Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

CTET Notes- Are you looking for CTET notes for papers 1 & 2? then you are in the right place. Here I will provide you CTET exam notes for free. We have also a good collection of Adhyayan Mantra CTET notes pdf. You can download CTET notes for both science & arts. Most of the aspirants looking for CTET notes in Hindi & English. Let me tell you we have a good collection of CTET notes for pedagogy.

It's very hard to get authentic CTET notes to prepare for the examination. There are thousands of website are available on the internet were providing CTET notes for free.

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes

Adhyayan Mantra is a leading online platform in India. It has both online and offline presence in India. This coaching institution mainly focuses on teaching examinations like CTET, TETs or KVS, etc.

Recently the coaching center published a list of names who were cracked CTET 2019 examination. This institution also provides scholarships to the weaker and meritorious students. Adhyayan Mantra has also a YouTube channel where you can learn.

Adhyayan Mantra also provides authentic notes to their students. You can get free E-books and other study materials from their YouTube channel or websites.

Recently the have lunched premium content as well as free content on their social handles.

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes

Adhyayana Mantra CTET Master Book PDF Download

CTET (Central Eligibility Test) is a widely known teaching examination in India. This examination has a great impact on the life of a teacher especially those who are going to be a teacher in KVS or NVS. 

It is hard to crack this examination unless you follow certain steps and strategies. There are thousands of books and materials available on the internet. You can choose the authentic study materials for your preparation.

There are a few CTET preparation books available in the market which will give 99% assurance to the aspirant.

Here I will be sharing some name of the books which can help you to score more in the CTET examination. 

TOP 5 Best CTET Guide For Students

  1. Success Master CTET Book
  2. Study Guide For CTET
  3. Study Package For CTET
  4. CTET Practice Work Book
  5. CTET Master By Adhyayan Mantra
  6. CTET Guide By Himanshi Singh

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  • Previous Year Questions Paper Solved
  • Comprehensive Knowledge
  • Child Pedagogy Covered
  • Languages Pedagogy Covered
  • Mathematics and Environmental Science Covered
  • Bilingual (Hindi/English)
  • Suitable for Paper 1
2-Study Guide For CTET

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

  • Ulimited MCQs
  • Previous Year Questions Solved
  • Suitable For Paper 2
  • NCERT Social Studies Covered
  • 6 to 10 Class NCERT Book Summary
  • Basic Grammar Covered
  • Language Comprehension
  • Map Reading Skills
3- Study Package For CTET


  • Previous Year Questions Solved
  • Comprehensive Knowledge
  • Short Notes
  • Online Support
  • Cover Each Topic
  • Suitable For Paper 1
4- CTET Practice Work Book

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

  • Previous Year Questions Paper Solved
  • Suitable for paper 1
  • Math Covered
  • EVS covered
  • MCQs
  • Pedagogy of Math and EVS
5- CTET Master By Adhyayan Mantra

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

  • Bilingual
  • Comprehensive Notes
  • 100 Questions for each subject
  • Previous Year Questions Paper
  • Subject Wise Questions Paper
  • Pedagogy Covered
  • Math and EVS Pedagogy Covered
  • Suitable For Paper 1
6- CTET Guide By Himanshi Singh

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

  • Suitable For Paper 1 and 2
  • Pedagogy Questions Covered
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Available in English
  • Also useful for other TETs

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes in Hindi PDF Download

It's hard to find CTET notes in Hindi. Well, I will give you some important notes in Hindi. Adhyayan Mantra is one of the leading CTET coaching centers in India. They are providing a comprehensive note to their students.

I would urge you to go through their official website or YouTube channel and register yourself for the concerned course. You will get tons of authentic study materials in Hindi and English.

You can download Adhyayan Mantra CTET notes in Hindi
Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

How to use Adhyayan Mantra App?

Its very simple to use Adhyayan Mantra App. You can follow these tips for better use
  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search ''Adhyayan Mantra App''
  3. Download The App
  4. Register/Login
  5. Choose Your Exam
  6. Enjoy

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download
Adhyayan Mantra

Adhyayan Mantra CTET Notes PDF Download

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