How to Attempt CDP Questions in Any Teaching Examination?

Exam Tips For Teaching Examination- It's not easy to score good marks in any teaching examination which are conducted by various organizations. Teaching examinations are more focus on the cognitive and practical aspects of the candidates. How the aspirant thinks about certain situations, what are the steps he/she should take when something happens?

Teaching examination without CDP (Child Development and Pedagogy)is worthless. Most of the teaching examination like CTET/TET/DSSSB/SSTET/KVS/NVS has CDP in its syllabus. Child pedagogy is an integral part of any teaching examination. Why do organizations like CBSC, KVS, NVS giving more important to pedagogical aspects?

In this post, I will be showing you the best tricks to attempt CDP questions easily. Child pedagogy questions are not like ordinary questions but its a little bit deviation from the normal one. It requires a strong understanding regarding concern subjects as well as approaches towards the situations. 

How to Attempt CDP Questions in Any Teaching Examination?

How to Attempt Questions in Any Teaching Examination?

It is very easy to attempt questions in any teaching examination. But you need to follow certain tactics to score good marks in any teaching examinations. 

First things to remember do not get panic in any situation. Try to be cool, have some water be patient before going to sit in the examination hall.

Here are some general tips which I personally follow to score good marks in any teaching examinations. 
  • Time Management (Make use of the time in the examination)
  • Read all the questions carefully
  • Do not try to attempt difficult questions at first
  • First, try to attempt easy questions
  • Make the best use of OMR sheet 
  • The difficult and doubtful question should be an attempt at last
  • Balance your writing (Do not overwrite)
  • Quality content
  • Good handwriting
  • Concentration
  • Recheck you answer
So these are some tips that will help you to get good marks in the examination. These tips are helpful for all the higher class students.

How to Attempt Child Pedagogy Questions in CTET?

CTET(Central Teacher Eligibility Test) is a central level test which is conducted by CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education). Every year CBSE conducted CTET entrance test for the aspirant. 

The CTET examination consist of 2 papers 
  1. Paper 1 (1 to 5 Class)
  2. Paper 2 (6 to 10)
The aspirant can choose paper 1,2 according to their educational qualification. Both the paper has its own syllabus. Here are the examples
  • Paper 1
  • Paper 2

What you observe in these pictures? What's common in these photos? Which subject is important for CTET? How do I deal with the concern subjects?

If you have questions like these then you must be wondering; How do I attempt these questions?

Let's find out the solutions.

What's common in these pictures?
  1. Child Pedagogy
  2. Languages

Child Development & Pedagogy-

  • Concept of development and its relationship with learning
  • Principle of development of Children
  • Influence of heredity and environment
  • Socialization process
  • Piaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky theories
  • Concept of child-centered and progressive education
  • Critical intelligence
  • Multi-dimensional intelligence
  • Language and Thought
  • Gender as a social construct, gender roles,e gender bias, educational practice
  • Individual differences among learners, understanding differences
  • Assessment and learning
  • CCE
  • Formulating appropriate questions
  • Concept of inclusive education and understanding children with special needs
  • Learning and pedagogy
  • How children think and learn
  • The basic process of teaching and learning
  • Cognition and Emotion
  • Motivation and Learning
  • Factors contributing to learning
  • An alternative conception of learning in Children
English Language
  • Reading unseen passages
  • Principle of language teaching
  • Role of SLRW
  • A critical perspective on the role of the grammar
  • Challenges of teaching languages
  • Language skill
  • Teaching Learning materials
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Basic Grammar

How to attempt child development and pedagogy questions?

It is not easy to task to understand the CDP questions. You need to understand the concept and what the questions convey to us. Let's see the questions

What should be the answer to these questions? Make sure to read the question twice so that it would be easier for you to understand the concept and act accordingly.

Let's take another example

What do you think? What should be the answer? Do not confuse with options. Make sure to understand each option carefully.

10 Tips to Crack CTET examination in 2020

  1. Know the examination pattern
  2. Follow the CTET syllabus
  3. Focus on your strong and weak area
  4. Collect adequate study materials
  5. Follow NCERT and D.el.ed/B.ed books
  6. Prepare notes
  7. Give importance to languages
  8. Practice previous questions
  9. Watch videos to understand
  10. Practice OMR/Time management
Some of the tips that you should follow in order to get good marks in the examination.

How to Attempt CDP Questions in Any Teaching Examination? 


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