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ICT Notes- Are you looking for ICT notes for B.ed? then you are in the right place. Here I will give you the best ICT (Information Communications Technology) notes for B.ed and M.ed. ICT note is a part of the B.ed course which the students need to study the concerned topic. B.ed (Bachelor of Education) has a section like ''Critical Understanding of ICT". It is quite easy to get ICT notes in English as well as Hindi. 

Fundamentals of ICT Notes PDF

ICT (Information Communications Technology) is an integral part of any educational curriculum. ICT plays an important role in school education as well as higher secondary education. So that it is necessary to collect notes regarding this topic. Every student needs authentic information on ICT. Here are some example of ICT notes

Best Books for ICT
  • Basic Computer Education Book- Amazon
  • Handbook of Computer Science & IT- Amazon
  • Basic Computer Science Made Simple- Amazon
  • Computer Awareness Made Simple- Amazon 
Information Technology (IT) can help in coping with the information explosion. ICT implies the technology which consists of electronic devices and associated human interactive materials the enable the user to employ them for a wide range of teaching. 

Importance of ICT in Education

ICT plays an important role in education. Recently the government of India introduced computer-based education in every school. It enables the students to enhance their skills through the latest technology. 
  • It will enhance skills
  • Help the childern to understand the latest technology
  • Internet
  • Smart Class
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • 24 hours of internet connection
  • ICT Assists students in accessing digital information
  • ICT promotes collaborative learning
  • ICT offer opportunities to develop critical thinking skills
  • It produces a creative learning environment
  • It improves the quality of teaching of learning
  • ICT supports teaching by facilitating access to course content
  • ICT impliments the principle of life long learning.
  • ICT increases a variety of educational services.
  • ICT supports the school in sharing experience of information with tother. 
  • ICT motivates to learn and enhance teacher training

ICT Skilled Teacher

An ICT teacher should have the following skills
  • Word processing skills
  • Spreadsheet skills
  • Database skills
  • PPT Skills
  • Website design skills
  • Email management skills
  • Scanner knowledge
  • Web blackboard teaching skills
  • Video conference skills
  • Printing documents

Role of the Internet in the Teaching-Learning Process

In recent decades the internet is one of the miracles done by us. Now all the information and knowledge are just one click away from us. Following are some important functions of the internet in the teaching-learning process
  • It helps in making assignment
  • Through the internet through different social sites, we can connect or in touch with the teacher.
  • It helps us to be up to date
  • All the books can be saved through the internet in PDF format.
  • The Internet can help to attend online classes at any time everywhere.
Qualities of an ICT Teacher
  • Basic qualification in BSC or MCS or any certificate related to computer.
  • Subject knowledge
  • Updated with new technology
  • Motivator
  • Admit mistakes
  • Have a good communicator
  • A good sense of humor
  • Self-control of creative
  • Commitment of inspirational
  • Liberal of calmness

ICT Notes For B.ed- Samples

ICT Notes For B.ed- Samples

ICT Notes For B.ed- Samples
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