The Benefit of Planting Trees- Importance of Trees in Our Life


‘For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver’, said Martin Luther King Jr. realizing the immense importance of trees in our lives. No matter how much progressed and prosperous we become in terms of earning gold and silvers, it’s pretty obvious that nothing can replace the great values that trees behold.

Benefit of Planting Trees- Importance of Trees in Our Life


Now, we human beings are reasonable enough to question why we need to do a particular thing and how will it be useful for us; However, when it comes to trees, they do not fail to provide ample reasons to prove their worth.

Ranging from sustaining the ecological balance to serving commercial needs of humans by providing wood, fruits, and medicines, trees have been serving their indispensable role to the environment for ages. Some of the benefits we derive from trees can be enumerated as follows:-

1.      Serving Oxygen Needs and combating climate change:Human Beings breathe in oxygen to live. Trees undergo the process of photosynthesis for their food during which they utilize carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and release back oxygen which is used by living creatures for respiration. Trees also help combat climate change by removing and storing excess CO2 from the air which is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming.

    Trees produce a cooling effect and help conserve energy:Trees provide cool shade by absorbing excess heat and releasing water vapors through transpiration. This helps cutting summer air conditioner needs and thereby promotes energy conservation.

3.      Preventing soil erosion: The roots of the trees hold onto the soil and prevent soil erosion

4.      Providing food and medicines: Trees provide food in the form of fruits and vegetables for Humans, Birds and Animals alike. In fact, many trees and plants behold medicinal values and help cure severe diseases. Example: The bark of the cinchona tree helps cure malaria while Tulsi and Ashwagandha is beneficial in cold and cough.

5.      Shelter for Birds and Animals: Trees also serve as shelter for a large variety of birds and animals and help conserve biodiversity in nature by providing a proper habitat for their survival.

6.      Fulfilling commercial aspirations: A number of commercial goods can be derived from trees that can help in economic growth. Example: Timber, firewood, pulpwood, fruits, medicines, minerals, rubber, gum, fibers, fodder, oils, bamboo canes, and many more commercial items.

7.      Regulation of Water Cycles: Trees absorb rainfall, slow down runoff and release water for recharge of springs. The water they transpire helps in the formation of clouds that bring down rainfall and maintain the hydrological balance.

8.      Moderate pollution: With the advent of the industrial era, cities have become the hub of industries that release toxic gases and pollutants in the atmosphere. Trees play a crucial role in pollution moderators as they absorb toxic gases and help to keep the air pure. They even absorb noise and prevent noise pollution.

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The reasons behind large scale cutting of trees or say deforestation include road construction, mining and dam building activities, clearing for agricultural lands for meeting growing population’s food needs and hydropower projects.

 Forest fires are also responsible for large scale destruction of trees. Serious efforts need to be taken in this direction to prevent unnecessary loss of trees. Government must take steps to ensure proper implementation of the model for sustainable development


We know that trees are one of the most precious natural entities on planet Earth and large scale cutting of trees without plantation of new ones in their place poses serious challenges to the lives of creatures and the whole environment. In light of this, we find out the following major challenges as a result of incessant cutting down of trees:-


  • 1.      Imbalance in oxygen and water cycle: Trees help maintain the required levels of oxygen in the atmosphere which is a vital element in the respiration process of animals and human beings. They also ensure the proper working of the water cycle in nature as discussed before. Hence, loss of trees on a large scale would disturb the oxygen and water cycles in the environment.
  • 2.      Excess presence of carbon dioxide: When there would be fewer trees, there would be more carbon dioxide in nature which is a greenhouse gas will further elevate the problem of global warming.
  • 3.      Destruction of the natural habitat of birds and animals:Several species of birds and animals depend on trees for their food and shelter needs. Incessant cutting of trees will destruct their natural habitats which might make them vulnerable and cause their extinction. This will result in a severe loss of Biodiversity.
  • 4.      Problem of soil erosion: The roots of the trees keep a hold on soil and prevent it from being eroded. Hence, cutting of trees results in soil erosion and loss of soil fertility subsequently causing Desertification.
  • 5.      Trees act as windbreakers: Without trees, people living in windy areas will experience difficulties as trees there act as windbreakers and prevent soil erosion as well as problems in performing daily chores.


‘Change begins with you’. Individual efforts can play a significant role in planting and saving trees. Here are some of the suggestions that might prove beneficial:-

Benefit of Planting Trees- Importance of Trees in Our Life

·  Planting of more and more trees: Nelson Henderson once said that “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit”. Seeing the innumerable benefits that trees provide, it is considered that planting trees is the noblest amongst all deeds. 

With the continuous, the rise in population, more and more trees are being cut for fulfilling the needs of food and space. In such a scenario, it is very important that we plant a lot of trees in our surroundings and ensure their proper growth too by looking after them well and not just leaving the planted saplings ignored.

·      Dealing with deforestation: Deforestationinvolves cutting of trees on a large scale. We need to keep a check on deforestation activities and reduce them as much as possible because of the forest formation takes decades and ruthless cutting of trees with just a few strokes is only going to aggravate our problems in the near future.

· Spreading Awareness: Awareness should be spread among the general public regarding the importance of trees and how can we save them. More of ‘Plantation Drives’ and awareness campaigns should be organized for small children as it’ they who are the bearers of the future.

·   Community Role: The community plays a crucial role in planting and saving trees as collective efforts always turn out to be fruitful. Example:-Many religions like Hinduism and Jainism promote worshiping of trees to make their community realize the worth.

 Then there are instances like the sacrifice of 363 Bishnoi women who laid down their lives to protect ‘Khejri’ trees of Rajasthan and the ‘Chipko Movementof 1973 where people used to hug trees in order to prevent them from being cut. A very brave statement of Amrita Devi, the leader of the movement, was recorded back then that said,” If a tree is saved from felling at the cost of one’s head, it should be considered as cheap bargaining”.

·     Initiatives by NGOs: NGOs like Green Yatra, Sankalp Taru, Say Trees, Siruthuli and many more are solely devoted towards the objective of tree plantation and conservation. Such NGOs play a very crucial role in spreading the message and engaging individuals in tree protection activities, instilling a sense of responsibility among all which is much needed as it’s our duty only to take care of the flora and fauna around us which are crucial elements for our own survival on planet Earth.


·     According to ‘THE TELEGRAPH’, the Indian Government has attributed $6.2 billion for plantation of trees in line with the Paris Agreement in 2015.

·     The Government has also passed the CAMPA law which is supposed to allocate around 40 Thousand Crore Rupees  to the Indian States for tree plantation. This includes setting up of parks and Green Belts too.

·   National Mission for Green India: This mission aims at enhancing the quality of forest cover, Eco restoration of forests. There is also a Centrally sponsored scheme called “National Afforestation Programme” for the regeneration of degraded forests with the help of community participation by people residing in the surroundings.

·     The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change also takes up several initiatives to keep a check on deforestation and ensures afforestation through various environmental programs and tree plantation initiatives.


Trees are like green lungs of Mother Earth and it’s time to make sincere efforts to save and protect them because it’s trees only that will ensure our well being even when we get lost into the race of Industrialization  and urbanization in the name of development.

It’s these trees we plant, that will selflessly give us their all till their last breath and it’s protection of trees only that will subsequently ensure well being of all other living creatures and the environment.

Who among us would like to give a choking world and barren lands to our next generations? None of us, right? The best gift we can give to our posterity is a healthy environment and it is well known that trees will serve this purpose best. So, let’s take a pledge to do our best in protecting trees and planting new saplings because it’s


The benefit of Planting Trees- Importance of Trees in Our Life 

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