B.ed Second Year Book PDF Download

B.ed 2nd Year Book- Here you will get B.ed second-year book pdf for free. We have a collection of B.ed books and Notes for both 1st year & 2nd-year students. Here I will give you a list of books name for the B.ed course. So that you can download B.ed books and notes for free.

B.ED 2nd Year Book List

B.ed (Bachelor of Education) is a professional course; is appropriate for those students who are willing to be a teacher. It is a 2-year course which is focused on the training of the teacher.

Every year thousands of students apply for B.ed courses and only a few students get a chance to get admission into this course. No doubt the examination is quite hard to crack. As a result, most of the students get failed to score good marks in the examination.

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I have seen many of my students get admission into various B.ed colleges. Here are some tips that help you to crack the B.ed Entrance Examination.

After completing the entrance examination, selected students are allowed to take admission into the concerned college/University.

Subsequently, the students need some important B.ed books to study in order to get acquainted with the course.

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Here I will provide you a list of book names that will help you to understand the pattern.

  1. Childhood and Growing Up Book- Amazon
  2. Contemporary India and Education Book- Amazon
  3. Learning and Teaching Book- Amazon
  4. Language Across The Curriculum Book- Amazon
  5. Method of Teaching English Book- Amazon
  6. Method of Teaching Science Book- Amazon
  7. Method of Teaching Hindi/Urdu Book- Amazon
  8. Method of Teaching Social Science Book- Amazon
  9. Method of Teaching Mathematics Book- Amazon
  10. Assessment and Learning Book- Amazon
  11. Inclusive Education Book- Amazon
  12. Gender, School and Society Book- Amazon
  13. Guidance and Counselling Book- Amazon
  14. Knowledge and Curriculum Book- Amazon
  15. Information and Technology (ICT) Book- Amazon
  16. Vocational Education Book- Amazon
  17. Adolescence and Family Education- Amazon
  18. Understanding the Self- Amazon
  19. Health and Yoga Education Book- Amazon
  20. Peace Education Book- Amazon

B.ed 2nd Year Book PDF Download

It is hard to find an authentic book for the B.ed course. But here you will get the authentic books for the B.ed course both 1st and 2nd-year students. 
Why does somebody need pdf?

It is quite easy to understand why does somebody needs pdf? The students are easy to access the content via mobile or tablet so it is important to have a pdf version of it. 
Here you will get both notes and books for free. Every student must have some essential books for the course so that it enables the students to think beyond the textbook.

B.ED 2nd Year Course Syllabus PDF

Here is the detailed syllabus for the 2nd-year course. 
  • Learning and Teaching 
  • Understanding Learning & Learner
  • Understanding Teaching
  • Teaching as a profession
  • Knowledge and Curriculum
  • Curriculum and Development
  • Assessment and Learning
  • Gender, School and Society
  • Art in Education
  • Understanding the Self
  • Creating an Inclusive Education
  • Health and Yoga Education
Here is the syllabus for B.ed 2nd year students.

B.ed 2nd Year Notes PDF In English

Here you can download B.ed 2nd Year Notes PDF in English/Hindi

B.ed 2nd Year Notes Sample

B.ed Second Year Book PDF Download

B.ed Second Year Book PDF Download

B.ed Second Year Book PDF Download

B.ed Second Year Book PDF Download

B.ed Second Year Book PDF Download


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