B.ed Notes on Socialization PDF Download

Socialization- Are you looking for socialization notes pdf? What is the concept of socialization? What is the process of socialization? What are the stages and elements of socialization? You will get a complete answer to these questions. We have also a good collection of B.ed notes for 1st year and 2nd-year students.

What is Socialization in Education?

Socialization is a process through which individuals learn to become a member of society by internalizing social norms.

B.ed Notes on Socialization PDF Download

Understanding Socialization in Education

It's easy to understand the concept of socialization and its elements. Also, we are going to discuss the types of socialization and the process of socialization. 

Socialization is a term which one often comes across in the writings on the sociology of education. Socialization is a social process by which the individual learns to conform to the norms of the group.

It is a process by which on individual is mode social ,socially acceptable and emotionally matured enough to deal with other in a friendly manner

  • What is Socialization
  •  Meaning of Socialization
  • Definition of Socialization
  • Process of Socialization
  • Types of Socialization
  • Advantages of Socialization
  •  Disadvantages of socialization
  •  Conclusion 

Definition of Socialization 

Bogardus: Socialization is the "process of working together, of developing group responsibility, or being guided by the welfare needs of others ".

W. F. Ogburn: "socialization is the process by which the individual learns to conform to the norms of the group ".

Peter Worsley explains socialization as the process of "transmission of culture, the process whereby men learn the rules and practices of social groups".

Harry M. Johnson understands socialization as "learning that enables the learner to perform social roles ".He further says that it is a "process by which individuals acquire the already existing culture of groups they come into ".

According to Arnold Green," Socialization is the process by which the child acquires a cultural content along with self-hood and personality".

Process of Socialization 

The process of learning on internalizing the values and norms into its self or the mode of learning to live in society is called the process of socialization.

Socialization is a process of inducting the individual into the social world. It consists of teaching culture which he must acquire and share. Socialization is social learning.This learning is not intermittent but continuous

Types of Socialization

  1. Primary Socialization
  2. Secondary Socialization
1- Primary Socialization

Primary socialization starts in infancy and childhood. This is considered the most important stage of the socialization process as the child learns the basic rules of conduct at this stage.

2- Secondary Socialization

People may be socialized into groups of which they are already members or into groups to which they wish to become attached. They may also learn the culture of the groups to which they do not belong.

B.ed Notes on Socialization PDF Download

B.ed Notes on Socialization PDF Download

Socialization Notes Sample

Socialization Notes Sample

B.ed Notes on Socialization PDF Download

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