Fine Arts Records For B.ed and D.el.ed Students (PDF Download)

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Fine arts Record Notes- Fine arts always been an important part of the teacher training courses it may be B.ed (Bachelor of Education) or D.el.ed (Diploma in Elementary Education). Why do we need a fine arts course for teacher training? Let's try and give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Fine Arts Records For B.ed and D.el.ed Students - (Study Notes,Painting Samples,Courses,Syllabus)

Fine Arts Study Guide

What is Art?

Art is an expression of man. It is a universal language. It is something more than painting or drawing. It is a way of thinking a way of living, a way of seeing. Art means arrangement and selection. An arrangement and selection of mean designs. Designs mean order which is something to be used and enjoyed. More precisely art is an essence of appreciation of beauty.
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 Art is the truth all prevailing truth and tall tales, myths recitation of poetry at different times. They are organized for the appreciation of truth and beauty. An artist expression his thought through his art or painting as a poet through his poem or a musician through music. 

Classification of Art

Art is of three types such as
  1. Visual Art
  2. Performing Art
  3. Literary Art
Art is mainly classified into two basis
  1. Commercial Art
  2. Fine Art
Fine art includes the following categories
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Graphic
  • Design
  • History of Art
Sketch, Drawing, Oil color, mix medium
Clay, Wood, Bronze
Line Art, Wood Art, Etching
Fabric, Basic, Bandhani
History Of Art
Indian, Western, Eastern
Commercial Art
Book Cover, Invitation Card, Advertisement, Lettering


Colors are divided into categories as primary and secondary.

1- Red, yellow and blue are primary colors. Because all other colors are made by mixing these colors in varying preparations.

2- Secondary Colour: Green is produced by mixing yellow with blue. Purple is produced by mixing red with blue. Orange is produced by mixing yellow with red.

While black and grey are called national colors because they have no colors. Colors can change the appearance of an object. It can help to make an object looks smaller or larger. For example, a small room can be made to appear large if printed with light color. A large can be made look smaller if it printed with dark colors.

Importance of Art in Education

  • It helps in developing a role in the goal and beauty.
  • It preserves and develops creative talent.
  • It expresses a child through creative activities and to acquire habits of self-learning.
  • It permits to perform activities and not analyzing the learning of the concept of the art. 

Creativity in Visual Art:

Visual art is highly creative. An artist sees and studies the nature around, then forms its own concept. They file their minds with this concept. Each artist viewing of things in different forms one another. Therefore hen an artist remembers a free to point the paper is the concept of three because of different forms a real tree. This vision is called visual art.

Fine Arts

Fine art is the sublime manifestation of the human mind. A man sees the nature around. He lives in a world of reality. This interaction constitutes the life of a man of the earth. These interactions create in man a certain kind of feeling which he wants to express. When one sees the sunrise he feels happy.

 A rose's smell is pleasant. A moon's light gives a feeling of joy. These feelings in a man want in the form of poetry, song, and painting. These expressions are called fine art. Man has been engaged in creating fine art since time immemorial form the prehistoric period. The fine art has been civilization with the change of society. 

Best Book For Fine Arts

Fine Arts Painting Sample and Examples

Pencil Shading Dr awning Images

book cover page design image
Book Cover Page Design Ideas

Book Cover Page Design Ideas

Pencil shading drawing
Pencil Shading Drawing

Pencil Shading Drawing

Pencil shading of Fruits
Pencil Shading of Fruits

Pencil Shading of Fruits

Colour pencil shading landscape
Colour Pencil Shading Landscape

Colour Pencil Shading Landscape

pencil shading of birds
Pencil Shading of Birds

Pencil Shading of Birds

Fine Arts Records For B.ed and D.el.ed Students

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