How to write a perfect long answer in B.ed examination (Full Guide) 2019

Write a Perfect Long Answer For B.ed Exams- Are you wandering for How to write the perfect long answer in B.ed exams then you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you some important tips that will help you to write a perfect long answer for your b.ed examination. Bachelor in Education (B.ed) is not a simple course like others but it enables students to be a good teacher in the future. In this course, you have to write the things which you think about it no matter what is written in the books. Make sure to read this blog carefully if you want to write a perfect long answer in B.ed exams.

The Best Tips Write a Long Answer for B.ed Examination 

Writing a long answer for any examination it could be a theory paper or a practical paper, it is difficult to come up with different ideas that could be fit for the answer. I know it is not difficult to write an answer especially theory but one thing you need to know is the reading. I urge you to read before you going to write something. Make some important points that you are going to project in your answer.
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Top 10 tips to write a perfect answer in English for board exams

Here are some tips that help you to write a perfect answer in English for Any exams. 

  1. Practice Previous Year Questions
  2. Take 5-10 minutes to understand the instructions
  3. Manage Your Time
  4. Don't Write Everything You Know
  5. Write Up to Mark
  6. Perfectly structure your answer
  7. Use Simple language 
  8. Do not use the contraction 
  9. Use single words/Avoid the long-phrase
  10. Do not write spoken language 

1- Practice Previous Year Questions

There is no better way to get ready for your exam by practicing previous year questions. By practicing past year questions, it enables a student to understand the question paper as well as the structure of the questions. This is not about preparing for an answer but it is about how you approach an answer.

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2-Take 5-10 Minutes to understand the instructions

In most of the exams, they will give 5 to 10 minutes to read the instructions. Before going for the answer read all the questions carefully no matter what the questions are. You need to have the patience to read all the questions within 5 or 10 minutes.

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3-Manage You Time

It is very difficult to manage your time at the exam center but you need to prepare yourself in such a way that everything could be like a pinch of dust. Prepare yourself according to the questions pattern.

4-Do does not write everything you know

Students generally panic during the exams they write everything they know. It is not because of their fault but they got different advice from different people. Some people said that if you write a long answer that could be good for your answer to looks professional. I urge you to write strategically like first write the meaning or definition of the topic, then go for the body and conclusion. 

5-Write up to Mark

Read all the questions carefully before going to write a good answer. Do not write besides the topic, write what the question is about. Some people thought that the longer you write the more score you will get that is absolutely wrong. Takes, for example, Q- What do you mean by air pollution? you do not need to write about the characteristic of air pollutions.

6-Perfectly structure your answer

Take your time to write the answer but do not jump into writing the answer think over it. Which question will take less time to write which are not? A structure according to your ability and competence. Usually, there are 3 points that everyone knows about it that are Introduction, the body of the topic and conclusion. 

7-Use Simple Language 

Students should understand the difference between spoken language and written language. Students usually write what they think and utter in the examination like:

Incorrect- There was like lots of awesome stuff made before the factory closed.
Correct- Before it closed the factory manufactured a large variety of popular goods. 

8-Do does not use the contraction 

Students like to answer whatever they think in the concerned time. But that was not the way to write an answer. Do not use words like shouldn't, wouldn't, can't, don't, etc use the full form like do not, can not, would not, etc.

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9-Use Singer Words/Avoid Long Phrase

Whenever you write an answer avoid using active voice and the passive voice because it looks fancy. Do not try to exaggerate your answer by adding The, Even, etc. 

10-Do not write spoken language

Do not use spoken language like stuff, etc, lol. Use the full form and good language. Students usually like to write in their way what they think but that not the case. You have to write systematically steps by step pointwise. 

10 Tips to write a perfect long answer in B.ed examination 

In this post, I will show you the 10 best tips to write a perfect long answer for b.ed exams. Here is the sample

How to write a perfect long answer in B.ed examination (Full Guide) 2019
  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of the topic
  3. Aims & Objectives
  4. Characteristics
  5. Diagram/Picture
  6. Advantages and Disadvantages
  7. Curriculum
  8. Method of Teaching
  9. Application
  10. Conclusion

1- Introduction

Write a simple introduction about the topic make sure to not using the bombastic word in your sentence because it will make a reader confused. The introduction must be simple and strict to the topic provided by the examination sheet. 

2- Meaning of the Topic

Make sure to write down the meaning of the topic or write down some definitions given by different educationalists, scientists, etc. Although it will make an answer rich by adding a statement to it. Make sure to add the etymology of the topic or word. It gives an answer rich and details outlook.

3-Aims and Objectives

This portion is an important part of every answer that you will write in the examination, especially for B.ed students. Because it creates a significant amount of trust to the examiner whoever is going to examine your answer. Every topic has its own aims and objectives it could be different from others but you must add aims and objectives to your answer sheet. 

4-Characteristics of the topic

It is also an important aspect of a long answer. After writing the aims and objective you must add the basic characteristics of the concerned topic. For instance, is it flexible or not, is it good for students or not, etc. I would suggest you read the books before making any notes. 

5-Diagram and Picture

Diagram and picture will be the center of attraction. Whenever a reader go through your answer and he/she will find an amazing diagram or chart then that would be a great experience. As long as you add some special effect to your answer you will be benefited from this. 

10 Tips to write a perfect long answer in B.ed examination

6-Advantage and Disadvantages 

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to add some bullet points whenever you write your answer because it enriches the answer. Writing advantages of a particular person, idea or theory is not a big deal whatever you know about the topic just write it down.


After writing all those points you need to add this point to your answer sheet. In other words, the curriculum means the syllabus. what should be the curriculum for your answer. For Example
  • Social Study
  • All School Subjects
  • Music/Art/Drama
  • Vocational Education/Science


Apart from all those important points what students can apply after getting all the knowledge and information. How a person apply those things into their real life? for example by doing social work, or by making something, seminars, plain, etc.

9- Method of Teaching

It is used by a teacher to enable students learning. It focuses on strategies based on the topic. It could be teacher-centric or students centric. In which way a teacher should teach to his students. For example
  • Project Method
  • Discovery Method
  • Experiment Method
  • Flexible and dynamic method etc.

10- Conclusion

This is one of the crucial parts of a long answer. You have to summarize the topic into some lines. You can also be called the summary of the answer. Some people say that the conclusion should be their own opinion about the topic. Both are correct if you want to express yourself by adding your viewpoint than that's ok but if you want to just summarize your above point then that could be ok.


  1. Every students should know how to write long answers in exams Thanks for sharing this with us, I will share this with a group of students -QandA

  2. B.ed is not a tough exam all it needs is attention in class on a regular basis. Then revise everything at home and revise a week's syllabus on the weekends. Apart from that make quick notes of almost everything. Storing more and more information is the key. Your writing skills should also be good for writing any long answer. If your basics of English are clear, then you will not have any problem writing an answer. Your article will be liked by many people. Thanks for this article.

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