This stage is also known as troublesome age
  • Children devote more time to ith their peer group
  • Development of children's creative potential begins
  • Experiences of this period influence the child throughout his life
4- Adolescence or Puberty (13 to 19)
  • Adolescence is the stage of stress and storm
  • This is the most critical stage of a person's life
  • Also knows as the stage of an identity crisis
  • At this stage, adolescents face much social, biological and personal change
  • This is the transitional stage where a person transits from a child to an adult
  • Adolescents face adjustment problems
  • They become aggressive at times

Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

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Growth and Development Notes Sample
Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

 Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download

Principle of development of children

  1. Principle of continuity
  2. Principle of proceeding from general to specific
  3. Principle of individual differences
  4. Principle of uniform pattern 
  5. Principle of direction
  6. Principle of integration
  7. Principle of interrelation
  8. Principle o maturation and learning
  9. Principle of Heredity and Environment
  10. Principle of the significance of early development

Educational Implication

  • The knowledge of both factors will help the teacher in finding out the individual difference among his students in learning different subjects
  • Hence the teacher must provide a congenial atmosphere for the students and treat them equally
  • The children should be taught to adapt to the environment

Growth And Development Notes For B.ed PDF Download


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